Dear Alexandra,

I just wanted to let you know how important the work that you do & inspire from others is truly amazing.
My name is Peter  and I live in Sacramento California.
Sheldan Nidle is a personal friend of mine.
I’m 70 years old, have been in combat in Vietnam in the 60’s and the Persian Gulf war in 1990.
This is not about me, but rather about you and the impact that you and your staff have had on me.
After leading men in combat I became a Public Information Officer for the 1st Air Cavalry Division. I was briefed by the generals & colonels and told to cover up the atrocities that our soldiers were inflecting on our enemy, in essence lying to the media for the glorification and sensationalism value.
I broke my back in both wars, suffered from the effects of Agent Orange & Sarin Gas and the indignity of my family that what I told them didn’t seem to make sense. Thus I’ve been cast out as a black sheep especially when I mention UFO’s or anything related to that.
I don’t hold them responsible but rather view it as they want to remain ignorant when it comes to alternative thinking including the healing arts.
I started attending the MUFON meetings here in Sacramento about 5 years ago. I look forward each month to hearing the various speakers. Tomorrow (Sat. the 28th) Rubean Uriate will speak again. I love this man & all of his research.
What I’m saying here is that your website & your & your team’s research is the absolute best in terms of its wide breath & scope of subjects. I hope to meet you someday, possibly at a UFO convention or wherever you are showing in public. You are a very articulate individual and you make your point easily.
I lead a patriot group studying law & all of its applications here in Sacramento for 10 years uncovering the fraud in our government. We had about 60 or so people every week.
Again I just wanted to let you know how important the work that you & your staff or doing to make this world a better place.