Published on Mar 10, 2018

Apologies if I don’t have the links from the original uploads, Youtube has deleted not one but 2 channels and now all I have are the raw files on my hard drive. No descriptions there. If anyone has the original links and can provide them, please leave them in the comments and if you have any copyright issues, just email me, (, and I will take them down or give credit where it is due! I’m absolutely not into this for personal gain or popularity. It is all about helping others to find TRUTH. Much love, and God bless! Thanks for watching! and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for daily uploads as I’m starting over for the THIRD TIME (hence all the re ups)! sun simulator nasa is the sun simulated video is the sun real or simulated sun simulation video 2018 is the sun simulated 2018 sun simulator 2018 sun simulation 2018 sun simulator proof 2018 sun simulator video 2018 sun simulator how and why is the sun fake proof proof the sun is artificial 2018 fake sun exposed 2018 strange sun 2018