Here are some of the testimonials that have come in so far from our First-Wavers.  What is a First-Waver you ask?  Those who feel, think or unwaveringly know that they have a specific role in changing this world and dismantling the existing matrix. We launched the Implant Removal Process at the end of September 2013 through The Guidance of The Ascended Masters and High Councils of Sirius and Pleiades.  I found this quote and thought it was so appropriate for what we are doing here:

“Now please observe the following basic fact: When we fought the dark ones in the past, we have not killed them as we cannot kill them – they are as immortal as our souls. Our victories are measured by the number of souls we have energetically liberated from their demons or by the number of dark connections and patterns we have dissolved during our cleansing activities.”

I’m feeling really well following the the IRP !
Thank you so much !


Hello,I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude to Jerry for the IRP done on Wednesday morning. The changes are noticeable especially with what he did on my right knee/lower calf area as well as the left side of my head, and in my particular solar plexus and sacral areas. The inflammation in the white of my eyes has cleared, and I can tell the energy is flowing more now in the lower GI areas. I look forward to the second and third steps in the healing process.



Dear Jerry, Alexandra and the Healing-Team,
My IRP meeting on November 6th ran very relaxed. I felt a buzzing and tingling, especially on the back and in the field around on my 3rd eye. But It was not unpleasant. After that, I was fresh and clear that evening.
But later the next day came violent headaches, even nausea. I had a few unpleasant visions of alien beings (like ants) that made something technical on the Assembly line. I asked mentally for loving visions and was told how I can change my frequency.
Following night, I dreamed that I was at a class meeting. I saw myself as a young, beautiful woman in a beautiful dress. Everyone looked at me. I walked around and met a few people some were already dead. Suddenly, a box for “Old batteries and cleaning rags” stood in front of me. That were mine (laugh). When I woke up I took a Sea-Salt bath and then I felt in a new structure but also a little bit struck.
Then I received the report from Jerry. I was so surprised how many implants with me were. Also my star family connections are enormous. So many of those. Can I be in contact with all of them? Never I would have thought something like this! Never!
I am so grateful for this process and your work, dear Jerry. Now I’m 62 years and did so much, but something was missing in my development. I always felt that my development was blocked. Now I know why. You may not appreciate how valuable your work is! I don’t want to die without having done this. I’m looking forward to step two.
I embrace you in love

( from Hamburg, Germany)
Mit freundlichen Grüßen


I had the Implant Removal Process done fairly recently and when I met up with a friend who is psychic and a masseuse, whom I had not had a massage from for several years, she commented on how my energy was completely different and said that I felt like a different person.   Now I am aware that my body is continuously upgrading both through the planetary energetics and work that I do on myself but I am sure that the IRP process played its part too.
Thank you,


Dear Jerry, Alexandra and the Galactic Connection Team.

I wanted to give you some feedback on my Implant and Removal Process. My first words are, I’m free, free mentally, spiritually, physically bliss!

I feel that sharing with you in a little bit of my background so you can understand how profoundly free I feel in my physical body.
At present, I am a licensed Massage Therapist and I perform 10 to 15 massages weekly for the past 18 years.  To keep my body in peak physical condition and out of pain I must stretch out morning and night, work out 3 to 5 days a week intensely. When I was 16 years old I was in a car accident that led me to having a hairline fracture to my neck. I also have had many other whiplashes to my neck over the years. Ever since then I have been well aware of how comfortable and uncomfortable I feel in my body on a daily basis. I have managed to achieve a pain free body through many years of alternative therapies and my fitness regime. And even then I would sometimes feel my neck being strangled or uncomfortable from time to time.

The day after my implants removal process was complete, I felt as if I was in a new body. I felt like the Claymation cartoon character Gumby. My postural holding patterns were softened.  My neck felt like someone had taken off the strangling belt that I would feel on my neck at times, it also seemed like I had shock absorbers put into my neck. No tension whatsoever.  Mentally I feel clear headed. I have even more faith my life is on the right path. I feel my voice of intuition becoming stronger and stronger. I am completely connected to my higher self. My tendency towards negative thinking has been completely softened almost diminished. But when a negative thought tries to enter my thought form it is easily diminished. And I feel accomplished by doing so. I was also told that I am host to an intrusion!  I was given the guidance on how to proceed on clearing this intrusion.

The essential oil blends have truly been helpful managing any pain that has come up my body. If I feel tension or discomfort in my body, the oils completely take it away!

Words cannot express my immense gratitude for you Alexandra for taking the time to find kind passionate healers to help all of the beautiful people in need. Bless your heart!

Much love,


I feel lighter and the pain in my head is gone. The sacrum is really painful and I am enjoying the feeling of making good decisions and good movement now in my life. Thank you and see you for the next processes in a couple weeks.


Dear Alexandra, Jeff, Sandy and Team

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the great work you have done and still do with me and all others. These were very exciting processes that I was able to experience! At the moment, I am still and often very tired and I try to lay down as often as possible or try to slow down at the office. It does not always work, but mostly.

I’m not able to describe specific changes in my life so far, since most of the time my liver is still strongly working (I have a chronic hepatitis B diagnosed since 1993, which makes me still very often very tired).

But I would like to describe what happened in the 3 processes (step 1-3):

Step 1, IRP:
I felt Jerry all of a sudden in my head as he worked there and removed things. It all felt very interesting: energy whirled inside me and around me, I also felt him in my abdomen, lower back, kidney area, etc. I also felt a tingling in my face and I was very, very frozen since I  did not dare to get up and get a thicker blanket. I didn’t want to interrupt the process.
Some things were not exactly localizable, but I felt that he worked in many places inside of me.
During the first two weeks after the IRP I did not feel anything, then an immense fatigue came. Physically and mentally I was very fast on my limit. Very often my head was completely empty and I could hardly concentrate on anything. I was partly quite disoriented, just as during the hormone change. At home that was not a problem, but I had to improvise in the office that no one noticed anything about it. I was very forgetful, which still continues to this day.

I notice that I’m starting to be more prudent with my resources and energies. “Which does not succeed, is not pursued further”. What has not happened so far. (A small change in my life I see!)


Dear Sandi and others,

This is my testimonial, or rather report on what I’ve experienced since my implant removal April 18th.

Right before my appointment, my landlord called to tell me he sold my place and that I had until June1st to move.  My first reaction was feeling a sense of being released from a tangled situation, as his beginnings of dementia are making my interactions very complicated and that I’m being freed to find a more stable situation.  I suspect and hope it is a 3-D metaphor for my emotional release and release from my implants.

The next day I woke up to the worse case of uncontrollable diarrhea I have ever experienced and anxiety about what to do next.  Then I was guided to look up the dates of Mercury retrograde and then decided to just try to take it easy.  Took a nap and then afterwards felt comfortable in my own skin for maybe even the first time in my life. Now I know what people mean when they say they are “comfortable in their own skin.”

From then until now, I didn’t see much change in my behavior or a release from my personal prison to burst out and create the life I’m always dreaming of.  I did feel quite elated when you sent me my report on Jerry’s session on me.  I felt very clear for a day or so.  Then all my habits which form my prison walls came back and I wondered if my implants came back.  One day, I even became very aggressive and arguing on FB which is something I’ve been trying to stop. I did get myself to stop doing it right after that.  Now that I look back, I think it was some emotional energy processing out.

One great improvement is that I have noticed that my blocked emotional energy is starting to feel like it has rounded edges when it tries to express itself, rather than the jagged and piercing feel it has had. With this smooth feeling of my emotional processing, I’ve been able to be more present with it and be more allowing. Sleeping and dreaming has been such hard work as my denied emotional energy tries to push through during this state. But I’ve noticed that even during dream state, I’ve been able to be more present with my emotional energy and seeing the triggers my dreams present.  It’s not complete, but it’s a start.  I’ve even had a pleasant dream during this time.  I’ve always envied the nap experience of my peers (the retired and almost retired). They often talk about how much they enjoy their naps and now I see that I may be able to enjoy them in the future as well.

I’ve also noticed possibilities of doorways out of my multi-faceted prison of beliefs like, I will never fulfill my dreams, etc..  Those beliefs are coming up strongly and spelling themselves out for me, but I am not completely embracing them even though they hurt like hell.  It’s like I’m recognizing that they exist now.

Currently, within the past few days, I’ve noticed strong emotions are coming up for me, but again they have that rounded-edges feel and I am able to see them rather than be completely consumed by them and rush to act on them, thank God.  I contacted an emotion many intuitives said I have, but i didn’t recognize.  it’s a tremendous grief and frustration from not really manifesting any of my creative ideas for so many years and not allowing myself to fulfill my other desires. I’ve been told I’d have to go through this, but I wasn’t in touch with it. And now I see it.  I think I’m gaining the wherewithal to be present for my emotional baggage, which I know is huge.  All these years I’ve been hanging on to a thread trying to maintain my own status quo regarding all my emotional energy that wants to be processed.  I hope I am successful in processing it.

Thank you so much for your service to humanity,


Implant Removal 

Day 1

I feel very ‚soft’ like a delicate dough that you can shape and form in a gentle new way.

Also, there is an almost kind of feeling of weakness of body-strength. I allow it to flow through my body. Or probably is a kind of cleansing.

I too think a kind of ‚diet’ is advisable – for example, I took my first remedy a few moments ago this Sunday morning on an empty hungry stomach.

When I looked at my cell phone before I started to open WORD for this journaling, I felt the matrix; as if I could also see it. Technology like this is very manipulative for mankind. We are way too dependent of it. Human kind forgets that it is simply a tool and not a living device – meet people in real life not on facebook & co.

When I ordered your ‚Implant Removal Phase I’ – after a few days I felt happy – I was in a state of happiness, as if it was my birthright (which it is! J) because it simply WAS there without any effort. It came in easily. This realization made me consciously aware of my Implant Removal Order – Alexandra and Jerry and the Universe have already been working on me ever since.

* So, Thank You! ALL of You! So VERY, VERY much! Bless You! *


Note, after many attempts, I eliminated sugar from my diet in June, 2016. After my first session, in July, 2016, I assumed that my current physical issues would be resolved.

In my contemplation on 7-17, I wrote. “Now it is critically important that you accept your status of perfection. All appearances of imbalance are now righted, aligned, made whole. You are healed – body, mind, soul … and now reside in perfect Love.” I was told that this (healing series) “is the most extensive healing protocol that I have done in this lifetime – in many lifetimes. It is a unique opportunity to prepare me for Ascension into 5-D, that this work is a master step into my higher consciousness.” I followed all the directions and was in contemplation during the healing process. Afterward my world appeared “crisp and clear”

Within a few hours, my ankles, which had been swollen and blistery previously, were filled with fire! It was agony! I was surprised and also recognized this as a healing crisis. After trying several remedies: Calamine Lotion, coconut oil, etc., I found that Apple Cider Vinegar helped the most. The pain I’d been experiencing in my left shoulder did feel a little better. I spent a few days caring for my sore ankles. They had scabbed over from the scratching I did and healing took a couple of weeks.

Basically it took a couple of months for me to adjust and learn from the healing protocol that the Implant Removal Process put into action. Through this program, I was able to let go of old habits and expectations for myself and others. I feel a lot lighter! I am getting a lot of insight re. 5D (and beyond) existence. When I try to renew old projects there is no energy. My guidance is to be in the NOW, to radiate Love and Light. Planning ahead and looking ahead are superfluous. “Being” is the gift I bring.

After reviewing the IR Process Report from Jerry Y, no wonder I experienced such significant reactions to this process. The scope of the clearings is incredible. This is truly a gift from Source through the Galactic Connection Team!

In the past couple of months I have had many clearings of old patterns and habits of thinking. I am much more centered in Source I Am, Oneness, and Now. I have become a more aware Being – that “Being” is my greatest contribution and the gift I bring to life. In mid-October I was told in contemplation that “I am a guardian” – this is the essence of my being. I have fulfilled the Guardian role for infinity; this is not a small role based on Earth talents – that my Earth talents are multiplied through this beingness.


When I had the IRP done, I went into a meditative state and was sensitive to sensations in my body, behind my eyes, and felt very drowsy.  I could see an aura of white and blue colors with my eyes closed.  I could feel energy shifting throughout my body. After very few minutes, I fell asleep.  Upon awakening, I did not feel anything immediately.  But after a few days, I did begin a detoxification process.  Many negative images and past memories came to the surface.  I blessed them and let them go.  I felt like it was a purging process and understood not to cling to or react to these images.  At one point, they became very intense, and I struggled with feelings and emotions.  I cried a few times and blessed the process and let it all go.  This lasted for over a week and finally eased up.  Following this, I felt changes happening in my body that are hard to describe.  There were twinges, odd aches and pains, and what I felt were urges to take better care of my body and develop healthier eating habits.  I have felt an increase in my awareness of many things over this time and powerful intuitive hits.  After about six weeks, I finally decided it was time for me to proceed with the SA.

During the SA, I had a similar experience as before, but the sensations were much more intense.  I could feel energy flowing through me, up my legs as I was lying down, and up through my torso, solar plexus, heart and throat.  They were intense and powerful energy surges. I again saw the color auras behind closed eyes.  I became very groggy and fell asleep quickly.  I awoke briefly 7 minutes before the hour was up, when I again closed my eyes because I could still feel the powerful energy flowing through me so I went with it and fell asleep again. I finally awoke completely nearly twenty minutes after the hour.  I don’t know if the intensity was so much more intense because I am more sensitive to it now or because I have been detoxing my body since the first of the year, eating vegetarian and drinking detox tea, which I find makes me intensely more sensitive to energy, and gives me greater clarity of mind.

When I awoke this morning, the energy was still flowing through me intensely.  It was palpable throughout my entire body all night which I would feel when I awoke briefly. I could feel my body vibrating at an extremely high rate more so first thing in the morning.  Today, I visited a holistic garden near my home where they grow organic vegetables and sell honey.  The proprietor is a friend of mine and as we walked and talked, I could feel high vibrations and tremendous emotions of love for her and this sacred place.  I’ve lived near this farm for over six years, and the energy has never been this intense.  I felt like I was picking up on the energy in the land and the people who work it, as I never have before.

