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Synchronized Transmission for Fukushima


October 18: 11 am until 12 noon Japan time (JST)
  November 3: 11 am until 12 noon Japan time (JST)

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If you cannot make this specific time, please do it when you can.   



We are invited to the act as neutralizing pillars for the toxic nuclear energy at Fukushima.
No matter where we are located on the planet, we are ALL being called into commanding action now!  


This is a one hour transmission occurring during the full moon lunar eclipse on October 18th. Many people from around the world are joining the delegation team by simultaneously sending transforming energy.

This synchronized transmission will include calls for Divine Intervention, the building of a morphogenic field, and a special focused activity of light purposed to purifying the nuclear contamination at Fukushima while forming a protective seal around the area.

We are connecting as one through the use of an audio transmission that will guide us through this process.

It can be done in the comfort of your home or other sacred space.

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This is a transmission with Required Downloads! These include an MP3 audio and PDF program of invocations.

Please download the required  materials in plenty of time before the transmission.






We have received further updates from our Japanese delegate, Kaori Uchizono, regarding the deteriorating situation in Japan. Fukushima continues to affect family foundations and the spirit of the people, adding to the already precarious situation at the plant itself. The economy of Japan is uncertain as the bill for the nuclear cleanup is enormous. This information is further confirmation that our prayers and calls for divine intervention are sincerely needed.

If you are interested in joining Kaori’s team of delegates in Japan for the October 18th live transmission, please contact us at:



It is our role to maintain the balance, invoking Divine Intervention to do the work…


As we are bridging the dimensions of consciousness, it is very important that we always take a neutral stance in response to all situations that play out upon the plane of matter. From this space of peaceful non-resistance, we invoke the presence of Divinity to flow through us without taking any sides. This requires us to be willing and humble, trusting that the Divine Presence within knows exactly what needs to be done and will do precisely THAT.

In doing this, we are assured that the greatest good will occur for all people in any given situation.

There are many sources of information on the Fukushima crisis that do wish to see positive change occur in respect to global collaboration leading to swift resolution. And yet the traces of emotional glamour can be clearly observed within these impassioned presentations. Even to these we must remain without opposition, piercing through the glamour with our developed intuition to perceive that which is true and neutral.

Our ability of divine perception may be one of our most valuable gifts to humanity during these times of extreme polarization.  Let us continue to selflessly invoke divine assistance, calling upon the universal light to illuminate and uplift our planet. The truth shall be revealed!

Children of the Sun Foundation will endeavor to provide the most neutral and verifiable information possible as we move forward on this mission.

We are so grateful and blessed to have the support of our Group Avatar to assist us with this great work.



Kaori and her team of delegates need our help to coordinate the ground efforts at Fukushima. 
We appreciate any assistance you can give to our fundraising to make this happen!

Send our donation link to your friends, family and network



The Global Peace Operations is a self organizing plan to firmly anchor a grid of peace and the new consciousness harmonic of oneness into places of heightened conflict upon the planet.

We are building a network of 144,000 committed light servers who can all be interlinked, in an instant, through focused technology.

We are placing ourselves in service to be used as one group instrument through which the streams of love and quantum prayer can be transferred into trauma-zones, transforming the imprints of separation.