Terran Cognito

Heather:  (RE: Denice status) lol 😉    my love to you, Denice, and all <3 br=””>

Denice: 😍thanks! We are trying to head home today. No power anywhere, may as well be home. 🌞


Denice: Hi

Terran: Hi both Shawn and you are texting! Shawn’s noticing how bright the sun has become
I saw it a day or 2 ago!

Denice: It was extremely bright last weekend before this event. [redacted] and his girlfriend mentioned it as we bought food for Florence.

Terran: How’s the family?

Denice: As you can imagine. Irritable. Cranky.

Terran: Men! Lol

Denice: Water will be turned off Tuesday if the main power line is not restored.

Denice: How is H?

Terran: She’s good!

Denice: Awesome!

Terran: Lot of water around you? House ok?

Denice: Yes, all is ok. Lawns are no longer draining.

Terran: Can you cook?

Denice: We boarded the windows, so it is very stifling.

Denice: Grilled all the food tonight. Made beef and cabbage, nachos, and Brunswick stew.

Denice: Fed 10. Lol


Denice: Our neighbors returned and were working to clean up, so we gave them dinner.

Terran: 👍

Denice: Tomorrow is PB&J [for those of you outside the USA that’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich] and canned soup until a store opens.

Terran: Surprising how hot stew tastes good in a humid and hot storm.

Denice: Things are not normal. I am not concerned at all, but this is sooooo weird. Surreal.

Terran: Weird here too

Denice: Yeah? What’s up?

Terran: Energies inside continue to build

Denice: Hear you. I felt it a few times, but too many distractions.

Denice: Will touch base tomorrow. I have lots of clean up to do. . .😎