I told my friend, the proprietor and head gardener that I have had her on my mind a lot lately and told her what I had been seeing.  She told me that I was right on target, and that what I saw was exactly what had been happening to her and my premonition was accurate.  It was all good news in her life and I congratulated her on her success.  This was another intuitive hit for me and I learned that I can trust what I feel.  Perhaps this aspect of me is healing.  Trusting my insight more and acting on the nudges from spirit to go where I may be needed.

I am learning to listen to my inner self more and trust what I hear and feel.  I feel myself changing with shifts in my perspectives and solar plexus urges.  I am learning to trust the feeling communications I receive and seek more answers from within.  I have noticed ladybugs in my life a lot lately.  Lady bugs are like an animal totem to me and when great changes happen in my life, they always appear.  I am more aware of what is around me now than ever before, and am learning to read the signs.  I’m learning to extend myself out and feel for answers.  Hopefully as time goes on, more profound changes are coming to help me awaken fully.

Next is the DNA process and am extremely optimistic for this to happen.

Thank you for your help and assistance.

With kind regards,


Wow! My husband and I have been taking Alexandra’s amazing oils and essences and had our IRPs done 6 days ago along with follow-up calls with Jerry. What a profoundly spiritual experience we are going through. Jerry is an amazing healer who has profound insight and an obvious desire to help others find their spiritual light and raise their vibrations. We are so impressed that we are now keenly waiting with anticipation for the next step on this journey – the Soul Alignment/DNA Activation phase. Thank you also to Sandi for her unending support by email and to Jeff for his protection healing. Thank you to all the Galactic Connection team. We really feel supported.

Much love


Hello my friend Alexandra,

I write to you due to an update I wish to share. I was sick for a week or so of my stomach. It was so terrible to be that way, that when I got healthy, I was so happy to feel normal. It was then that I realized I needed to stop procrastinating on me not trying to help the cause and at that me not taking better care of my body by eating right and all. I have removed my implant and the other 2 steps done as you may remember. Me being  civil service employee and totally unhappy with work, I realized the only way for me to align with true happiness and a better timeline is to leave my job for good to pursue a real way to help others. So I have decided to resign sometime in this summer . I wish now but I have to prepare financially of course. This change in my life I believe will make room for a better future due to showing the universe how serious I am. From there I know to trust in what comes next as I will be free from slave wages to make YouTube videos on explaining how normal people like me can transform ourselves. Like you said, take back your own power. I truly feel I have shifted greatly from a recent adversity. Amazing how that works. I thank you for what you do and for me. May we all make new patterns for a better world. I love you and your team!


This was the most notable healing I have ever experienced. I fell into a deep sleep during the session and woke up feeling lifted. I was elevated emotionally and physically. Then I continued to notice as days went by how the feeling continued to be notable that a “weight had been lifted” and it was the freest I had ever felt. I felt able to love more freely than I had ever before. And even though my body weight didn’t change I felt physically lighter too. Much love and gratitude to Jerry, Alexandra and Galactic Connection Team!



My IRP experience felt like a meditation journey in the beginning that turned into a lucid-type dream journey. As I settled into a comfortable position, excited with anticipation and somewhat aware of external noises, I began saying a Violet Flame prayer to help quiet the mental chatter. The anticipation soon faded and I drifted off into an experiential state of witnessing images with an awareness of past or parallel life history.  It felt like a flow-through ‘energetic journey’ with images fading from one to another – almost like a movie in slow motion. Most of it was witnessing what seemed like past-life events with an understanding of things on a vibrational level verses a regular cognitive level. Some of these visions were so vivid, that I felt some emotional sensations which would flow and fade, becoming replaced by another visual experience. Aside from these occasional sensations I felt nothing else, except calm during the entire session. Occasionally I would have an awareness of wondering ‘how would I know when the hour was up’, as I had put out the intention not to fall asleep. I wanted to experience the process in a ‘meditative-awake’ kind of state, figuring I could let myself sleep afterwards. Whenever the thought of, ‘Is the hour up yet?’, would pop into my mind, it would be gently replaced by another vivid experiential vision of transformation. It was all so profoundly beautiful, gentle, light-hearted and loving…as if being nurtured by a loving hand to just relax and not worry.  At one point I looked at the clock and saw there was 11 minutes left to the session, so I relaxed and floated into a final vision before drifting off to sleep which felt like a lifetime. I awoke 20 minutes later to see the clock jumped from 8 to 9 minutes after the hour, feeling relaxed and lightness of being. I wanted to jump up right away, but that was not to be as the urge to “take time to rest” in Alexandra’s voice, nudged me [smiles] so I laid back down and began mentally processing what had occurred in appreciation of my journey. I sent thankfulness to Jerry for his work and felt an overwhelming sense of serenity, wholeness and sense of BEingness with everything. I wanted to make sure to record the details of my journey, however, received insight that I should not write it down as it was a “release process” and recording it would in essence be likened to bringing the trash back in the house. What I heard was, “It’s not as if you’re going to review them for any benefit – they’re gone…let them stay gone. Just know that they have been removed – you have confirmation.” It came from a comforting voice that felt and sounded like ‘higher inner wisdom,’ which made sense so I did not record the individual items in my vision, only the energetic shift and aftermath of my transformation. Given that wise recommendation the visions were released into the ethers and I began attuning to what could now bubble to the surface with all the implants gone.  I felt a freedom not felt in years and “OH what a feeling!”

Upon arising, I felt really light, hollow, empty, yet energized…as if I could do all my chores in one hour. All the prior little nudgy sore spots on my neck, shoulders, legs and other parts were gone.  I did the Violet Flame invocation, the general affirmation, the 3 affirmations I selected, drank lots of water and felt a need to use the oil often to ground myself. The next two days were great – I felt the same way – light, hollow, empty and energetic in a positive healthy way. On the third day into the fourth, I began to feel spacy, almost surreal – and it was that awareness that stayed with me the longest. It began to feel as if I was in a bubble and quite the quintessential “observer”- it was likened to being IN a movie, but not part OF the movie. Everyone was playing a roll and I was observing them in their ‘act’ and was sort of ‘aware of their lines’ before they spoke it. It was quite a rush, but I stayed calm and held my silence. A core level deeper sense of appreciation, humility and forgiveness began to fill me when dealing with others – regardless of how they behaved. I began to see humanity in a completely different light – an awareness I had only occasionally experienced prior to my IRP, and longed to experience consistently. My ability to “read” peoples energies, as well as intentions got augmented 100 fold – it was amazing to intuitively know what I was knowing about others at any given moment. The download of information was so smooth, instant and precise that there was literally no time to think or cognitively process any of it…it was just to know and accept the knowing. Something I have worked on for decades. Now that mechanism finally got fully aligned. Many times I literally cried in gratitude for the gift of this restoration and realignment of self. I felt so light that at times I was nervous about if it would stick or fade away – though I knew better, my human self was finally feeling so ‘at home’ I wanted to stay in that bubble all the time.


It’s been 3 months since my IRP. It’s been a rocky road. I found I had some issues that were larger than I expected, although I’ve had a feeling they were there for a long time.

After working with healers Alexandra, Jerry, and David, I feel a huge shift in my Being. I feel the changes vibrationally, emotionally, and intellectually, meaning I also have a greater understanding of who I am and where I come from.

I noticed the first shift the morning after IRP, however, it has not been an effortless journey since then. Some time passed and Alexandra knew I needed more help. Her team came through. I am so grateful for their dedication.

I felt a massive shift the morning after my epic healing with Jerry. The results in how I felt simply existing on this planet were huge. He also gave me a large amount of information that I really needed to hear. He answered many questions without me even asking.

David came through with even more information that allowed me to feel ok with aspects of myself I found fearful and gave me solid direction for moving forward. All 3 of these miraculous healers gave me tools and exercises to further protect and empower myself. I feel confident I can carry on their energy. I know I can always turn to them if I lose my way.

To call these three psychic masters would only be touching the surface, but it’s as close as I can get to describing what they appeared to do during our sessions and processes. Their skills and love are beyond what I can describe using the English language.

Today I feel more whole. I feel I exist more profoundly than I have for countless years. I am becoming a spiritual being having a physical existence. I’m finding a balance that I didn’t know existed. These statements only touch the surface of what I am experiencing, but it is the best I can do for this testimonial.

Thank you Galactic Connection. <3


I look forward to spreading the word about this process of remembering and reclaiming ones essence.
Thank You All…my appreciation to Alexandra and the team for living their purpose and of being an inspiration to so many.
*:) happy
Light & Love!

Feedback regarding my experience/observations after my IRP, SA
like a spinning coin
I have been living
wondering at the speed
of my descent
while giving my
intent to the betterment
of the world’s
my origins –
beating thru the jungle’s
growth in the
ancient’s unfolding of
my level’s meant
the sounds echoed
a note sent with its
letters spelling out
paths of light
that went with the tongues
of the unknown as my
knees bent
to ask for healing
and this
magic cent magnetically
deposits into my life’s
budget accounts
right when
my mode
was spent and now
my soul is magnifying
beautifully –
creation at a
gentle persistent percent
Thank you,

Wow is all I could say when I read this!  It is such an honor to provide this life changing experience to anyone who steps up and really wants to free themselves from this maniacal system designed to control and keep down the beautiful Spirit of Humanity.  After I went through my implant removal process, I began to realize that I wasn’t feeling as watched, shackled, or stifled.  It was as if I had disappeared off of “their” radar and all of my intentions, passions, and plans began to line up in turbo-drive with The Universe.  See what others are expressing.


I am very grateful! I feel a little sore in different places today. Someone told me today how ‘good’ I looked and gave me a quizzical look and stated ‘you look well rested’.

I  am using Alexandra’s essential oils, took a salt bath, did some shielding.
Will see how things unfold.
Oh- by the way.. my appt with you was at 6PM my time.. I laid down on my bed and at 5:59PM began to hear/feel a buzzing around my ears and head. Next thing I knew I opened my eyes at 7:02PM!  Wow!   I was OUT!
I think I will do the next stage soon- is there a recommended timeframe I should wait to do the ‘soul retrieval’ and DNA work? Which should come first?

Much gratitude and respect to you Jerry. I am truly humbled to have had this experience.


Alexandra! Whoa! Wow! I can’t wait to get my report!!! I an SO eager to see what was removed, because the muscles along the length of my spine as well as tops of my shoulders from head to tops of arms were strangely sore… but in a “good” way, if that makes any sense at all. I rarely ever take naps, but I did lie down to meditate during my session – next thing I knew, my eyes opened and it was an hour and 20 minutes later. My ajna 3rd eye was buzzing and when I stood up was when I became aware of the what I can only describe as a column of energy/light flowing both ways through and out my crown, torso, legs and feet! It was wild! Lots and lots of inner spaciousness as I moved around made me even more aware of this movement. Couldn’t get to sleep until 4 am… Just woke up. Now I’m focusing on my heart area, and it reminds me of when my kundalini was activated in 1991… that sweetness of the Goddess Shakti Kundalini is alive again in a big way!!! Yes!!! I am going to put some music on and dance!!! Are the essences tailor made for this process, because it really feels like it. I want to talk to you about the essences, I mean you are a superb alchemist Alexandra! I know a small little bit about essential oils and you got it down baby!

And yes, I AM a photographer – one of my new skills since my Denver airport experience. Whatever is in my throat and neck is still there, and it’s a happy camper today!

Much, much love to you, flowing with many blessings and gratitude!


Hello Alexandra,

Have been meaning to write about my Implant Removal Process, yet am still travelling, will be at home in 2 weeks.

I am down to 5 only mg of cortisone for the Immune disorder, yet the over stretched back that may have a pinched nerve

which happened while I was up in North Queensland is keeping me not very mobile at all, so I feel that the full befits of the IRP are not being received by me as am in pain…..

So I am writing from my notes taken after the IRP last month – I have always felt I want to fly – had this feeling that my wings had been tied up very tight behind me – I could fly in that lifetime – let go – so now maybe I will fly again.

A feeling of a full Armour suit on – unlocked and letting go – then a chastity belt with heavy bells hanging from it pulling my legs down, which is a feeling i still have with the sore lower back.

Then a feeling of legs Irons opening – letting go.

Tightening of my voice cords area – now I can sing !!!

A feeling of tight lacing of my torso & sacrum – release & let go.

Still sore in the am (took tablet) later felt so much better & walked on the beach.

A feeling of a tight bar across my shoulders & up neck.

Alexandra I realise that being ill with cortisone for a year I have been holding myself very tight, not used to being at the mercy of the medical people – which is rather alien for me, as previously took no medication and did Yoga and Qi Gong as well as teaching Reiki.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Love wisdom & power


Hello Alexandra!

There is much energetic movement, and I’m pleased to report that this body feels strong and receptive to the grand good fortune of the Healing Event (prefer that word rather than ‘process’ – as this is BIG!). My initial experience of taking the tincture and the roll-on essence is one of opening a clear channel to receive Divine energy…

A quick note (among many, from many others I’m sure!) to let you know that I moved through my question of the device/technology in my throat and neck area. After listening to your several recordings with Jerry and Ari Kopel – again – I trust that this process is being led by my Highest Self (yes, that’s what I call that aspect of my being). If it is in the interest of my highest good and will benefit my mission here, then it will remain in place. If it is not, then it will be removed. I am so on the boat with you guys regarding implants, and this last 10 days I’ve experienced, through intention and contemplation, a warp speed expansion in my understanding of the matrix, and the ‘fall of consciousness’. To be ready for this removal process one must have a certain level of Self knowledge – that is very clear to me. I’m referring to the ‘understanding’ quotient  and I mean no hierarchical distinction between ‘better than’ or ‘less than’. Bottom line is that it is clear that one must have a certain degree of knowledge and coherency to come to a position of being in certainty, commitment and trust. I am that. 🙂

Thought you’d like the attached photo 🙂 Envisioning you and your husband having a fun and relaxing weekend.

