By Bob Fickes

Synchronicity-Being-on-the-Path-of-DharmaWe have talked about how karma is created by pushing the universe to get what we want. When we have to push we are out of harmony with Nature. Dharma is a smooth flow that naturally blends into the flow of the universe and produces harmony and balance. When we are in harmony with the universe, the universe feels what we need even before we desire it. Everything we need appears automatically in Nature and we begin to see signs that the universe agrees with us. In Enlightenment we have greater synchronicity with the universe.

Every element in this universe is naturally synchronized and in balance with each other. The only thing that disturbs this balance is karma. As our karma is released, we feel more peaceful and have less anxiety about our future. We push less and flow more. Our life feels like a miracle and we see synchronicity everywhere. Everything we do begins to appear even before we need it. Life in Enlightenment is free of friction and synchronized with the flow of everything around us. Happiness is the natural state of the universe.

I am always amazed when synchronicity happens. It confirms what I am doing and lets me know that the universe is happy. Synchronicity is the Path of Dharma. Friction is the Path of Karma. The more Enlightened we become, the happier we are and the universe expresses its gratitude to us through all of the events in our life. As our karma disappears, we return to our natural state of harmony with the universe and everything becomes a delight rather than an irritation. Synchronicity is the flow of the universe and all living beings rejoice. Our life becomes a miracle full of surprises and everyone and every thing around us is happy.