Dear Jerry, Alexandra and the Healing-Team,
My IRP meeting ran very relaxed. I felt a buzzing and tingling, especially on the back and in the field around on my 3rd eye. But It was not unpleasant. After that, I was fresh and clear that evening.
But later the next day came violent headaches, even nausea. I had a few unpleasant visions of alien beings (like ants) that made something technical on the Assembly line. I asked mentally for loving visions and was told how I can change my frequency.
Following night, I dreamed that I was at a class meeting. I saw myself as a young, beautiful woman in a beautiful dress. Everyone looked at me. I walked around and met a few people some were already dead. Suddenly, a box for “Old batteries and cleaning rags” stood in front of me. That were mine (laugh). When I woke up I took a Sea-Salt bath and then I felt in a new structure but also a little bit struck.
Then I received the report from Jerry. I was so surprised how many implants with me were. Also my star family connections are enormous. So many of those. Can I be in contact with all of them? Never I would have thought something like this! Never!
I am so grateful for this process and your work, dear Jerry. Now I’m 62 years and did so much, but something was missing in my development. I always felt that my development was blocked. Now I know why. You may not appreciate how valuable your work is! I don’t want to die without having done this. I’m looking forward to step two.
I embrace you in love
( from Hamburg, Germany)
Mit freundlichen Grüßen