Earth’s Golden Age

matthew booksWhat happens on Earth affects the whole universe, so it is of utmost significance to advanced civilizations that the dark energies that have held sway on your planet for eons become reconciled within the light.

In keeping with universal laws, assistance from one civilization to another can be given only when it is requested. Your heartfelt desire for a peaceful, harmonious world is your request – what is in your hearts rings out to the universe as clearly as your voices – and God authorized many nearby and far distant civilizations to come to your aid.

Your bewilderment about how to heal your planet’s pervasive environmental damage also is part of their assistance mission. But you are in charge – Earth is your homeland and you chose to be there specifically to participate in this world transformation and spiritual renewal that is underway! However, assistance from extraterrestrials started long, long before their infusion of the light that saved Earth’s life more than seven decades ago. Throughout the planet’s history our universal family has served in one kind of supportive role or another.

Members of some highly advanced civilizations had a hand in designing and establishing the flora and fauna, and human life on the planet derived from several civilizations’ seeding programs. Among today’s populace are descendents of those ancient residents, some of whom were gods and goddesses who chose to lower their body density by incarnating rather than remain as pure love-light essence like the rulers of the universes did.

During the eons when Earth was known as Gaia or Terra or Shan, twice negativity amassed in such amount from humankind’s ungodly ways that Earth had to rid herself of that unendurable burden through catastrophic upheavals. In the first occurrence, individuals who had retained their light were rescued by their ancestors and all others perished.

The second time negativity became intolerable, the upheaval came in two separate incidents – the destruction of the once glorious civilizations on Atlantis and Lemuria. Some souls who lived during those eras chose to reincarnate before the planet’s surface was once again hospitable, and they established beautiful living areas in Inner Earth. Others from those two civilizations have embodied during the last half-century or so specifically to help prevent another such catastrophic event.

The Akashic records, which contain every soul’s lifeprint of each physical and spirit lifetime wherever in this universe it is experienced, are maintained and safeguarded by some of Ashtar’s forces.

For long ages some of Hatonn’s Pleiadian crews have been on rotation maintenance tours to insure the integrity of the light grid around Nirvana-Nirvana is the proper name of the spirit world you call heaven-that bars entry by rogue entities.

For equally long times crews from numerous civilizations have been monitoring the heavens for meteors and other small celestial bodies or debris that are headed toward Earth. When anything is of a size that could cause extensive damage, the crews change its course.

After your air travel started, the crews deflected the trajectory of debris or dematerialized it if it posed potential danger to planes in flight. They also have rescued persons thought lost in ships at sea or planes that disappeared; the rescued parties physically entered a different “timeline,” which is why they weren’t seen again on Earth.

Extraterrestrial assistance came with unique swiftness and intensity over 70 years ago, with the massive infusion of light that kept the planet from spinning out of orbit into certain death. Because the in-pouring of light was available to all of Earth’s residents, those who responded started generating their own light with greater forcefulness.

Along with beaming light to the planet until it is well within fourth density, various civilizations are using their technologies in a number of ways in accordance with Earth’s more recent desires. For instance, when the Illuminati cause a geophysical event, the crews lay down an electromagnetic grid that distributes earthquake or volcanic activity and lessens destruction and death toll without reducing the amount of negativity released. In the case of manmade weather, the crews decrease the wind velocity of violent storms and steer them away from heavily populated areas along coastlines.

Remember the viruses called SARS, avian flu, swine flu and H1N1 that abruptly appeared on the scene with simultaneous media hoopla that each disease, in turn, was “feared to become a pandemic”? No pandemic happened because members of our universal family neutralized those laboratory-designed viruses and doomed the Illuminati’s twofold intent – genuine pandemics with great loss of life and global chaos and fear.

Crews in your skies, who are there by the thousands and thousands, are using their technologies to reduce as much as possible the radiation from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors, and they rendered less harmful to marine life the oil that kept gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. They are ameliorating the toxic effects of weaponry and other pollutants, and a civilization appearing as cloud formations is leading the way in cleansing Earth’s atmosphere.

As important as all those kinds of assistance are, perhaps the most vital help is preventing the Illuminati from using nuclear warheads to mount disastrous terrorist attacks. A dozen or so attempts have been thwarted by rendering the warheads impotent, sometimes in combination with missile malfunctions. This is not a violation of Creator’s law of free will – it is honoring Earth’s free will choice that there will be no more terrorism on the scale of “9/11.”

Some of the strongest, most experienced light beings in this universe are right there with you. The purpose of their presence derives from their superior intelligence that gives them entry into fields where they can beneficially influence decisions and activities during this crucial time of Earth’s transition. Some are working behind the scenes to guide the essential changes so that as many of Earth’s residents who choose to accompany her into the higher planes can do so. Others are risking their lives by exposing various parts of the Illuminati’s global network to free you from that insidious control.

Very few in your civilization know that several thousand people from other worlds are living on the planet. Since they look like any other person, the populace as a whole is in for quite a surprise when these visitors identify themselves in their customary appearances. Although they recognize each other from the distinctive auras that reflect their souls’ evolutionary station, only the most energy-sensitive Earth humans can detect that difference.

Since the most distant sources of assistance have names you wouldn’t recognize – some are musical tones mingled with pastel colors – I’ll mention only the star systems relatively nearby where Earth’s benefactors are from: Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, Lyra and Andromeda.

Now you can see how universally beloved and significant Earth is and how beloved and important YOU are! Still, what your benevolent brothers and sisters are doing is not a rarity in the universe-souls evolve through service to lesser developed civilizations that request help. As you continue growing spiritually and intellectually, you too will want and be able to help enlighten and uplift lesser evolved souls. That is only one joyful aspect of the magnificent adventures awaiting you!