Blessings flowing to you with love,


Alexandra, hi. Trusting you got final with DMV. Tuesday didn’t happen for a reason although I sent you my number and requested yours with an intent to call at 2 PST. Since the IRP, I am doing things differently, though I keep slipping into my past. Staying away from my computer has become one practice. Back on line tonight.

Veronique contacted me finally suggesting I watch your video on etheric pyramids first. Couldn’t find it.

Looking again at the refugee crisis, it is an issue that still brings tears to my eyes. We can talk , yes, but what changes can we really bring beyond that. Right now, I really want to run with Veronique. If I am guided thus, I sense I can make a difference with the Russian pyramid., though I will be working with others and Veronique.

Thus far I can say in testimonial to all others. Keep a log.Unlike any other process where you took one step forward and two back. This time you are taking two steps forward and only one back. Continue with the oil and essences.

They really do work in ones favor, day in, day out. At some point I know I will be stepping ahead with no footprints.

For what my words are worth.


Hello Alexandra,

Thank you for checking in. So far I feel more creative energy flowing through me. I am receiving more and more business, music, video and invention ideas than I ever had. It feels great but I still have a block as to how to turn the ideas into realities. Another thing I noticed is that I don’t allow the little things in life to bother me and I give my energy and time to the things that are important to me. I also noticed that I am less of a germaphobe. One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is that the palm of my right hand itches more frequently. This has always signaled more money coming to me. The fact that it now itches more excites me!! Though it hasn’t manifested as yet, I am so excited as I continue to meditate and focus on my ideas/goals/dreams. I know the universe is working in my favor as I am learning to align myself to it.

All the best,

PS. Thanks for the report. I must admit that I’m not familiar with the meaning of star families or who the intruders are, but I plan to do more research to get a better understanding on what was removed etc.


Hi Alexandra,

Thanks a lot for checking up on me. It was an interesting experience to say the least. It took me about 10 days to get back to normal. I was surprised that in the first 3-4 days after the removal the remnants of some old emotional issues that were cleared a long time ago came up again to be cleared for good. And in the process of emotional clearing I felt unusual small aches in unusual places that went away with the clearing. I have been working on myself diligently for the last 15 years and I thought I knew myself pretty well, but this process felt very unusual. And after the removal I feel great! Lots new information has come in, and I feel expanded.

My deep gratitude to Jerry and you and the whole team.

Much love,


Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for the email, and for your services. I have listened to a few of your interviews, and I have to say that I adore your passion and unwavering dedication to the cause! It is relieving to hear someone, such as yourself, so eloquently tell it like it is… without any fear or doubt. You truly are a person who is in your own power, living your truth. Seeing it has left an impression on me. The road to healing has been long and intense. I am slowly coming around to the fact that it is ok for me to speak my truth, without the nagging worry of being perceived as a “freak”, or “weird”. I have been in battle my whole life. I am one of those who remember the beginning of their life and events leading up to that point in time. I remember the entities and E.T.s entering my life before I could even talk. With the passage of time, and the hardening of my heart to dull the pain, my awareness began to wane. My saving grace that has kept me going all of this time was my connection and my faint memories from long ago. In 2012, all of the dark baggage that I have accumulated reached critical mass. I felt like a star on the verge of going supernova. It was at that point that my awareness lifted… just a little, albeit enough to see the negative energies.

Everything hit the fan at that point and forced me to finally seek help. It has been a living hell. These cowards are relentless and know exactly what they are doing. The onslaught has been continuous and unending. Sleep deprivation has taken its toll. With all of that being said, some things in my life have improved over the past 3 years. It has been a work in progress, but I remain optimistic. I have noticed a lot of synchronicities as of late, and it led me to your website. A few weeks ago, I had phase 1 of the implant removal done. I noticed that some of the heaviness has lifted. The electromagnetic field around my third eye has weakened. It used to repel healing crystals, but after the clearing, the resistance is less pronounced. I have been able to keep ego in check a little bit more easily… better being able to walk hand in hand with it, as opposed to having it run wild and completely overtake my life… it is always a challenge. I have added your suggestions to my daily repertoire of vibrational maintenance… I notice a difference whenever I use them. Also, your essence is Light and refreshing =)!

It has been a roller-coaster, and there have been struggles along the way. Issues that are deep-seated take time to resolve, and do not fix themselves overnight. This is something that I am quite aware of. I have some concerns, and am unsure what the next step is that I should take. The attacks are something that I still deal with (ie…skin crawling/cramping/burning, twitching/jerking, voices, being poked at, being weighted and pulled down, footprints wherever I sit or lay down, insomnia… waking up by the hour and seeing either floating machines or strange faces, the sexual/mental/psychological intrusions). Perhaps these linger because of the continued negativity in my life. I know that there are key aspects in my life that I need to change… work, home, love, ego, etc… maybe this will dissipate in due time? It gets very confusing for me Alexandra, because my awareness still isn’t quite where I wish it to be. All of the goings on leave me confused. I don’t fully understand what is happening to me.

Last week I woke up to something being shoved down my throat, leaving me coughing and gasping for breath. This isn’t unusual, but it was more intense than normal, and I don’t know if I am being implanted again? If so, is it still ok to proceed to phase 2? Is what I am going through similar to what others are dealing with? I am unsure as to what my next course of action should be. I intend to see this through to the end, and I am so thankful for your helping others to reclaim their own magnificence. I know, in my heart, that Light will prevail. I don’t even question it anymore. I guess the question for myself is, “What role am I willing to take part in with this ascension process?” I am sorry that this email has become so lengthy. I know how truly busy you are, and I appreciate you and your time reading this. Much love to you Alexandra, and to your team as well.

God bless you.


Hi Jerry & Alexandra

Started with a big like a metal box on middle spine back of heart It had connections like black rubber tubes  to other parts each were disconnected from organ or body part then unscrewed from box & bagged like forensics & labelled like heart kidneys brain (gall bladder liver & some other organ bagged together) Had to be disconnected from body parts then the box all round top into head sides  into maybe heart bottom into maybe kidneys about 8 in all The box started to whoosh into the galaxy coloured lights blue purple mix almost wrenching my heart out with it Had to be pulled back & disconnected or switched off had tentacles or wires into I think my nervous system Much more can’t remember Whoever had put it there tried to remove it before could be disconnected properly Disconnection quite technical with all colours fluorescent lights inside greens blues purple • Then a box like a sarcophagus but thick like 6 inches thick metal black with blue green tinge I had to get out of it I think but not clear it was just there Had to be switched off as well • Then a helmet again that had wires into me all around it had to be switched off and eased off with wires intact Can’t remember the order of what happened next • Bionic ears That were wired  in to every part of me Switched off -they were lit up greeny purple light quite extensive removal can’t remember • A black small device that had to be switched off like a black smooth stone to fit in hand size not sure if this was one at back neck or in brain There were beings that were caged in a frequency for each device All devices & controllers in like a conveyer belt going to be examined -lots & lots stuff One device was full of like shiny black beetles alive but like balls -had to contained so didn’t escape At one stage so much taken away I felt like a red sand storm in desert dissolving me I was sand just blowing away & nothing left feeling like I no longer existed • I think back of neck one went down into my body like tentacles and ended up like an octopus alive & rubbery texture tentacles up into my head as well Not sure neck or over head There was so much I fell asleep Had a dream 5 something 5X in two places. one on top of a newspaper page  ??? No idea what that was about Had to go to car dealer who had ripped me off when I bought  my car day before as I stopped paying attention & trusted they were giving me the price discussed only to find they had written  in a different price If symbolic car is body in dreams and I’d say I signed a contract re my body  without checking it and intentionally cheated I knew there was more happening but fell asleep and couldn’t imagine what else there could be So much more than I can remember The bionic ears were a big deal & so much to disconnect I have been having prior to removal like long needles being stuck into various parts of my body with stingers on ends prickly & stinging I had hoped was energy but as I fell asleep I sensed the needles needed to be removed & hoped they would be However last night  I was still getting stinging needles feels like they are 4 inches long & go in deep Hope it’s just energy You have my permission to share any of my information if useful to anyone else I woke up 3 hours after beginning of session. Thank you for the report Fabulous info. Thanks Jerry Alexandra & the team



The oils and essences have been incredible.  When I put the oils on my feet I feel like a baby again!  I feel like I’m light and floating, so very comfy :D:D:D  I ran out of oils in the first week.  My essences are going good and I plan to reorder the oils after the 30 day mark.


Hello Alexandra and team,

My IRP was 3 weeks ago.  Here is a list of things I’ve noticed since:

  • Increased trust in myself
  • Less fear
  • Feel loved and supported by the Light with visible signs of change showing up in my world.
  • From day 3-10 my back and neck were really sore/stiff where I couldn’t turn freely, but each day it was less and less.
  • I’m seeing my/this world through a different lens and feel more happiness and joy than anytime this lifetime.

These are just a few.  Each day I notice some other changes.  I can’t thank you enough for this process and the freedom I am beginning to experience. For anyone going through this process, I highly recommend ordering a personalized essence from Alexandra.  I feel the integration process is harmonious for me because I’m being supported through the personalized essences that are assisting me to return to my true self. This week I began the nutritional support that Matthew Hurtado offers. Alexandra thank you for recommending his products. Thank you again!


Hello Alexandra, On the 16th of July I had my implants removed by Jerry Yusko. The lead up to this and the synchronous events are beyond this world and I mean that literally. I have struggled for years to establish a connection with mother/father God and WOW, did I get a connection. Not only did I get a connection, but the divine, my higher self, suddenly WOOSH! Right into my awareness and it’s still enveloping me in this moment. I, like you had an insatiable appetite to research all I could on hundreds of topics, spending thousands of hours and I have witness testimony to the extent of my research and witnesses to the divine visions. I was shown and told in pictures and crystal clear teachings on a secret to healing so vast, I am certain will benefit every listener who hears what I have been shown. I would love to do a broadcast with you Alexandra because when everyone discovers what I was shown by source, is going to blast the light grid beyond measure. Just to recap, my life is transforming every moment and the visions are crystal clear and I am absolutely certain you will be blown away also. Alexandra, it’s because of you and Steve and Pam and Jerry that I have to thank for this.

From the wholeness of my heart to yours…


Hello Alexandra,
First, let me thank you and Jerry so much for the IRP.  It’s been a week and I already feel the change.  You are an answer to prayer!!!  Thank you!
I do have questions on the essences I just received and how to take them since I’m still on the IRP essence and oil.  Here are the essences I received last week and haven’t started taking yet.
  • 2 Personalized Essences (D & E)
  • Financial Alignment formula
  • Breaking the Chains formula
Again thank you for what you are doing and being!  I look forward to speaking with you. I do monitor my Gmail email all day.
Blessings of Love!

The greatest feeling that I have right now is the confidence in the IRP Report. I am able to open my inner Eye and see more of the beings that assist me right now. Thank so much Alexandra, Jeff, and all of Galactic Connection team.

I would like to thank Alexandra, Jerry and the Galactic Connection Team for not only developing this remarkable process, but also for all the work your doing for the uplifting of the planet.  I’ve been reading the GC website for several years now and it’s one of the first places I go every day.

Thanks and Love


Thank you for following up on me and thank you so much for the irp session, it was a bit painful, I woke up at the time of the session with pain in my back, pelvis, neck and head. The next day I had severe headache but I felt lighter and a itchy pimple lump had appeared on the middle of my back which only just healed now, I’ve never had that happen before. The headaches have been on and off since and I still need to sleep a lot. I feel a bit spacey like I’m out of my body a bit but at the same time I have more mental clarity and focus now. I’ve been taking the remedy and using the oil and they have really helped me, thank you.
With much gratitude,

Hi Alexandra, got your email about follow up to irp so I thought I would let you know on how things are going.

I think pretty good i seem to be able to quiet my mind easier and focus in meditation.   physically after the first few days felt fine then i started getting headaches again like you described behind your eyes and moving up in my head I thought they were sinus headaches but I don’t think so they are something else.  then I got pain in my neck and shoulders and the real killer was pain behind my ears it felt like someone hit me with a bat behind my left ear.  but now still have headaches but not so severe and pain behind ears has subsided and neck and shoulders. I think when I ran out of implant oil had something to do with it because when I got refill and rub it on feels better especially head.
I think I’m sleeping better not as much psychic attacks. I’m doing my declarations every night before I go to bed and I like the one that tory said so I added that to my routine.  i basically have let go and  know they can’t hurt me or do anything to my soul so I’m more at peace.  maybe it was all in my head before and I created something out of nothing but bottom line sleeping better so thank you for that.
I signed up for SA/DNA can’t wait for that only have approx 3 more weeks.  I had a question for you do I start with returning home oils 2 days before my appt. like implant removal or can i do it before then because I think IRP oils will run out before appt.
thank you for all you do
love to you and staff

Hi there Alexandra I am doing marvellously thankyou very much. I enjoyed my first service a lot and – I have enjoyed greater calm and peace of mind and also others have commented on my “loveli energy” that I am emanating. I am doing a combined diet, meditation, salt therapy, infra red sauna therapy to improve my overall physical, mental and spiritual growth – and as a result – everything combined is certainly getting me to better and better states. I will let you know if I would like to do anymore work such as the soul alignment and dna activation. Enjoying my calm peace of mind. All the best.


