Humans are not the only sentient beings walking on this beautiful planet.  Today’s post is directed to all of the others.

You may want some background, so here’s a bit of earth’s history. This is what I’ve learned and been told throughout the course of my own awakening. It’s the part that relates to this moment now.

When the Reptilian race of beings arrived on planet earth, the Human race was already here. We were not in the evolved form we are today, but as walking upright ape-like beings. We were perceived at that point as little more than monkeys swinging from trees. This belief is still held by the ones who control the slavery system running planet earth right now.

They have been melding with the Human race for quite some time now, in preparation for the changes we are now in the midst of. (Consider this as a sort of hybrid program.)

Their relationship with the Human race however, has always been one of domination and ownership, pure and simple.  They see the Human population, as well as the planet Earth, as their property. To these elders of the Reptilian race, the Human race exists for them to use, the same way free-range beef cattle are to us; sort of like a free-range resource.

I realize this sounds abhorrent and insulting. We all have to get past the point of feeling offended if we are actually going to successfully engage in a solution to the current stalemate. We all crave safety and freedom of movement, prosperity and health, as well as the ability to create and experience passion without restriction.

The emotion of “offended” exists on both ends of the spectrum. The Reptilian race is appalled that their “free range cattle” are demanding an equal say and abundance in their life. The evolved Human race is horrified to discover that they are enslaved by a species that evolved from Iguanas. Yet both appear to be true.

We all desire an equitable answer. Humans and Reptilians and Inner Earth Beings will have to first accept the fact that we are equally sentient beings who reside on the same planet. Ownership of another species or of a planet is no longer acceptable. That story is over forever. The Reptilian race has been trying to wipe out the Human population for many thousands of years, via constant warfare. Yet today we are 8 billion in number and increasing. It’s clear that plan didn’t work. Why don’t you just stop?

The day has come for Humanity to demand its place as an equal partner on the Earth. Until that happens, it will not be good for any race.

This amounts to little more than a decision or intention. There needs to be a coming to the middle for peace, by all of us.

There are no equitable rules that apply to humanity that have ever been followed.  This “non-interference” law (the one so often cited in these conversations) is ignored whenever an extra-terrestrial race decides to shut off or turn on and off a nuclear weapon as a show of power.

We’ve clearly stated our desire for freedom from enslavement years ago. You seem to interfere only when it suits your unknown agenda to do so. This sends an unclear message.

Our ability to cope with change and adapt to the new is vastly ignored here.  We can handle it. These continued discussions and promises for disclosure and all that that includes, amount to little more than a carrot on a stick.

If this current enslavement, of which we are aware, goes on for much longer, there will be un-needed bloodshed before it’s concluded. It does not have to be this way. This can end now.

How about this. How about you TURN OFF EVERYONE’S WEAPONS until this is settled to everyone’s satisfaction.

How about the Reptilians release their control of the financial system currently shackling the planet, in full transparency? How about the Reptilians stop preventing Humanity’s access to the accounts held in their name since birth?

Without the strangle hold of control, an age of prosperity and healing could begin right here and now, for all of us; Human race, Reptilian race and any others here with us. We are headed there anyway – all races are aware of this inevitable ending. With a little bit of help, our journey could be seamlessly, peacefully accomplished. We are each equally valuable and sentient.

We’ve all made mistakes. I’m disappointed in those non-human races who are observing; still not helping us while watching us tortured, imprisoned and even ingested. Where in your reasoning does this fit?  This is not the highest and best for all concerned. For surely, you’ve felt our sentience, our pain, our beauty, our tenacity and our compassion. We are lesser than none.

This is a request for help. With weapons disabled, we all come equally to the table. Multiple inhabitants of the planet all want a peaceful and successful future.  This bureaucracy that you are using for guidance is making you ineffective.

It is time to accept Humanity as equal.  We realize our value.  We expect to see our worth visibly depicted in our life; financially, personally and physically. This looks like unfettered access to the accounts that exist in our names, as well as a place at the negotiating table for governance, for healing technology, for free energy and an end to human trafficking on this and all planets. These would be good starting points. It is time for complete transparency.

I long to embrace my fellow earthlings in love.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.