Dear Alexandra,

Just sending some information regarding my PARASITES – I have been trying to rid myself of parasites for a large part of my life. I have tried every remedy that I could find along with many kinds of heavy duty parasite medicine including horse medicine sent to me by my cousin from Arizona (Ivermectin).

I had not been able to rid myself until Alexandra, PC, Rosemary and the Love Lineage Team were consulted. I was given special energy pockets to separate the parasites in my body in order for them to be extracted. I can say that I am free of them and was previously told that my body was a mansion for them.

I had previously had the following: Tape, Ascaris Sum, Ascaris Dog, and ones that looked like little fish (when left out in the air for 1 hour it turned into a Strongoloidis).

OH, I forgot that I picked up Pinworms when working in Pediatrics as an RN.