I am feeling pretty weird lol. I mean I just quit taking psych drugs. I have done it before, but this time I have all these rich nutrients in the food I am eating and I have the right supplements to assist in the detox phase. I also got some zeolite drops to flush out the heavy metals in my brain. I wake up feeling very achy but I feel that this is going to be a process. I have noticed that other people around me that haven’t had the IRP, it’s easier to see that what I am experiencing is a digestion of their energies sometimes. I notice the cycles that needed broken in my life. I have a brother that is now staying with me and it was a lot easier to see that I have been passive with the gripes that I have with his behavior and at the same time see what it is that I am feeling about myself and go into my emotions to see the belief systems that I carried from my childhood and make adjustments accordingly. It’s been quite a journey. I have found my twin flame. And I also found that I need to go for what it is that I truly desire and want before the union is complete. I have compromised being myself and following my bliss and working towards my mission to fit in or please others, which goes back to when I was a child. It’s funny to think about the spiral of life that’s in the 3-d and be able to observe it from a 5-d and sometimes 6-d higher self perspective. I can just observe it as is without judgement, seeing that it is a function of the lower brain and mid brain and just Everything I see I have been able to see it through a lens of gratefulness. Don’t get me wrong I still experience emotion but I remain in that space of being that allows for stability in the ever-changing outer world. I don’t know what others’ experience is with this but I feel like I have done so much work up until the IRP started that I was able to embrace it as is. Not so much resistance. I hope this brings insight to your experience as well. I liked in my report about how I have a benevolent grey that doesn’t let us get away with anything. That is so true haha. I have known for a while the guidance that is all around us including that of the Higher Self and it’s funny to think that they know everything we are thinking, feeling, intending, envisioning… everything lol. I don’t know what to say as to what I have noticed particularly since the remote healing/removal except that I am more attune to the subtleties of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Thanks. 🙂


Hi Galactic team ,I wanted to give a first feedback for now on the IRP healing on thursday 4pm (your time) I did feel some of the process at the time and later in the day felt I had been through “surgery” with spots where implants had been removed feeling sharp/tearing type pain, this was aleviated by the oil. marked increase in dream activity some spaciness ,lethargy have laughed a bit more, feel lighter inside but a bit unplugged will give some more feedback after I settle into it and reflect a bit thanks so much for your help , my wife will most likely have the process along the track also Thanks again will be in touch.

Purest light


Alex, i found my story that will make *the most kickass testimonial ever*. yesterday night, i left my home, and hitchhiked for 260 km to montreal without any attachment to my past except my red sweatshirt and a couple of pieces of 5, 10 and 25 cents. absolutely no card to my name – all given away. life gave me the opportunity to realize my grandest dreams and face my deepest fears – to spread my wings and fly from *my* own wings. creating myself anew completely, from scratch. finally, a big bowl for a big fish =) let me some time to realize myself and stabilize in my new life… then i’ll write a kickass testimonial for ya. but before… i’ll land back and conquer roxanne’s heart and take her flying with me. oh and the dna activation is scheduled for monday. wooooah what’s coming my way !! =D such gratitude. so humbled. peace of mind returning…. and vitality growing. haven’t slept for 2-3 days and don’t need any. when love and passion to live fuel ya…. u become unstoppable =) talk to ya later !

(yup, u might hear from me sometime 😉 )


Hi – Thanks for checking in. I don’t have any real news to report regarding my experience with the IRP. The first night I slept deeper than I remember for a long time, which was nice. Other than that, I generally feel very good. My occasional use of cannabis may not be overly helpful, but I still find it a pleasant way to break out of the matrix, albeit for a short time! My intuition tells me that this process was helpful to my overall well being. It’s mind boggling to me that it is necessary to take steps like this, but it is what it is. Many thanks to everyone involved in bringing this relief to those in need! Please keep up the good work.

Best regards,


Hello Alexandra ! I’ll share with you something I wrote a few nights ago, to inform you of my progress. The only thing that is missing in my life right now is to feel good and healthy. Apart from that, I love the direction my life has been taking. The encounters, the moments, the sharing, the creations…. and now I’ll be having my SA in only a few hours…. very optimistic. Here’s what I wrote : So I’ve come to this…. so I’ve come this far…. where I FEEL the effervescence brewing, boiling in me. Such DESIRE to live and BECOME! And experience so much excitement!!! I remember…. wanting ever so strongly to commit suicide…. desiring so much to end my suffering…. I had lost all enthusiasm towards life. But now!!! These days, even though, yes, I *still* feel bad and tired…. there’s been so much action happening in my life. I’ve touched so many lives in a good way. So many people shared beautiful connections with me. Tonight, I went to see Equse at The Cluster, and I went to Jean-Raphaël, the lead guitarist/singer/composer of the band…. and as soon as he saw me, he lifted his arms in the air and turned his head and exclaimed himself “nooo…. man! How are you!”, even before I asked him if he remembered me. So many people remember me. And so many people hold a beautiful memory of me. I am blessed. I am known, I am recognized. This is my greatest hopes and desires come true. I used to be nothing. To feel like an unseen ghost. Now…. there are so many friends who want to share their lives with me !!! I am truly blessed. And I wish to THANK my SOUL and GOD for having sustained me all these painful years. Because, yes, you KNEW I would come to this breakthrough one day. Thank you, my Self, for having kept on going, living, fed by a distant single spark of hope…. unclear, yet present.

Now I know that there is SO MUCH for me to LIVE. Let’s get on with life. 😉


Dear Alexandra, My daughter Erin said you might be interested in hearing from me. I thank you and Jerry from the center of my being and my heart for the amazing healing I experienced on Tuesday. I have had many long-distance energy healings in the past but none this intense and effective – both in the experience of being “worked on” and in the aftermath of the healing. I won’t go into details about everything I felt during the healing, except to say that it correlates closely with the description of the areas that Jerry worked on. After the healing it felt like a dense, dark, dirty coat had been removed from me. I am already experiencing trust in my intuition after years of self doubt. My energy field is so clear now. I’ve done a daily hara-core star meditation that I learned at the Barbara Brennan School of Energy Healing for years. There have always been some areas of darkness and distortion here and there in my field that have been resistant to healing. Those are gone now and my experience of my field in the meditation is clear and vivid with bright colors and strong lines of light. I am feeling more open to others. Happier, optimistic, grounded, and like my life is just beginning and is full of promise (and I will be 70 in September). Before the healing I felt pretty hopeless, disinterested in life and – well, you can imagine. For the first time I am certain I will find out what my purpose for being here is. For the first time I feel in touch with the Higher Beings and energies I have always believed in but couldn’t seem to connect with. As the effects of Jerry’s healing continue to unfold, I am sure I will experience more and more wonderful things, but I have no expectations. I trust in the process. Thank you so much for the essences and oil. I really feel them supporting me. The essence is like nectar under my tongue. Thank you for all the work you and Jerry do.

Blessings and my eternal gratitude,


I just received Jerry’s report and am not surprised as to what was explained in the report, as I have and am experiencing many of those symptoms now also, since  a very young age around six or 7 yrs old and have had numerous healings and also some implant work done about 12 yrs ago. I have also been on a journey for the last 35yrs and am like many have not had any real relief from much that has been explained in the report…   At the time of the process I did not have any pain from the removal of all that was found as I set the intention that all is released with grace and ease and I do not consent to any of these parasitic implant energies returning or any energies that are not of the Christ light or higher, as I declare my sovereignty and freedom I Am That I Am……Thanks again to all of you for the work you are doing and commitment  to all beings and Life.

EmojiThanks again Jerry  Alexandra and Steve EmojiEmoji


Dear Alexandra Meadors,

I had hoped that what was thrown into my back thirteen years ago would have been taken out.  It has eased up.  Sometimes it feels there is no longer any presence of it anymore in the mornings.  Right now there is a slight sensation that it is there.  I never knew what this might be until a few years ago when I came across Wayne Brewer on You Tube who works with Arcturians.  He sent an offer on his mailing list for free scan to the first fifteen people.  I was number sixteen; but, he was curious so he did the scan.  He said it was reptillian.  I know that people who practice bad medicine can throw things into people. That’s what I thought it was.  It used to feel as though it moved around in my  upper left back right on my bra line now it’s kind of just in one spot.  Even though I can feel it I just couldn’t accept this reptillian idea.  I didn’t know who Arcturians were either, so it felt as though I just approached the wrong person for my problem. Up until a couple months ago I hadn’t heard about reptillians again.

I arrived eventually to your interviews with Ari Kopel through the recomended videos after watching Simon Parkes.  I listened to his videos and other people’s videos on archons, reptillians, but I kept falling asleep when I heard your interviews even though I really wanted to know what you had to say and I really wanted to know what you do.  I had the impression I was being distracted, so that I would loose interest. After the fourth of fifth attempt I got to listen to the whole thing and then listened to the series of interview just fine.  I had to give it a chance.  Family I told that this was going on in my back could not offer anything. Despite being spiritual it didn’t put them in the know as to what I was experiencing and they couldn’t help. I’ve been alone on this.  Despite this and not seeming to be able to get my life off the ground I believe that life can be really good. I just have to keep being persistant like when I went to hit the buy now button on your site it didn’t work… not even after ten times.  I said, “I’m ****en doing this”.  When I paged back to the homepage for that buy now button it finally worked. I’m having to effort even now just to tell you what’s happened.  When the oil and essence came I kept delaying making the appointment …even considered not doing it.  I’m saving up for phase two and three otherwise I would buy extra oil and essence.  I’d recommend to anybody who can put more money into extra oil and essence to do it.  Just after I bought the IRP an implant sent pain into my foot and it became really swollen. When I did have the oil but hadn’t booked the appointment I tried some oil on a pain in the other foot and it worked.  There was a light loving energy to it and the pain left.  My last day I had the essence and oil was tough my skull and teeth felt terrible and it felt like my teeth don’t belong to me.

That was over a week ago. I still feel discomfort in my skull.  It would have been better to have had more oil and essence because it did carry me through emptyness and discomfort.  Shortly after the IRP I lost a first cousin and another distant relative that I knew.  When I gave my first cousin’s daughter a hug energetically it eased off some of her grief.  It’s not intentional it’s just what happens.  I wasn’t affected as long as I would have prior to the IRP.  In my culture we do not cry for those who have passed after the sun has set, so it was better that I took some grief energy to process for her.  Another improvement I’ve noticed is that I don’t stay stuck in what ever situation I’m recalling and can’t resolve.  It’s enough that it’s passing and I have a choice in whose in my life, what’s in my life.  A lot of family were in town for the funeral including one of my sisters.  When she said something I didn’t appreciate it was more like water off a duck’s back.  I just thought, wow that was crazy instead of giving it significance.  I didn’t feel hurt.  I have this space that allows me to decide what I want rather than being upset with what is going on. Another Improvement is I use to have arthritis pain throughout my spine and all my other joints, which has eased up a lot.  I also felt pain in my muscles.  That has eased up significantly.  I use to feel anxious all the time.

I don’t anymore not even when I seen a grey when I closed my eyes.  I sent an impression to leave.  I still went to sleep.  Another issue gone, when I was faced with a charge from the bank that I don’t agree with, the time I felt upset was so short, my mind went to how I will handle it.  I feel not at my best, but I trust my choice now.  When I choose you for this process  I didn’t realize it was wise to choose you because you have red hair.  I learnt later that a alot of red heads are rh negative if they aren’t they are recessively and that this blood type have more intuitive and healing ability.  I have jet black hair, but both my parents are rh negative.  My late father was born in the Scottish highlands.  My mom is indigenous to this place now called Vancouver Island, Canada. She is from the Nuuchahnulth First Nation.  Rh negatives are even rarer amongst Native populations around 1%, I read. There’s a lot of out of the ordinary experiences in my family history.  I read that there is more developed ability in the rh negatives to change consciousness.  I was only aware of what was thrown into me, but thank goodness it alerted me that there is much more going on.  I feel kind rough, but I feel confident about the direction I’m going and I didn’t have access to that before.  The Proclamation is making more sense to me.  It didn’t at first.  The comprehension of it is growing stronger in my affirmation and continued use of it.  I had the IRP April 04.  It’s now April 29th.  I’m on the mend.  Thank you to Jerry, Pam and Alexandra.  I don’t know where this is going to go, but it is a whole lot better than where I was.  I heard that if you can feel these things you are strong enough to remove it, but I just knew it would be better to reach out.

I’m very grateful that your team was there to reach out to, thank you.


Guys. am feeling fine. a bit off maybe. things don’t bother me as much as they used too. I am a being of violet fire. I am the perfection god desires. love it!am working on getting the money togather for the dna segment.  can hardly wait. be in touch again soon. best regards and tons of love to all…


Dear Alexandra Jerry and the Galactic connection team, Thank you so much for the implant removal! What a great process it was! I received my implant removal about 3 months ago and since then I have noticed a great difference and improvement in my awareness and abilities. A lot has shifted for me, in a very positive direction. I am learning to trust my intuition and listen to the direction of my higher self and guides. Since the removal process, I let go of several personal relationships which I realized we’re toxic and leading me away from my truth and desired path. I have also let go of negative and self destructive habits and behaviors and am now doing a lot more to heal and respect my physical and spiritual self. After the implant removal process I became certified in Kundalini Reiki energy healing level 1-3. I started practicing Kundalini yoga as well and I plan to go for a certification course in kundalini yoga in August. After the implant removal process I feel much more able to trust my intuition and knowings, and follow my path. I find I am more decisive and able to make better decisions that are in alignment with my highest good… With all that said I would like to thank you again from my whole heart and existence! Thank you so much for the implant removal process! And for all that you do with your website galactic connection! I literally read your emails everyday! They help me so much to stay awake and aware! Alexandra I think you are so awesome and so brave! You are truly a light that shines and helps us all to do the same! I am looking forward to the soul alignment and DNA activation process and investing in more of your wonderful essences as soon as I can afford to. Which hopefully will be soon! Thoughts of prosperity and abundance! ?

Peace Love and Light to the Galactic Connection Team!

Sat Nam- Ariana Marie

Hi Alexandria, Thank you for checking up on me. My experience was a good one and I felt lighter after the IRP session. One thing that has been happening is I find myself crying easily. It could be hormonal… I don’t know but I just find myself very sensitive. I just placed an order to refill my essence and oil for additional support… didn’t realize it was almost empty.

Thanks so much!


