Hi, How are you,
I just watched your video with Mike Harris. The higher aspect on the South American immigrants . This info is not out yet in the spiritual  web-osphere. I supposed it’s time to get it out and get it rollin’. Plus I’m tired of the ole -taking our jobs-ms13 gang – etc. lower vibrational level stuff.
The higher aspect is that these immigrants are here / U.S.A./   to help with the earth shift in the U.S.A. . This is because the American Native Indians population is too low and concentrated on the “reservations” land.
Being very empathic Hispanics carry a different/certain/ vibration-frequency etc.
They have a very important purpose in the U.S.A. . It could be called the Mayan influence or The Mayan Operation / Agenda / for the U.S.A..
OK, or alright see how it sits with you, really good shoes too. Bye