I have used Alexandra`s essences and oils over the last couple of years, however not on as consistent as I should have. I first stared using them to help with prostate challenges with the combinations of energy healing technologies she was also integrating. There was a huge difference in my prostate challenges and recently I have also used the essence on different areas of my body, like on my throat and neck areas, when I would have a sore throat or cough starting up and this has helped minimize the symptoms.

I have always struggled with finances and it is because I know the lie behind it, playing in this Game of Life we all know it makes it easier when there is sufficient income to meet the needs for paying the bills and feeding the family.

The most recent formula was created to shift my energies into creating the income to accomplish meeting the needs. This time of year is usually a real struggle for my business and it has been just the opposite. Using the essence with a real focus on intention is what is working for me.  I will continue to be consistent and have intention as I work on other challenges I am entangled in and created in this Game of Life.  When I command my intention is when I see the results extremely fast.

Thank you for all you are doing,


Truth Writer

Seeking Truth