Good afternoon,

I’m feeling great after the removal process.  The first day I was exhausted. The next day I was full of energy and my mind was finally clear, but the day after that I was wiped out. I took it a bit easier.   I could feel where the healer was working as it would tingle in those areas.  I really enjoyed reading and re-reading the report that was sent a few days later it was fascinating.  How do you determine a person’s star family?  And what does that mean if you are connected to particular star family?  I love the essential oil blend.  The fragrance is so soothing and just all around lovely.  I will definitely re-order both the tincture and the oil soon. I get so busy in the day I forget to take the tincture as directed but I do use them both morning and evening.   So far all is good. Thank you so very much for a beautiful service to others.

Hi Alexandra, I just received my implant removal document. Thank you for all your and Jerry’s work. I feel very different.. Calmer, unaffected and emotionally lighter. I feel a bit zoned out. Seeing the world with a set of new eyes and able to appreciate the people who are good to me instead of seeing them with paranoia. I am less affected by the vampiric energies of the world (a lot of those around me for some reason). I also clearly feel the fear elevating from my body and I feel this ball of very nurturing white energy floating around me.. It’s really nice! I had worked very hard in the past few years clearing demonic possessions, curses and dead people entities..(I had almost a thousand attached to me – hardest thing I have ever done) this implant removal just concludes my cleansing journey, and now I can focus on rising my vibration. 🙂 I feel this huge sore around my left neck and right brain, which I knew I had implants.


Thank you Galactic Team for your interest and concern since the removal.

I am so happy to report that I have felt a phenomenal lift ever since.

The indescribable darkness or weight I felt I just couldn’t shake, is gone and I am manifesting change in my spiritual progress rapidly now.

I feel no physical symptoms at all and there is greater clarity in my mind.

I can’t say thank you enough and what a blessing it was to find you.

So much love to you all and I so appreciate the work you are doing.

I am always here at one with all.



I would like to thank Alexandra, Jerry and the rest of the Galactic Healing Team for the relatively smooth experience I had with the IRP on Wednesday, 11th March. It was actually quite interesting. Since I did not want to experience the process consciously – am not very brave as far as pain is concerned and did not know whether it would be painful – I went to bed at 9.30 p.m. local time (ca. 14.30 p.m. your time) and subsequently only received your reminder the next morning when everything was over.

Before I went to sleep I took another dose of the essence and when I put the oil on my feet I felt a distinct tingling like “a sprinkle of Angel dust” – which I normally did not feel when applying the oil. I usually sleep very well since I am using a grounding/earthing sheet, so I fell asleep almost immediately. But shortly before that when I closed my eyes, it felt like a whole lot of symbols, letters, numbers etc. were poured into me. The third event I remember was that I felt myself spinning towards a very brilliant light and it felt as if I was taking off with a “whoosh” – it was a very comfortable feeling and a very accelerated and fast experience. I was vaguely aware of some pulling and things happening and I woke up at ca. 1.30 a.m. on Thursday morning (local time) when everything was probably over. I fell asleep again and dreamt of going somewhere. I was aware of a female who examined my face closely and then she said: “It is you! For a moment I did not recognize you.” I felt fine when waking up eventually.

Physically I don’t have a lot of discomfort – at least at the moment – but emotionally I seem to be very unstable and tearful. Unfortunately I have finished the essence and only have some oil left to take. For personal reasons I can’t order anymore at the moment. I feel empty inside and almost not connected to anything or anyone. It’s only just over 2 weeks ago that I had the IRP but it feels much, much longer and I probably still have a long way to go before I feel the full effect of the procedure.

Love and light


Wow, Just wow! This has been an amazing experience that went beyond my expectation. I have to say I was nervous to do the IRP but I knew that no matter what, I wanted and needed it. First I want to say a big Thank you to Jerry, Alexandra and the Galactic Team for the amazing light work that you do. When it was time for my process I suddenly had a spasm that went from my neck to my right arm and it wouldn’t release. It was time to start so I ran and applied Magneisum Oil to the area and laid on my side until it felt better. At first I was worried that I wasn’t in the right position but then said to myself “just relax and know it will be alright”. After about 15 minutes the pain went away and I laid on my back then the pain started above my left eye around to the left top, side and back of my head. It wasn’t unbearable but significant.I could feel the work being done but it wasn’t bad…. I just felt grateful.  I could feel my body humming throughout from that time on. After the pain subsided, I felt little twitches here and there and my body felt really cool and tingly. This is surprising since I am always having hot flashes but I stayed chilled throughout. I guess it was a bit after an hour that I felt my mood elevate. I knew Jerry was done and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me. Just thinking about it brings tears because it was just yesterday and I can FEEL I am different… closer to who I really am. I look forward to progressing in my life without the blocks that have been impeding my process and I look forward to the Soul Alignment and DNA Activation. Words cannot express my gratitude for the work you do and that I was able to receive this blessing.
Many thanks,
PS. Please use my middle name Violet since my first name is unusual… thanks 🙂

Hi Alexandra!

Thanks for checking in on me.  I appreciate that. I’m doing well after my initial implant removal and have already had to order a refill of the essential oil and drops as I’ve been very sore almost as though Having an actual surgical procedure.  I initially had about a one inch visible incision at the base of my spine by my tail bone which has completely healed. I’m still having soreness mid spine and almost an indent on one side of my spine which seems to be normalizing but still very sore.  Also very sore behind both ears, 3rd eye and chakra are.  How crazy is that! I’ve been feeling extremely forgetful and at times I can’t remember how many times I’ve taken my drops but I’m not at all worried about that because I know I’m being looked after by my guides and star family who are helping me through the process. Now, I’ve always been a very empathic sensitive type person and have had difficulty being in the world at times due to my nature. I feel energy both good and bad on both a macro and micro level.  I was a bit concerned that I might become overwhelmed but I’m actually more grounded and able to manage the energies better now. I’m relieved about that. Prior to the IRP, I had balance issues and felt almost sea sick but that’s much better now. I’m not as interested in group meditations right now but continue to clear and transmute energies in my daily routine.  This is something I’ve done for years but now, I seem to be doing it like my life depended on it and as though it’s my true job.  I feel like I’m more in touch with the fact that I am on a mission and now it’s go time.   My actual daily job as a therapist is secondary right now. I’m dreaming about being with groups of familiar people but waking memories are vague. I’m unable to watch main stream news at all..just am not interested. I’m really very focused in my soul work right now and am constantly requesting clarity during my morning and evening meditations. The best part is that I have had no more psychic attacks!!! Not one. I’ll be ready for the next stages soon but think I need a little bit more adjustment time? I believe I’ll just know when to proceed with the next step.



Dearest Alexandra, Jerry, and the Healing Team,

Wishing you a delightful Spring Equinox, Solar Eclipse, and Super New Moon! I wanted to share my experience with you and also ask of your advice. I had my session at 10 AM on Tuesday, March 17th. I was quite surprised when I laid down to get comfortable for the session & found myself asleep within minutes. This is highly unusual as I have had a strong case of insomnia for several years. I awoke almost exactly an hour later with soreness in my mid back and a mild headache. After giving myself a few minutes to relax and come to, I went outside to connect with nature. Almost immediately, two woodpeckers came and began to peck and play in the trees above me. In the year we’ve lived in our home, I’ve never seen a woodpecker before! Then, I went for a stroll down my driveway. And to my surprise, a snake crossed my path!! It felt very symbolic and I beamed with joy. I could feel a lightening beginning to take place within my being that I hadn’t felt in years. I’ve had energy work done in the past but never have I had such a strong physical reaction. Ever! Not only was I experiencing this new found joy, but it appeared as if Nature was responding to my raised vibration as well!! An abundance of love, gratitude and blessings for your priceless gift!!! It meant more to me than I can possibly express in words.



For the removal appointment I grounded myself next to a huge oak tree and felt the space around my head open up, especially on the left side. This matched the report sent, describing a crown implant. I’ve adjusted well since then.



Dearest Support Team;

Thank you so much for the thorough report. I have to tell you what it was like at this end of the experience.

I followed all instructions for the essential oils and used one of the suggested decrees. I noticed a build-up of anxiety in me within the hour of the appointment. This is very uncharacteristic of me. I took my shower and then lay down and dropped into my heart space and followed my breathing. I put a protective bubble of light around me and allowed for benevolent beings to enter my space. I had no expectation of what was to come; but I put a note pad next to me so I could record any sensations I felt during the appointment hour. Here’s what I wrote that day immediately after the hour:

“Removal complete. I feel amazing! I noticed first a sensation of pairs of hands quickly moving within my abdomen. Nothing painful, just gentle tugging. That was the area where I felt was worked on the most. Then my head; my right ear felt like it was being pulled lateral, like something being pulled out of this area. Chest and diaphragm felt released of constriction. Breathing deeper and easier. Sensations in pelvis. Some in legs. Feet felt amazing after. The denseness I have been feeling in the mask part of my face lifted and a pressure driving in and up through my vomer. My nares were able to flare and expand, I could smell better then I have been able to in a long time. I started to visualize in colors and details that I haven’t been doing in ages.”

The surgical report and my sensations seem to be a very accurate fit.

Since then, I have noticed that the feeling of a metal plate in my sacrum is gone. My chest area is more open and expansive and breathing is freer. I am dreaming more vividly and in color. I feel more relaxed, free, calm, peaceful, gentler and open hearted. I feel free! When I’m writing, words seem to just flow out of me, inspiration is coming more easily.

To be honest, 10 years ago I would never have considered the validity in this. But in the last 5 years of my spiritual exploration, my mind has opened to so many things. I am trusting that what I need comes to me. When I came across the IRP, it resonated with me. It seemed to me that there was some kind of force outside my being that was impeding my spiritual progress no matter how much I cleared and cut chords. I am very grateful to the Galactic Team who assisted in the implant removal and all my guides who lead me to them. So much love and appreciation for you all.

Much Love and Light;


Hi Alexandra,
I had the implants removed last Monday and I am happy to report that I’m feeling better both physically and emotionally already. I’m very grateful for your services and intend to continue with the process when I’m ready. Also, I’d like to know if I’m supposed to get a report on what was found.
With gratitude and love

Hi, Alexandra,

At the time of the IRP I felt a great joyful calm. That day I felt more “at one” with my body than I’ve felt in a long time. Usually I have the sensation of Me…in a Body; but that time there was no feeling of separateness. For me, spiritual progress seems to happen “below the radar” most of the time. I applied for the DNA/SA last week and got a message the package is on it’s way. I’ll be very interested to see what’s different afterwards. Thank you and your team for all your great work and perseverance!


Dearest ones,

It feels like hi time i checked in with you and let you know of my progress.
Im an empath and very sensitive, especially to full moons of any kind.
Im 73 yrs. old and feel way to much right now with all the energy’s incoming from all points and not very diligent to keeping self protected when I need to.
Im also deeply involved in my, what seems to be, my primary role in this life, a care giver and one who helps others in the process of dying, which I have been deeply involved with since my life partner transitioned in 95. My Sister and a very long time close friend Gloria were my first to assist in the dying process, and it continued from there.
My current is my 96 year young Mother who came to live with me three years ago, and totally set aside into will-hold my peace and serenity with her presents and mostly her need for constant Media from sunup till bedtime. She was no longer able to live alone due to her constant falling and now memory loss, short term. She is now slipping into her child self offering a totally new level of energy unknown to me, since i have no children of my own, save for my two loving and most grounding felines, who keep me connected to source and grounded when i most need it. If not for the animals in my life what i do would not be possible.
When I found you, and it was through an interview with my dear friend James Gilliland, who I have known now for the past ten years, I was instantly drawn to what you do concerning the implant removal. I had never considered the possibility that I even had such things in my body until I started reading Alexandra’s writings on the subject. It so spoke to me from a deeper level and guided me to check-in with you and consider the possibilities.
Jerry, during the process of removal with you I could feel/sense an incremental release of negative energy all through the hour plus that i sat with you while you worked your way through the many eons of manipulation that have found me were I am today.
The first week was one psychic attack after another. I was also sensitive to everything as if every button was exposed for attack, and it was doing one good job of that.
On week two everything softened up and I was able to feel the impact of what had just happened and the sudden lightness that had come to roost. I realize that it will take days, weeks before I feel the full impact of the removal process. Your guidance in these matters will be most helpful.
Obviously my greatest task before me is my Mother and her comfort on all levels is my primary point of focus at this time. And Im doing this without any backup what so ever, save on a higher plane I know.
I have to say though that the Angels presents have increased very much since the removal. Im seeing constantly now 333, 1111 and 1212 daily now as they have increased exponentially letting me know that help is ever present. 114 has even started showing up.
Jerry I am most grateful for your presents in my life now, as well as Alexandra and all the crew, Dearest Rev. Pam in Spirit, bless her preciousness. Altho I never met her I still feel her impact in the whole of things.
Please if you would, I am in your loving hands now, do with me as you will to clear this dysfunctional program and release me to full potential.
p.s. i,ve just read your description of a Guardian and it totally blew my mind how near completely I mirrored everyone down the list. WOW!

Here is my Testimonial, things are really changing so I will send an update as more improvements come through. In only 2 months since my IRP I have pretty much overcome candidiasis, after 8 years of trying what feels like every diet and supplement under the sun. I really got to the point of thinking “this is the way it is, I’m too tired to try anything new so if I want to eat, I’ll just have suffer the consequences”. I’m now enjoying many more foods and combinations that were off limits before, I’m no longer bloated and have more energy. I have also made up with friends that I was angry with (an old pattern of mine) and I came up with my own method to release blocked emotions, leading to major shifts. Yesterday I realized that I felt happy. Not happy because I’ve just taken part in someone’s energy healing method or tried to be happy. Just happy. For NO reason. Nice! I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2015.


