Swaruu explaining Cognitive Dissonance (Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Reality?)

Jun 16, 2019

Cognitive Dissonance is a reaction we have when we are face to face with information that contrasts with what we knew before or with what we understand to be true. In this video Swaruu explains two stages of Cognitive Dissonance, and what attitude is advisable in the process of spiritual expansion as infinite beings. The full Movie Clip:… I want to give my eternal thanks to Swaruu and Aneeka for having patience and enthusiasm to spend time with us and explain so many topics of reality. TOWARD FULL LIBERATION! TO SUPPORT COSMIC AGENCY CHANNEL: Thank you! 🙂 SECOND COSMIC AGENCY CHANNEL:… Spanish Channel Agencia Cosmica:… Robert´s Channel Despejando Enigmas:… Credits: No Copyright Motion Graphics Motion Graphics provided by YouTube Channel: More Motion: Stars Background:… Music: Ender Guney:… CO.AG Music:…