Dear Jerry Yusko, galactic connection,

I am offering some feedback on process after just under 3 weeks of use of essences and essential oils. My report states several implants have been removed and that I possibly have a ‘Fallen angel’ intrusion. I have been taking the essences and oils as prescribed twice a day, and tried to meditate and affirm all prayers and dedications immediately after. I feel much better, my face seemed to change visibly after first use. I have opened up ideas on how to deal with things, and blockages that have been around for a while, I sense my metaphysical calculator has increased its functioning to begin to find a way out.
— Also I begin to see colours like in strings, as if they should have an orderly sequence. And also something I have been trying for some time but not feeling, now I feel the Ashtar connection, the ship that supposedly orbits the Planet Earth I can connect with him again after many years without.
Many thanks for your help and great services ,