Hello team,

It is my birthday today and I am turning 44.  This morning I just realized the coincidence, what it meant and how beautiful that is.  44….  Isn’t it a great number? It has now been 1 year since my IRP.  It has been a huge awakening and I will never regret to have taken a chance to get the treatment done.    I thought that I was completely crazy to believe in such a thing.  I was completely dormant, on dial up!  I thought that I was going to waste my money.  I am married, a mom of 2 beautiful children.  And it was tough!  What have I done, being a mom!  What was I thinking! I didn’t really appreciate my family, they were a burden.  I was questioning my capacity to take care of everyone, I was depressed, tired and couldn’t kick that out for years.  I had so much energy before.    Deep down, I am just a crazy French Canadian you know! Laughing, Cooking, jogging, canning, gardening, knitting, sewing, having party dinners, cleaning, play dough and painting mess didn’t bother me. But it was all gone and I didn’t think that it would come back.  So, when I listened to the segment about the implant removal on YOUTUBE my heart knew that it was true. On December 29th 2013 was my implant removal. I woke up on December 30th feeling that I had fed myself dynamite all night long!  My lower back where I had an implant hurt me but who cares!  There was energy.  I have since then a different appreciation for my children.  I now feel so blessed to be chosen to be their mom. It was a great battle though, the dark energies manipulating me and my husband.  The fights and all.  It was hard for me to understand but Alexandra was there to explain to me and provided me with the help that I needed. The most remarkable event for me was maybe 1 week or so after the removal, I was playing with my son.  Tickling him making him laugh and thinking of Alexandra words and the light of God and Source.  All of sudden I heard a growl from my right hear where I had an implant. And I had a glimpse/a vision of who it was.  The not awakened part of me couldn’t believe it, what I had just heard.   It wasn’t the dog, she was far away and it wasn’t her growl.  I knew then everything was real. Through the year I grew, met someone that helps me to grow, learned to read the Akashic records, learned about myself and learned that my daughter is an earth Angel.     And it is wonderful.  Getting the IRP done was the best thing I ever done for myself.  It has been a challenge for sure.  I still don’t know what my mission is and I might be only a grain of sand, but I am sure looking forward to make a storm!  I had the second phase of the treatment done.  The soul alignment.  Once again the attacks!  But I am smarter, I don’t let the drama manipulate me. I feel like detached to the drama.  I have finally found my voice and I am using the drama to straighten things out in my relationship with my husband.  Because for this poor guy, I have turned weird.  His awakening will come later 😉 Last year during a life regression, I had a vision that I was an alien and I was manipulating colored lines of energy and that I was healing people. At the time I didn’t know what it meant.  The healer told me to meditate on that for 21 days.  So I did.  After 21 days I heard a voice saying….  “Ask the Creator to show you how to scan the body.” I am still working on that but I will succeed. So for the year to come, I want to fully awaken, remember where I come from, who I am, what my mission is, helping the guardians, helping others, and my gifted daughter. Next week it is my DNA activation and I have a year of work ahead of me.  It will be filled with learnings, love, challenges and happiness.

Love Light and Blessing to everyone working at the Galactic Connection and I am looking forward to helping you someday.

Caroline AKA joie de vivre

I was a little nervous about doing the implant removal.  The day that my oils and essences arrived my whole body started hurting – my head, neck and shoulders and even down my spine.   I did not start taking the oils and essences that night.  It was a very rough night indeed.  I couldn’t sleep, I was in pain, there was spirit activity in my house and even heard a couple of voices.  The next morning I promptly started taking the oils and essences.  Although the pain was still in my head, neck and shoulders, it was much alleviated from what it had been.  They seemed to bring me more into balance throughout the process, and honestly I was using the oils so much that I had run out in a week!  After the implant removal, there was still some pain for a couple of days and then it went away.  The implant removal will have been two weeks ago tomorrow.  Yesterday I went to see a local healer and friend who knows me very well.  She was absolutely amazed!  Every time I have gone to her, there have been cord attachments to others that she always has to clear, time and again – old hurts and programming.  Yesterday there were none!  They were completely clear.  She also felt as if all karma that has stopped me and blocked me had been cleared.  My chakras were open.   Even a health issue that I’ve been dealing with for years – when she started to work on it had dissolved energetically.  She said it had nothing to attach to anymore!  Pretty amazing.  I’m so thankful to Alexandra and Jerry.

This is very powerful healing.


I just received Jerry’s report on my IRP.  It was amazing.  I am so grateful to all he did.  Please tell him so.  I also love the essential oils – they smell lovely.  I received them.  I was having some knee pain and finally broke down and used the oils on my knee and the pain was immediately gone!

It isn’t even 24 hours since my IRP so I am still absorbing.  I will send a testimonial at a later date when I have something substantial to report.
Please thank Alexandra and Jerry for their help.  I send blessings to the whole team.  You guys do GOOD WORK!!!
Anna Maria

I had fallen asleep during the session, but when I woke up I found a substantial decrease in physical pain. I applied the oil to the places that were still aching a bit, and received even more relief. The pain had been so bad that I was in the ER 2 months ago because I couldn’t even walk, and I’m about to start physical therapy. Now I can bend down and touch my toes, and stretch up and touch the top of the door jam without any problems. I’ve got full mobility back with only a little discomfort. I had been struck by a few cars over 23 years ago and the pain had become disabling. I now feel that with rehab I will be able to increase my activity and start loosing some of this extra weight. I hope this is permanent and I look forward to stages 2 and 3.

Thank you.


Hi! Thank you for keeping in touch! I was shocked after the implant removal, what implants and negative beings were removed, but so grateful for your work, and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart! I feel still tired, and a lot of stress/pain in the neck, chest, and lower part of my stomach and back. I decided that I have had to quit my work (have a week left) and I feel guided now to work in the health sector. I live in Norway, and I feel a lot of psychic attacks going on here. I have read about the pyramid work, and it’s so much going on in my town…(I don’t have “like-minded people” in my physical life) So I pray and believe the universe will send me guidance and the right souls, so I soon may be able to take part in this work, and be in service. My soul yearns to develop my soul plan and talents.

I feel more light, and with more joy, and more open to the guidance and I feel I am on the right way. I have started seeing 11.11 all the time, so I beleive that is a good sign. 😛

I am (23 years) and I have grown up in a very mental Christian community. The last years I have had to leave this, and start my spiritual search. But I am deeply thankful for every lesson and blessings, and for where I am today.
I have had to look deep within my fear, and dark side, and I feel much lighter. Now, the biggest challenge I feel is to stop the mind chatter, and stop reincarnating with the ego mind. I know I am Love, and that’s all that is. “but” the ego mind does what it can do control and make me refer to the body.
I am deeply thankful for what you do, and so blessed for finding your site!
I don’t have much money for the moment, but I believe I will receive enough soon to order the soul alignment!
with love and gratitude.


I wanted to thank all of you for this healing as well as, for the essences and essential oil blend. All of these have been truly outstanding. I wanted to send an email letting you know about my experience during the IRP process. To me, it’s being pretty amazing.
This has been a pretty arduous experience for me, but I can see the benefits unfolding and I’m very happy I went through with it. To begin with, when I finally made the decision to do the IRP, I became very ill. I rarely get sick and if I do, it only lasts a day or possibly two. Not this time. I ended up with pneumonia and it’s lasted for more than a month. Also, as soon as I decided to do the IRP, I began to feel very uneasy. The spiritual protection that you recommended really helped with that. In fact, the spiritual protection helped with the symptoms of the illness I was dealing with too, even more than any medicine or herbs etc. Throughout this time I had all kinds of of other psychic attacks too and I did a lot of things for spiritual protection. I kept getting the feeling like “they” didn’t want me to go through with this and they wanted to keep me under their control.
During the hours leading up to the removal, I was scattered and frazzled and couldn’t think straight. But, I realized what I was dealing with so, I just laid down and relaxed. About an hour before the actual process was to begin, I felt a very sharp object leave the area around the base of my right thumb. In my mind’s eye I could see that it was clean, white metal and very pointed on one end and about a half and inch long.
When it was time to start the removal, I laid in my room and it was so interesting to see and feel what was going on. I could feel different movements of energy happening throughout my body. Some felt like energy waves, others were itchy, and others felt like pin pricks. Many of these are specific areas where I have felt tension and pain for years. At one point, I felt layer after layer of energy come off my chest. I felt lighter and lighter in that area. After that, I had a major coughing fit that lasted most of the rest of the removal. So, I couldn’t experience the rest of the removal because I was preoccupied with the coughing.
The next morning, the first thing I noticed was that I felt a freedom that I don’t remember ever feeling and I was much lighter. I could also breathe deeply in to my lungs. That’s something that’s not easy to do with pneumonia. It was as if the removal sped my healing tremendously and whatever was holding that area hostage was obviously no longer there.
I’ve also felt much more able to move forward in life. I feel like the baggage wasn’t really mine and is now something I can finally put down and walk away from. WoooHooo!
I was definitely spacey the next day. But, considering I had 24 implants removed, who wouldn’t be a little spacey while recalibrating their energy?
I must say I love the essences and the oils that Alexandra created. When I first held the one that was created for me, I felt a strong bolt (for lack of a better word) of light or energy  immediately go in to the top of my head. It was really strong and really beautiful. I felt immediately grounded and physically healthier. I quickly put on the oils and took the essences and right away I felt happy and had a ton more energy. I was almost giddy. I’ve also found that rubbing the oil on my lungs has been a huge help too. These items are amazing!
The other thing I was wondering about was about my healing abilities. I’m a Reiki master and I was interested to find out what would happen with that ability after the removal. At first, it felt like it all went away. However, today, when I truly just sat down and focused on it, I found that it has changed, but in a very lovely way. The energy is defused and has a wider spectrum to it. It seems much stronger, but in a peaceful way. My hands even feel different where the energy flows far beyond the size of my hands.
So, I suppose what I’m trying to say in a long, round about way is that what you guys are doing is profound and wonderful and I am so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to experience this. Thank you for your work!
Much appreciation and Love,

Hi…How are you? I am writing my testimonial now.)) I have received the Implant Removal and I must say my life has took a turnaround for the better. I am able to love again. I have also returned to my Hands On Healing servicing to others which I had a natural talent for and had put on the backburner for some strange reason. Both Rev Pam and Alexandra Meadors have been Angels. They are so patient, compassionate and strong!)) Thank you so much for reminding me of my strengths.


It’s been about 3 weeks since you did my implant removal procedure and I feel wonderful.  I never experienced any negative reactions as far as my body is concerned, I just feel very smooth and even.  As you predicted though, they are screwing with my pets.  Also my relationships with women, anything they can do to harass me.  I really want to thank Archangel Michael, he is the one who emphatically told me “do this now”.  He’s my Guardian Angel and my mentor, and I love him dearly.

Thank you Alexandra and the removal team, I love all of you. Sincerely,


Hello Alexandra and team!

Before I start my review, I would like to say that I don’t consider myself a skeptical person, but I remain highly critical. That is to say I never accept nor deny anything before I investigate. I had my implants removed last night, and before the process, I was excited, yet still impartial as to what to really expect. To be honest your radio show interview from a week or two ago was very ‘vague’ and used very general terms without explaining real sensations and had everyone saying “Uhm well it feels sorta like this” “Oh you mean it felt like this, right?” “Yeah”. Just a heads up. (Note from Galactic Connection: we did this purposefully as we don’t want to dictate specific symptoms, experiences, or sensations that would cause us to create the journey for you – after all, we are all master creators!) Anyways, back on track. I fell asleep during the process, and I woke up half an hour after it was finished, mechanically checking the clock and realizing that it was finished. It wasn’t until my first conscious breath did I realize something was VERY different. To me, it felt EXACTLY like that scene in the matrix after Neo gets shot up by the agents, and comes back from the dead, and takes a huge deep breath and the walls contract with his breath. I literally said “Woah!” out loud. I have felt that before, but usually after an amazing meditation or using psychedelics of some sort. Soon after, it felt like my physical was no longer a cage for my energetically spirit. My consciousness was flowing through my skin, almost as though the air is part of your physical body. It’s an extremely peaceful and empowering sensation. As I was falling asleep, it felt as though so much energy had been awakened in me, but it was just out of my ability to reach it at that point. Before, it felt like there was a cap on my energy and I had to struggle to burst through it. Now, it feels like the cap is off, but it’s all scattered and that it’s my job to collect it all. As I fell asleep, tears rolled down my face. “This is the real deal” My drive in to work this morning was interesting. I could perceive a much wider field of view than I normally do. Normally I’m focusing on a small area in direct line of sight. This time, Everything seemed to be in focus. My peripherals were more focused and I could see in all 3 of my mirrors at once. I’m still getting used to the feeling, and I must admit that anyone who is not sensitive will probably not notice that much. But sit down and do some breathing exercises and practise self-awareness throughout the day, and I’m sure you will notice. It’s only been about 13 hours for me, (with most of those being sleep), so I can’t comment on the rest yet, but I like how I feel already!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!


I felt some dramatic shifts a couple of weeks before the appointment not sure if they were related. I saw Pam’s face the entire time I was having the removal so thought I was going to hear this was a shift in practitioners but the report said from Jerry. For several days after I felt kind of spacey but not too much. I am used to doing hours of ascension work a day so used to processing and it was familiar. I would say this work is an intensifier. I feel like blocks I felt in my energy have now revealed their origins. There seems to be a deepening. During the removal it felt gentle like a combing through my energy system. I did not feel any pain or any emotions just the feeling of being nurtured. I liked the feeling of the essential oils but stopped them last week. I have not felt an overall shift in the intensity since. I do feel like it is still working and had some past life revelations last night so I am looking forward to see where this leads.
Much Gratitude,


When I opened the package, the vibration was exceptionally noticeably high. It muscle tested (your essences and oils) at 945.


