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  • Dr. Greer reportedly improperly “skimmed” project funds for personal real estate.
  • Core insiders including Dr. Jan Bravo (portrayed as a supporter in Sirius) abandoned Dr. Greer prior to premiere. Some “in fear for their lives”.
  • “Dead Man’s Trigger” touted by Dr. Greer at outset of documentary is 33 page document (PDF below) containing apparent fabricated accusations.

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Dr. Steven GreerAs a result of a 3-month investigation including core supporters of film, UFO/ET, and New Energy projects led by Dr. Steven Greer, [Sirius documentary, Disclosure Project, Orion Project] Exopolitics.com is reporting preliminary evidence of apparent project financial improprieties by Dr. Steven Greer that led to the departure of his long-time core team, including Dr. Jan Bravo, portrayed in Sirius as a supporter of Dr. Greer, when in fact she had reportedly disaffiliated with Dr. Greer prior to the premiere of the documentary Sirius.

Dr. Jan Bravo, MD

One Exopolitics.com confidential source in direct contact with former Greer core team members stated,

“[Steven Greer’s] core team has left. Besides the drugs…, he’s [Greer’s] been taking the money meant for disclosure and free energy and using it to buy personal real estate, drugs…. His [Greer’s] core team is really hurting, feel like they’ve left a cult. He’s [Greer’s] turned on some of them maliciously and they are fearful of what he might do to them. They described also how they had many researchers come forth with viable technologies that Steven turned away because he wanted to use the $$ for other things – which turned out to be the aforementioned. Really sad all around.”

Referring to Drs. Jan Bravo and other core team members, the Exopolitics.com confidential source stated,

“Imagine how miserable it’s been for them [Drs. Jan Bravo] having to finally pull the plug on supporting the whole UFO/ET movement because Greer essentially hijacked the whole thing out of a perverted sense of pathological self-interest. Specifically, Jan has sacrificed her entire career and livelihood to move the entire UFO/ET movement forward as far as it has gone.”

Greer core team threatened and “afraid for their lives” after disaffiliating

The confidential Exopolitics.com source stated that some core team members who had disaffiliated with Dr. Greer were afraid for their lives. At one point, the source stated,

“The people who have left Greer’s team are afraid for their lives. One of them had his brakes cut, etc.”

The confidential Exopolitics.com source also stated that former Greer associate Dr. Jan Bravo had been threatened following her disaffiliation with Dr. Greer.

“Jan Bravo said that she came home today to find on her front foyer some streaks of blood…and it didn’t come from the dog. She considered it a warning and no more.”

“Jan doesn’t want to alter her life. She interprets it as defeat if she has to change her way of life.”

When reached directly by Exopolitics.com for comment Dr. Jan Bravo and two other core team members did not reply. Through the intermediary confidential Exopolitics.com source with whom Exopolitics.com had been dialoguing with Dr. Jan Bravo, Dr. Bravo stated,

“Jan [Dr. Jan Bravo] reiterated not to take action, especially by going public with anything shared to date…. unless it’s Woolsey [former CIA Director James Woolsey] getting directly involved…. Greer [Dr. Steven Greer] has been throwing Woolsey’s name around ever since Jim made the mistake of allowing Greer to join him and three other people for dinner, and Greer has blamed Woolsey for all sorts of stuff like blocking inventors from going forward with their technologies…complete B.S.”

Sirius film crew reportedly acknowledges Greer skimming project funds

The confidential Exopolitics.com source reported,

“Interesting meeting with the Sirius film production crew yesterday. They already knew he was skimming funds off the top from the Sirius pot of money.”

Sirius documentary: Fabrications in Greer’s “Dead Man’s Trigger”

At the outset of the Sirius documentary, Dr. Greer greatly touts his “Dead Man’s Trigger”, a document he has created setting out individuals who might be responsible for his demise in the event that he was assassinated or threatened.

