July 11, 2013

Greetings from 10 Forward. This is Sananda. There continues to be many carry-overs from World religions of false teachings. We begin by sharpening our discriminative awareness. Many lightworkers who understand they are Galactic still cling to programming from their world religion which was designed to keep them asleep and unaware of their true wholeness.
You are much more than body, mind and soul.
The Jews believe in reincarnation. It is very little discussed in Temple. They continue to wait for the Messiah since Sananda’s 6th Earth incarnation as Jesus was rejected by the Jews. The Christians believe in reincarnation but One never hears about it in Church. Resurrection is emphasized and means Ascension or Enlightenment. Ascension was reserved only for Jesus and Mother Mary because the Church was controlling the masses. It is not mentioned in the Koran, but only the hadith that Muslims believe in reincarnation for Muhammad who will return as the Mahdi. It is meant to control the masses to say Ascension is only for Abraham, Isaac, other early fathers of the faith, Jesus, Mary and Mohammad. Hindus and Buddhists clearly believe in reincarnation for the masses as do the Jains.
Both the natural and artificial StarGates on Earth were built at the time of Creation. In the Koran it states the building of the Kaaba StarGate at Mecca and the Dome of the Rock, the Furthest StarGate where he ended his Mission and returned home to the Star Nations were both built by Adam and Abraham. Jesus used the StarGate at Mt. Hermon in the Golan Heights at the Transfiguration of Jesus. The Hindus, Buddhist and Jains all revere the StarGate at Mt. Kailash. Religions have been used to build egoic thoughts of ownership, so-called loyalty and blood thirsty battle cries in religious wars. Religion has been since the beginning of time on Earth until a few days ago at the bombing of Buddha’s famous Bodhi Tree in India used to create wars which center around controlling the StarGates. Why do you think the Chinese took over Tibet? The Jews took over Palestine? The Americans killed 8 million total civilians and military in Iraq and Afghanistan? Those areas are full of artificial and natural StarGates. Why does the U.N. and Vatican wage racial cleansing in South America? All the StarGates there. Yemen has a very large natural StarGate in the Gulf of Aden. Dafur and Somalia surround a natural StarGate. Syria too. Anywhere you see years of war – there is a StarGate located there. Rumi said that when Universal Laws were understood it would make religions obsolete. 
Each religion holds a person to a certain teaching which in more or less detail holds a level of mastery. Some religions hold their followers around Kindergarten or First Grade. Others have obtained Junior High. Still others offer teachings around the High School level and some rarely offer teachings on the College and even the PhD. level. Blindly following religious law which were arbitrarily written by humans to control segments of Humanity is not a good practice. Divine Feminine was repeatedly and decidedly removed completely from most World religions and now the Earth suffers greatly. 
The Creator God at the Godhead is known as HaShem to the Jews, Brahma to the Hindus, Maitreya to the Buddhists (with same names in Japanese and Chinese), Alcyone to the Egyptians, Allah to the Muslims and God Almighty to the Christians. Each one of these religions also finds a redeemer which will come later in time, a return of Jesus, the Mahdi is the return of Muhammad, Kalki Maitreya is the future Maitreya on Earth and the Jews are waiting the true Messiah. It is true that the Prophets are returning. They are all coming to Earth in their StarShips. Much more important though is that the Creator God is taught as unobtainable by most religions and that is a blatant lie holding Humanity back from their resurrection or their Ascension. We are ALL Creator Gods. We are all sparks from the Supreme.
At the Godhead is Mother (Mother Sekhmet/Kali/Parvati/Lakshmi/Sophia) Father (Alcyone/Shiva/Vishnu/Allah/Theos) God. Those Created by MotherFather God, in a loving Union have the names Elohi which refers to the Angels who never fell and the Elohim which are the Fallen Angels. These two words have been interchanged to keep Humanity asleep. It does not mean those named Elohim ever Fell, it means the word was attributed falsely and the true word should be Elohi. Lord Ashtar and St. Germain are Elohi. Also Jehovah (Yahweh) was an Annunaki warlord.  Abraxas was an Archon Dragon and both were trying to control Earth. They forced Humanity to falsely call them God and worship them although they were dark and Fallen from Grace.
Lucifer was an Annunaki warlord and Santan was a group of demons. All the other names you have encountered are same names for Mother Father God at the Godhead.
Buddhism goes into greater detail regarding the body, mind and soul. They describe experiencing a person as a collective of mind, a series of events all happening grouped within this person’s mind. Take me for example. My 4th Incarnation on Earth was as the Master Zoroaster in Persia. My 5th Incarnation on Earth was as King Tutankhamen from the 18th Dynasty in Egypt. My 6th Incarnation on Earth was as Jesus the Christ in Bethlehem. My 7th Incarnation on Earth is happening now as the code name King of Swords or KOS. This would be explained as a series of Events or lifetimes all compiled into one distinct mind. Both my mental and physical attributes, it is explained, would travel with me to my next life which constitute who I am. My temporary Self would now be labeled KOS and my Highest self which contains my subtle body and subtle mind would be called Lord Sananda. I am form and formless at the same time. As you are, as all who are incarnate in a body anywhere are. We are All One. We are All Creator Gods. We are becoming One in Oneness. 

The energies which are flowing in to Earth are inviting you to drop any programming which has you examining yourself from the low level of conditioning rather than the Truth that You Are and Always Have Been A Creator God. Namaste! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, July 11, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. There are three things I invite you to do: Meditate every single day. Work at Dissolving Ego completely and Be Love.

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