I experienced a rainbow of emotions and sensations from my implant removal, the process ongoing and lasting many weeks. Most of all I feel more wildly free and aligned with my true self than ever before. First I was guided out of the blue to contact Alexandra for support. She suggested the program and I was resistant for some reason. However, soon after I felt a resounding yes in my body. As soon as I paypalled the energy exchange I felt something happening. Subtle vibrational shifts. Difficult to explain yet curious to perceive. After I received the support essential oil blend and tincture, I started feeling more grounded immediately. The remedies were so delicious feeling. I emailed Alexandra and thanked her, they felt energetically Irresistible. Applying the roll on and taking the tincture also promoted loving self care and awareness. After Pam emailed me to let me know my session was complete (happened in my sleep as I’m in a different time zone) I felt relief wash over me soon after waking, like a wave. Strangely the next day I broke out in a rash on my legs and arms. As I was applying a tea tree antifungal ointment I was hit with a profound sense of eradicating something old and yucky that had appeared physically to be energetically cleared away for good. The rash is gone of course. I definitely feel Pam helped facilitate this clearing. I’m feeling a new level of sovereignty. I felt deeply nurtured by these two ladies and more light then ever before.

Grateful. I recommend!


When I signed up for the IRP I also signed up to have my son aged 7 and daughter aged 4 done at the same time. I noticed immediately that my daughter started playing up and being very difficult. I asked for psychic protection and waited until the essences arrived, about 3 weeks ago.

The essences arrived and I decided I wanted to have my IRP done on my birthday so I waited a further 9 days but booked the slot. That evening I had a massive row with my partner and could feel complete rage coursing through my body I realized I really did need this doing!

Over the next 9 days I had an incredibly erratic heart beat which felt like a severe arrhythmia and I was so concerned by it that I was on the point of going to the doctor but I decided to wait until after the IRP and see if it changed. I also had a great deal of anxiety and flutters in my stomach. I knew something was going on!

Finally the time arrived, my partner had gone back to sea so I was free to have my healing done alone and I was really excited.I woke up the next day after the IRP and felt a bit disorientated but felt ok. Shortly after this I gave a shiatsu treatment to a friend of mine who holds a lot of anger and I don’t know if this was me picking up on her stuff or a result of the IRP but over the next month I felt extremely angry. I have to say here that I am not generally an angry type of person but I felt so pissed off with everything. I also found trying to get the children to school on time very difficult and the monotony of the school routine etc really dragged me down it was like I didn’t fit any more. I felt cut adrift, disconnected, angry and depressed a bit like the guy in the matrix ‘you should have taken the blue pill !’. It was not the love and lightness of being that I had expected.

On a more positive note I had always seen dark shadows dancing around the room when I opened my eyes when I was trying to get to sleep and after the IRP these stopped. Also the heart arrhythmia stopped too.

It took me about 6-8 weeks to start to feel ok and more adjusted, but there have been some subtle but very powerful changes in me. The same friend who I had given the shiatsu treatment to came around for dinner and started verbally attacking me for my decision not to vote ( I’m from the UK and the whole system is completely corrupt). She got so angry with me that she stormed out and has not spoken to me since. In the past this would have really upset me and I would have tried to make it all ok but now I feel empowered enough to realize that I don’t need people like that in my life and I feel quite detached. I feel so much stronger and clearer and more powerful and have less time for negative people in my life!

The other funny thing to note is that on the report from Jerry it said that my son’s star family were the Telosians who I had never heard of. I googled Telosian and laughed, they are an ET race of beings with large strangely shaped heads. When my son was a baby he had a very stange shaped head which looked very similar. It was so bad that he had to wear a helmet for 6 months to give him a normal shaped head. The report said my daughter was connected to the Lyrans who are a race of Cat beings. My daughter has always been obsessed by cats and all her stuffed toys are cats and when she could first talk she asked for ‘a cat that could walk’ for Christmas- something she cannot have as I am very allergic to cats!

The children have been good since the IRP and although they still play up sometimes their behavior feels like it is learnt and habitual rather than driven but something else like it did before.

All in all,although I have had a tough journey with the IRP I am so glad I have had it done.It has given me much stronger boundaries and I can see peoples issues more clearly and as a result be less affected by them. I am just about to sign up for the soul alignment and DNA activation.

Thank you Alexandra and Jerry you are doing an incredible job and I truly honour both of you from the bottom of my heart.


Hi Alexandra,

It’s now been 9 months since my IR and I am feeling like a different person … so much old ‘baggage’ has been left behind and most days I find I am happy for no particular reason!
Thank you for talking about Pam and your connection with her and Jerry.  The Magdalene link made so much sense to me immediately.  I have felt that connection myself for many years now, and finally got to go to the Languedoc in Southern France last June.  I fell in love with the land and cried profusely on leaving, feeling that my heart belonged there.  One day I went to a little town on the Mediterranean and was walking along the beach.  It was a grey pebble beach.  When I stopped to sit on a rock, I looked down at my feet and saw the most beautiful scallop shell ‘beaming’ at me.  The odd thing was, there were no shells on that beach, just pebbles!  I felt like it was communicating with me … and only later it dawned on me that the scallop shell is the traditional symbol of Mary Magdalene.  Needless to say, that shell is now the most precious object on my altar!
After hearing your words, I was once again moved to take the next step in the IR process.  I have not had any confirmation from your end yet about payment and what happens next, so I just want to make sure it went through.  I did get a confirmation from Paypal, so am assuming it did and that you guys are just super busy.  Hope the wait isn’t too long … but then again, I know the timing will be perfect.
Much love and gratitude for the work you do,

I want to thank Galactic Connection for the wonderful Implant Removal and Soul and DNA Activation.  I feel it did the job of connecting me to myself.  I feel much more centered and in touch with who I AM.  I have more of a direct connection with my higher self and more peace.  So thank you for your service.


Hey Alexandra,

Since the implant removal process i have been feeling better and better. Currently being in a mental health hospital, I am almost ready to go home. Thanks for you help.

greetings with love


Dear Alexandra and galacticconnection team

I’m sorry i haven’t been able to write back until now. After spending way to much time on the computer in these exciting times, i got tendonitis in both my arms, and had to take a break from the computer. Still having issues, so have to be short.
First week i didn’t notice any changes, but after that I’m dropping bad habits one after the other with ease. Completely changed my diet. I feel so much stronger and connected. Constantly getting small premonitions on things that happens just a few mins after. Funny, 10 min before i got this email, i was thinking i should write a testimonial.
I notice a big difference during the big shifts. Energies used to knock me of my feet, but now i go through the shifts with so much more ease. Its totally amazing, and i know I’m still adjusting.
Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart, this was a life changer.
Will do the soul alignment and dna activation as soon as I have the money.
Wish you all a wonderful day

Alexandra – Also to let you know that custom essence to help me with the shifts and changes has been a life saver!

Instead of ego fears and mental doubts I am moving with the changes with direction and purpose.

Since we last communicated I received a job offer, met with them, gave notice with my employer of 21 years, bought a laptop for the new job and in this moment I am training my replacement. !!!!

I’ll be doing the field measures for all ten S. Arizona Home Depots, meeting with home owners, entering it all to design software on site, take pictures, and email file to the designers so they can design the kitchens. So my tools will fit in a backpack instead of a large tool trailer. Lifting cabinets and countertops all day long was getting really old.

Between this work and the healing work, my identity of who I am is being rewritten and I am loving it!

Can’t wait to hear about your adventure.


Hi Alexandra

Thanks so much for checking in… it really means a great deal to me!  Once I re-started your amazing oils and essences it took about 2 days and I started to feel better. In fact I noticed that in the morning the intensity of the stiffness leaves quicker and that I have a much clearer energy field…flowing energy that is vibrant…! I especially love the oil and used ½ of it since I received it last week….it just resonates so deeply with me. I also have much more available energy and feel hopeful once again….and excited about things to come. It seems like I have been processing since I popped out of the womb and I am weary but feel we are so close now to a major breakthrough! I must say this past weekend was really intense… but I was able to be upright(usually in bed)….at yoga…walking outside…the oils and essences give me an incredible boost! I LOVE THEM! And the violet flame powerful! Really looking forward to connecting one day and appreciate all the work you are doing.
Many Blessings


I feel much more connected to my higher self, and i’m able to block out the sarcastic self-critic, I have an easier time calling in angels to assist in my light-body transition. And my words, I feel more comfortable with my words; like the sweetness of honey.


I feel very clear of mind. Although I did feel a little energetically when putting up the stuff on Kevin Annett, I feel the best I have in years. And I know that helping Kevin and the Common Law Courts out is the right thing for me. Basically, I haven’t had, any ultra-negative (or even just very negative) thoughts of being useless, afraid, powerless etc since I had the implant removal. I feel like a clear blank slate, like an unpolluted, naturally clear stream. I’ve even noticed less nightmares, which I think can be caused by implants. Note, fear does not go away completely, but it becomes much easier to manage/overcome. Basically, you only have as much fear as you choose. But I have not had any super negative fear thoughts, or the other types of thought forms I have referred to below. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that things can’t seem to push my buttons, or maybe I just don’t have those buttons to push any more. =) Things that used to annoy me, I only have a passing reaction to, such as currency exchange stuff, cabal stuff, basically anything that used to get me riled, only has a minor effect now. It’s not that I don’t care about it, it’s just that it doesn’t put me off my centre very much or for very long any more. I find I have a much more balanced and compassionate view of the world now (not that I didn’t before, but it is now especially pronounced). So, I would say to all those who are interested in and are drawn to the process, definitely check it out at Alexandra Meadors’ Galactic Connection website: http://galacticconnection.com/want-clear-controlling-matrix-implants/ I’m looking forward to the next stage in the process too, now that the first step has gone so well. Thanks to all human beings and other spirits who have helped me in this process!


Dear  Alexandra,
You must be awash with gushing testimonials, let me add mine.
First, my delays were “waiting for Jerry,” who wadded into stuff that would have anyone else going the other way.  Kudos, and God bless him, you, and everyone connected with this program.  I am a product of the “other” Knight Templars.  At 6.6months they get together and destroy and consume the sephiroth on the Kabbalistic tree. One sphere per participant, they spend your entire life in that evening.  Afterwards, my next year was spent in total resraint, head sticking out of the top of a contour sheet (at the top of a pyramid), in great agony.  I have lived my non-life in a small box, and you have opened the box. The removal of my 15 implants and addressing the 5 alien connections, has given me hope!  Without ear implants, I hear more clearly, but quantifying specifics is not the point, I just feel a whole lot better and more “normal”, released, and free.
Really beyond words.  Legions of angels protect and keep you all.

Ever gratefull,


Hello all, My IRP went well. Very interesting… It was scheduled for 4pm. At 3:33 I was driving and out of no where blithering rage came up from my feet through my whole being. Wow! That was scary!  I calmed myself down and by 4 pm started feeling nausea and shortness of breath…some chest compression in the high heart area. But mostly nausea. By 4:30 as I walked outside everything cleared. I felt light . The sky looked bluer . There was a great sense that something was clearly gone!!! When I got in my car , I thought it was funny that the car In front of me, license plate # was *** 6999. My guides pointed it out galactic/ jerry y.  X 6999= completion .  Great job to all . I feel wonderful.  Peace and blessings…


Dear Alexandra,OMG!!  I got my implant removal.  I had 4, third eye, back of neck, lower spine and heart.  I felt no pain, when I got up and took a shower the sun came through the window upon my face, I felt the warmth and I clearly felt my sovereignty, that feeling you had when you were a child, a free child like state.  OMG!  What a gift to self.  Thank you for being you and wanting everyone to have this deserved freedom. I want to step into my mastery.  Are you still able to let me know how much healing I may still need?  What assistance I may need to hold these changes, to stand in my truth, or if I need assistance to cope with these changes.  Or what obstacles are keeping me from taking the next giant leap in consciousness? This will be a great guideline to move forward with.  I am using my oil and essences as prescribed. I have felt great, sometimes tired lately so I must be processing this.  I do the proclamations as well.  Again, I can’t say enough about how magnificent this is.  This truly is what magnificence in human form feels like. Lots of love from my open, free heart,


Thank you so much for the healing session and the implant removal! I could feel you working on me, like vibrating

sensations, and when you came to my heart I felt you remove the implant, it actually hurt a little. This one made me really sad, the fact that they put one around my beautiful heart, it made me cry. I will write more about how I’m doing but for now i can tell you that something amazing has happened. The past few months for some reason I started drinking and smoking heavily again (I have been dealing with addiction since I was a teenager but was doing much better).

I felt bugged, sabotaged. Like every time I started to feel really good and very happy this thought would pop up: you want a drink, you want a cigarette. It was maddening. I have done so much internal work and healing these past years and it just did not make sense to me. How was it that I still wanted to poison and hurt myself? Well, now I know. It is GONE. I do not have any cravings and the thoughts don’t pop up anymore. So it truly was a bug in my brain, unbelievable, the bastards (they should get really scared now, because we will love them away . I am so happy, thank you so much. Now I can really move forward. This is absolutely GREAT. I will let you know more about how I am doing soon.

Love and blessings,


To whom it may concern,
It’s my honor to share on this Equinox the immensely helpful and restorative effect of the clearing of archonic implants I received through Alexandra and Pamela, and their network.
The immediate impact of their work caused a general elevating of my mood and mental clarity. Within a day, and thanks to the medicinal regime that accompanied their treatment, I had regained an inner peace and wholeness I had not known since child hood. My inner disposition was not only strong and clear, but gave me a profound sense of openness, a lightness of being, and a link to my higher harmony. I have been able to face many of the recent intensified attacks against me with a new hope and strength because of this work and the eviction of these implants from me.
I strongly recommend this procedure and the loving and attentive care I’ve received from Pamela and Alexandra to all people, especially those who are on the front lines of our light and justice work.
with my blessings,

Very interesting report on the implants Jerry found.
I had a feeling of enhanced well-being and definitely felt more “in my body” than ever before.
Please thank him for me for his valuable work.
I’ll be in touch.
Thanks and love to all of you,

P.S.: You are doing a great job with the website. And, as I mentioned to Alexandra awhile ago, if you have any website maintenance questions please feel free to ask.


Hi again!

Since I had my implants removed I’ve been feeling much calmer and happier.

