This is an interesting short excerpt on those who shared accounts of “dropping back in time” throughout our history…

If one wants to travel through time, the only way we know of is to get your hands on a speeding DeLorean with a Plutonium powered flux capacitor. There are probably a bunch of other ways to do it we just don’t understand all the nuances of the our own earth yet, let alone the wonders of the universe.

That begs the question is time travel even possible, it depends on who you ask and how open minded they are. From the government to an archaeologist to an extra in a Charlie Chaplin film, time travelers abound in legend, rumor, and documented “proof.” Can we really send a someone to the future and return him safely to the present? You be the judge after reviewing the stories below!


Mountauk Experiment

Is the Government Conducting Time Travel Experiments?

The Montauk Air Force Station is rumored to house a massive, subterranean laboratory where top-secret government experiments in time travel are being conducted. Rumors began in the early 1980s when two men, Preston Nichols and Al Bielek, said that they had begun to recover suppressed memories of working in the lab. Many believe that the laboratory managed to create a “time tunnel,” which allowed scientists to travel back to 1943.

Eleanor Jourdain

A Time Portal in Versailles

In 1901, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain (above), the principal and vice-principal, respectively, of St. Hugh’s College in Oxford, reported that they had accidentally slipped back in time. While visiting a small chateau on the grounds of Versailles, the women suddenly found themselves in the time of the French Revolution, where they reported seeing and interacting with people who they believed to be in the court of Marie Antoinette. The two women posthumously published an account of their tale, titling the book An Adventure

Street Portal n Liverpool

A Portal in Liverpool

Bold Street in Liverpool has gained quite the reputation recently. Many people have claimed that while on the street they have suddenly been transported back to the 1950s and ’60s. According to a report called “On the Edge of Time” by Tim Swartz, a man walking along Bold Street slipped back in time to the 1950s. When he returned to their own time he recounted seeing the names of several historically accurate store signs.

Chaplin Premiere

Time Traveler In Chaplin Movie

A woman filmed outside the 1928 premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus has convinced many people that time travel is real. The unidentified woman holds her hand up to her ear and talks to somebody, although no one is near her. But wait — there were no cell phones in 1928! Could this woman be a time traveler communicating with her contemporaries via mobile phone?

Woman Turning
...and a look at the woman turning toward the camera, in mid-sentence.

Von Helton

Von Helton the Time-Traveling Vampire

Known simply as VonHelton, this enigmatic figure suggests he might be part vampire, but asserts he is 100% time traveler. He has provided proof of his time travel prowess by lining up side-by-side photographs of himself starting in a studio in 1857 England, with stops in 1916 France, 1945 Berlin, and ending in the modern day in front of an American flag. Is he, in fact, a time traveler? Or is his “vampire gene” keeping him immortal?

Hakan Nordqvist meets Hakan Nordqvist

Man Meets Himself

Hakan Nordqvist was having a normal if irksome time fixing his leaky sink when he suddenly found himself crawling through a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was Hakan himself – but as an older man, somewhere around 70. So that his claims wouldn’t be refuted, Hakvan filmed himself jovially embracing… himself. The footage even shows the two men showing off their matching tattoos.

Multiple watches helps when time traveling

Time Traveler Discovers the Secrets of Macedonia

Pasko Kuzman is a Macedonian archaeologist whose findings are considered incredibly important in his field — oh, and he’s also a self-proclaimed time traveler. He wears multiple watches on one arm, which he says help him travel through time: one takes him back to the Bronze and Neolithic Age, one takes him to the future, and the third is “The Archeologists’ Watch,” which alerts him to the presence of gold. Could his archeological fame be due to actually having visited the past?

Left his hat at home

Time Traveler Caught in 1941 Photo

At first glance, this photo appears to be nothing out of the ordinary — that is, until you spot the Rayban-wearing dude in the midst of a formal hat and tie crew from the 1940s. Not only do the gentleman’s modern sunglasses make him suspicious, but observers have noted that he is wearing a screen-print t-shirt and holding a modern camera.

How wealth is created

1950s Educational Video Instructor

In footage from a civil defense educational film from the 1950s, a teacher gestures to the chalkboard on which is written, “With,” “No,” “Warning” and “Game 2 Giants 9 Rangers 0.” Such was the score of game 2 of the 2010 World Series. Is this proof that the teacher was in reality a time traveling sports fan?


Is Henry Fonda from the Future?

As Lt. Col. Owen Thursday in the 1948 movie, Fort Apache, Henry Fonda appears in one stagecoach scene to pull out and interact with what appears to be an iPhone. Could it be that Fonda visited the future and brought home a souvenir? Or perhaps the props master found the phone misplaced by a careless time traveler from our own time?

Invention of the pocket phone (cell phone)

C. E. Alden

In 1906, newspapers announced the invention of the “Vest Pocket Telephone.” Did inventor Charles E. Alden come from the future?