Hi Alexandra!

So needless to say taking your essences has been an experience beyond my expectations! The first day I took them I felt some deep energetic things going on in my body, a lot of tingly sensations and vibrations going on places I have never felt before. Two days later I had an interesting experience at work and all day I felt pretty tired and I had trouble keeping my eyes open. That one felt like I had gone through a very deep clearing and broke down some deep barriers. What I have been doing most of the time is when I take the essence I lay down and do some sort of meditation, sometimes it’s silent, other times I focus on my intention but each time I feel the energy in my body and it is quite amazing I must say!
I had a couple of experiences where I manifested something without trying too hard and that’s always cool.
I definitely will continue to take them and clear it all, no matter how long it takes me.

Thank you again for all your work, light and energy and for offering these amazing products to the world. I will continue to keep you posted!

Much love!!