Hello my friend Alexandra,

I write to you due to an update I wish to share. I was sick for a week or so of my stomach. It was so terrible to be that way, that when I got healthy, I was so happy to feel normal. It was then that I realized I needed to stop procrastinating on me not trying to help the cause and at that me not taking better care of my body by eating right and all. I have removed my implant and the other 2 steps done as you may remember. Me being  civil service employee and totally unhappy with work, I realized the only way for me to align with true happiness and a better timeline is to leave my job for good to pursue a real way to help others. So I have decided to resign sometime in this summer . I wish now but I have to prepare financially of course. This change in my life I believe will make room for a better future due to showing the universe how serious I am. From there I know to trust in what comes next as I will be free from slave wages to make YouTube videos on explaining how normal people like me can transform ourselves. Like you said, take back your own power. I truly feel I have shifted greatly from a recent adversity. Amazing how that works. I thank you for what you do and for me. May we all make new patterns for a better world. I love you and your team!