A copy of Dr. Greer’s “Dead Man’s Trigger”, a 33 page PDF document, obtained by Exopolitics.com in the course of this news investigation can be downloaded at the link below.

As featured in documentary film “Sirius”, “Dead Man’s Trigger” by Dr. Steven Greer

To download “Dead Man’s Trigger” by Dr. Steven Greer (33 pages PDF), please click below:




The bulk of the “Dead Man’s Trigger” may have a familiar ring to those who are versed in Dr. Greer’s writings and speeches and simply repeats the assertions that are made in the Sirius documentary, in Dr. Greer’s speeches and books obtainable at the Disclosure Project website.

One specific fabrication of note in the Greer “Dead Man’s Trigger” is, however, that the individuals Todd Hathaway and Pete Sumaruck would be putatively responsible for any demise of Dr. Greer.

Exopolitics.com has been informed that Todd Hathaway is in fact one of the individuals who has been comforting Dr. Jan Bravo after her disaffiliation from Dr. Greer. According to a confidential source, “If the day comes where all this comes out, the inventor who stood up to Greer is Pete Sumaruck.”

Therefore, it would appear that Dr. Greer’s “Dead Man’s Trigger” is actually structured around a false and misleading premise. In fact, the two individuals cited by Dr. Greer as being a putative “cause” of any demise of Dr. Greer are in fact (a) an individual who is giving comfort to Dr. Jan Bravo, a former Greer affiliate who reports having been threatened; and (b) a New Energy inventor who “stood up to Dr. Greer”.

Steven Greer, UFO/ET Disclosure & the Transhumanist Agenda

As stated in a recent Exopolitics.com article that focused on Dr. Steven Greer and two other specific opinion leaders in the UFO/ET movement, “The brain-mind entrainment data presented in this article, while preliminary in nature, raises prima facie questions about the future of the Exopolitical movement. If it is factually true that such opinion leaders in the UFO/ET “Disclosure” movement are brain-mind entrained due to manipulatory extraterrestrial or military-intelligence advance nanotechnology and hence acting out their controller’s agendas, then this fact needs to be publicly exposed and discussed.” [1]

The preliminary evidence gathered in this Exopolitics.com article from direct eyewitnesses witnesses to financial improprieties by Dr. Steven Greer ranging from long time core supporters to the Sirius documentary film crew and some of whom are in fear for their lives gives rise to a prima facie presumption that they are being truthful.

One of the conclusions of the Exopolitics.com study on the Transhumanist Agenda in the UFO/ET movement stated, “The anomalous eye and body movements of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may be the result of remote advanced nano-mind control technology applied by military-intelligence agencies. Under this alternative, the brains, neurological systems, and personalities of Bassett, Huneeus and Greer are entrained by military-intelligence nano-mind control technologies to act out agendas of these agencies that in turn may be cybernetically directed by predatory dimensional extraterrestrials.” [2]

If in fact as the forensic evidence suggests, Dr. Greer is under brain entrainment and cybernetic control, and hence acting out an agenda of military intelligence agencies and/or predatory dimensional extraterrestrials, then this development may represent a public peril of the first order. It is difficult to speculate whether this brain-mind entrainment may have led to the reported financial irregularities by Dr. Greer. It seems clear, from the threats that former Greer former team members are subjected to, that some sinister force is attempting to ensure that these witnesses do not speak out.

Dr. Greer, the Sirius documentary and the Disclosure Project have a wide public profile. Such an opinion leadership makes Dr. Greer an ideal candidate for promoting “pseudo-disclosure”, or a continuation of demands for “official disclosure” that ensure that whistleblowers from actual, longstanding U.S-Extraterrestrial liaison and visitation programs are sidelined.


[1] UFO/ET Citizen Hearing witnesses Bassett, Huneeus and Greer’s anomalous eye movements may indicate brain-mind entrainment by manipulatory extraterrestrials or advanced military-intelligence nanotechnology as part of a global control agenda

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


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