And it is really strange but before, for no reason, and this might sound crazy, quite often I couldn’t look people in the eye without either appearing very sad or giving them the evil eye (evil eye like in Harry Potter 5 when Harry, at a brief moment gets eye contact with Dumbledore he wants to attack him for no obvious reason. Though eventually he found out that he was possessed by Voldemort).

All that is gone now! With all possibilities and gifts that comes along with that..

Now that I know that what you do is for real, do you have anything else to recommend? I saw this thing called “Soul alignment and DNA activation”. What is that and how do I get it?


Best regards


Hi Alexandra!

I am so grateful for you too! And all the great people that you interview and work with as well and Steve, of course, too. My primary specialty is co-occurring therapy, meaning that I often work with mostly older kids (middle and high school) that have both mental illness and substance use problems. Steve’s story was very touching, inspiring, and I admire him for putting himself out there about the alcohol use. It takes so much courage to do that because of the stigma. I can understand the stigma due to the stigma with mental health and having dealt with severe depression and severe anxiety that even sent me to the ER once! I’ve also had some battles here and there with substance use and understand both psychological and physical aspects of it. I am now a believer that these implants have a role to play in mental illness and substance use. I wish I could prescribe implant removal and essences for all my clients (seriously)!!

I am happy to say that I believe I may no longer be in need of medication since the implant removal. I think I took my anti-depressant 2-3 times since the extraction which I have been on EVERY DAY (at about the highest dose you can safely take) since 2003!!! I haven’t needed my anxiety medication either, suddenly 11 years later!!! It’s amazing. I still get stressed out but it doesn’t interfere with my ability to function like it was. I don’t mean to ramble on about myself, but I want you to know what a difference this has made. I mean, I think I’ve basically been cured of my depression and anxiety that made everything SO MUCH MORE difficult. Before I was medicated, I went through episodes of completely isolating myself and not getting out of bed for weeks at a time, aside from getting up to eat and go to the bathroom. The thoughts of suicide, desire to self-destruct, and awful self-depreciating thoughts…oh man…I can so relate to some of the stuff Steve had said; but, I am so happy he is doing well now.
Now, I have noticed that the therapeutic techniques I have used on myself are much more effective because I am not only confronting the old patterns of irrational and false thoughts, but I can actually put a stop to the dysfunctional cycle QUICKLY and FEEL in my HEART that beating myself up emotionally (or anyone) is not deserved and serves no good or higher purpose. I’ve always known that, but it comes so much more easily now without the intrapsychic war. So, I guess I’m working on getting rid of bad habits now that the war is over. I did approach my boyfriend with the implant removal and I decided to send him a link to one of the videos that you made with Ari Kopel and just asked him to tell me what he thought about it. He basically said that he had never heard anything like it, and I could tell that he was skeptical and curious as to why I asked him to watch it. I told him that I purchased the implant removal and wanted him to do it. His response was basically very easy going and not at all negative! I don’t think that he necessarily believes, but I think he is at least open to the possibility (especially since I have told him about all the changes I have noticed which I think he has also noticed, at least to some degree). His overall attitude was that, if it is important to me, he doesn’t see why not. In his mind, if the process isn’t real, then it won’t make a difference anyways. I think he has a desire to want to believe in something beyond our 3D experience, if that makes sense, but just can’t bring himself to go there. Basically, he is doing it to make me happy I think. And, coincidentally, I am doing this to make him happy as well :)I love your website and have been visiting it frequently by the way.
Thanks so much for the update.
Your friend,

Hi Rev Pam,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your caring and ability, in the healing care of my situation, as outlined in your report.

I won’t take up too much of your time, as it is presumed you are VERY busy. However, I thought you may be interested in a short summary, my end…and…..I will then write a full testimonial after giving some time to elapse….maybe 7-14 days? (And I will take regular notes re observations.)

I never really noticed anything during the removal, as I stayed up/was awake in bed. Even when I woke up in the morning, I had noticed really nothing. But, a bit later, I had a tiny flu type feeling, and also a slight spacy feeling, as you mentioned.

Songs always seem to come to me to deliver a key message, and I never am aware at the time I am singing a song…and then all of a sudden, I become aware consciously. (It could be any song, from any time period, whether current or back to whenever …the 20s …) The song that just came out of nowhere today was “I feel fine” by The Beatles. And, of course, by then, I was actually feeling very chirpy.

I took a country train into the city for lunch, and felt really peaceful, and relaxed in body and mind. A deeper, sort of detached, but HAPPY state.

The couple of people I met for lunch had spiritual outlooks, and wanted to know more about the process. I just felt in the flow, funny quips coming, clear comments made, and …happy….like a beneficial feel good drug.

One guy in particular is terribly analytical/intellectual, and was trying to get definitions and almost “formulae” for how I was faring. And I just could not stop smiling and gently laughing and said in various ways: “Hey …how really do you define happy/content? I just AM. Hehe…I can’t give you the algorithm.”

The afternoon proceeded in a gentle pleasant way, and I noticed spontaneous comments just coming up, in a happy funny way, when talking with others ..(we often go to this really large historic market filled with tourists, in an open outdoor setting, but with acres of roof. We get cheap fresh fruit and veg, and there are also large numbers of storeholders selling clothes, electronics etc etc…with many eateries bordering.) Called the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia…..if you want to look it up.

So…that is where it is now, having come back. Of course, I am hoping this sense of attunement continues, and the audio/testimonials seem to suggest it will.

Now off to my first Himalayan salt bath!

Thankyou Rev Pam (and of course the wonderful Alexandra…and Steve…and Okalani….) for giving me this gift, and also assisting mankind and the planet. I have a distinct feeling your handiwork will ripple out from me, to subtly assist others, by vibration frequency.



Smiles….this ended up a bit longer than intended 🙂

Part 2 * 14 days after Implant removal. Observations.

It will be different for each person. Fortunately, I never really had major debilitating events in my life re drugs/alcohol/body pain/nasty long term relationships around me etc

(Not that I escaped unscathed: I did have some elements of these aspects earlier on, somewhat…but I have done quite a bit of my own practical spiritual journey before…which I suspect led me to Pam and Alexandra.) Financial sabotage, dead ends and blocks have been the main source of depletion over many years.

Thus, my results have been more subtle, but very noticable. And good fun.

I have noticed that without effort, I have felt more attuned, lighthearted, “plugged into myself”, clear thinking, compassionate and understanding and forgiving of others. And much less triggered by another’s opposite viewpoint.

For example, a friend with a VERY strong Christian belief system was keen to hear “what happened.” He listened to my story of 4 implants cleared. I had specifically told him, because he has had serious issues with his heart for a long time, and I intuited that a heart implant could manifest as cardio issues. He quietly said that he felt he had the Lord’s protection, and quoted Ephesians 6:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

When I commented that the process could actually be likened to demons, entities and reigns of darkness doing a control and suppression number on everyone, from the 4th dimension (unseen), he could readily attune to the analogy.

(but stuck to his paradigm….and I was not triggered by his rejection, and he also was very calm and pleasant.)

Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee, and he also wanted to know The Story. (I am sort of careful to qualify people, as to if they really do want to hear the data, so I jokingly say it is quite out there, and a bit of X Files.) But he heard the story wide eyed, and was going home to listen to the audio.

Hey, why wouldn’t you like your friends to have the chance to have this major clearance? And, yet again, I noticed that my interaction with him was way lighter and happier and “loving” than normal…(.same as with a lady I met the day before, who also wanted to do an exchange of similar info. Just breezier….and…sorta making them happy, and it seems to be a loop….actually, with most people I meet now. )

We were walking down the main street of Melbourne city, Australia, and there was a huge political demo….noisy and a bit “rabid.” He made a few comments, and I lightly replied with a smile: ” Hey…they are juz acting out their implants. The reptiles are enjoying a delicious lunch of negative energy. The people are blissfully unaware. Hey…let’s walk down the sidewalk near them, and send over IR vibrational energy.” That’s what I did, and we wended off for a pleasant few hours of some other activities in the city.

Another observation….when key challenges surface, I do not have the same mix of panic/anxiety/fear/doubt. It is more like I am an observer or detached. And I can “know” that my “Highest Self” is the perfect co-ordinator, so just see how things unfold. More a sense of optimism and declaring to “my universe” that I want the best/smoothest/most magical/magnificent /most “optimized”new outcome, as one door closes and a new one opens…so, “Deliver, please!”

So, thus, a stronger inate confidence is the order of the day.(When challenges involve others, I now notice this new pervading attitude tends to lift them up too….but without effort or contrived “positive thinking.”) It really is like a virus checker has been run over my hard disc/programs/operating system, and found corrupted files, and corrected same. So, I just notice the right turn of phrase comes up spontaneously, to match the situation. It was always there, but very often blocked or occluded…it all adds to the sense of fun and good humour and saying the right thing at the right time. Or conveying data crisply to a listener.

Oh…another interesting thing that’s happening to me. I am looping out this “higher” vibration to people, and they seem to like it. It can light us both up, somewhat…..SO….people are spontaneously giving me things. THRUSTING things at me, sometimes.

I love being IN THE FLOW, and some others connected to me have already done IR. I will continue to drop hints about IR with certain people, and see if they have strong interest to find out more (otherwise, pushing it at people who are not ready just feels like an energy depletion exercise.)

Now, with this all being said, I can’t say I am walking on water yet. I tried that, til the water police had to fish me out lol

It is more like I have been upgraded from a 4 cycl car to a 6cycl….more power…smoother…less effort…more enjoyable…ligher less noisy performance.

The changes and new choices have seemed to settle in, permanently….seamlessly. Integrated. Just naturally. Just love it!

Oh…and the financial challenges may well totally disappear, with huge results from something I started 3 years back, and seems to be about ready to bear fruit spectacularly, with plenty of zeroes.Synergy? (And the song lyric that emblazoned into my mind from nowhere, as I just typed this? : “Take my breath away” from Top Gun. )

Wooooooo Hoooooooo.

(Alexandra will love that, as her father was a fighter pilot! My Higher Self “Commander” just knows the exquisite best message to deliver, that is EXACT!)

Massive thankyou and kudos and love to “The Ground Crew”…my feeling is this is one of the best things an “awakening person” can do…for themselves, and rippling out to others.

You just have to get rid of these slippery little suckers, that know exactly what you are doing and thinking. And who feed off the anguish of tripping you up.

I call myself now, with a smile: “An implant free zone.” Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


The night before the removal, I went into a panic of fears and anxiety. I put on you tube a video of Eckart Tolle on fears and anxiety and were able to catch my mind. The next day were the removal, besides chills in my legs, no pain. Pam e- mailed me right after with a list of all she had done on me. The communication from Pam and Alexandra before during and after the whole process is remarkable. The next day when I meditated I could look at the past but was not able to identify with it, It was just a movie to me. Same with the future.  All the voices that was worrying me about the future or the ones that made me feel guilty about the pas were gone. I am now living in the present moment. The essences helped a lot, I had fears coming out for the first 2 days after the removal, Alexandra suggested to take them 4 times a day for 2 days, it worked perfectly. The essences are strong , on the 3 rd day I was unbalanced, not grounded….. My body felt amazing though, light… I have put the mantra : kodoich kodoich kodoich. Adonai stebayoth every where in my home, car and burn lots of sage every day, this is a must. What a gift this is, I am so grateful for these two ladies and the divine alignment that brought me to the removal. To all the heavens including my soul, thank you.JNM Voila, I hope this will work. Thank you. Talk to you soon about the pupps.

Love and light.


Alexandra – I’m an IT professional who has been on my spiritual adventure for many years. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many practitioners, with varying degrees of results. I was guided to  have  the Implant Removal Process done, and the amount of personal garbage that I was able blow through was amazing! So I decided to try your custom formulas for me and my gifted 7 year old. I wanted to let you know the instant you started my personal consultation detailing what your formulas were targeting I could feel the alchemical essence begin to take effect, and I hadn’t even received them yet. Then once I began physically using your essential oils and essences I became aware that I was experiencing a “permanence” of energetic healing in all subtle and physical bodies.  Its potency and efficacy was felt after the first day. I can’t say this enough…Thank you!  Thank You! Thank you!

Love and Light

P.S. I’m looking forward updating you on the transformative results my daughter has too!


Dear Alexandra and Pam, Jeff here. Just sent over the PayPal for the removal process. I am very excited and, Oh am I ready. When Cobra posted about the three implants we all have behind the eyes and the navel, I immediately started to work on clearing those. It took quite a bit of work, and I’m not even certain those were gone, as I was told they were. I found there were four others in me as well and again worked quite a bit on those. I pulled in lots of help from the Pleadians, my higher self, and even asked Pam’s higher self to come in and advise me on the process. I don’t know what Pam’s voice sounds like, but these are the words I heard and wrote down as I worked: “Send your awareness to the implants, but not so deeply that they become aware of you. Encircled them in a room of oneness. Then unplug their anchors one by one. Again, encircle them with oneness and send a pulse or burst of light into their core to collapse them. Now pull on them until they can’t resist, then let them flow. This will move them to a better spot so they can be accessed easier. Now access them as oneness would see them, as beings. Create space of potentiality so that they can be released through this. Then lots and lots of energetic pulling and tugging and pulling. I felt a huge burst of release after an hour and a half and was told they were “Gone”…. I checked in later and found that I was getting one of those false positive answers, wishy-washy and not feeling quite “right”. So sure enough they were actually all still there. Very disappointing. And the fact that they were hijacking my information flow just plain pissed me off. That’s when I made the commitment inside to ask for help and have them removed. I rarely ask for help and always try to do everything within myself. It certainly has made me self empowered. But asking for help is a beautiful practice. This time they are just too tenacious it seems. Two nights ago I tried one more time, while driving home at night after a long day. I sent my awareness behind the implants and created fields of oneness while shifting dimensions and reaching back timelines, pulling in multi frequencies and basically threw the kitchen sink at them. Still didn’t work. I think I got on their radar doing this work because the next morning I had a pretty horrendous attack. The first time I was conscious of an attack.  What I discovered later was that I had been sloppy about doing the dimensional work and had opened a worm hole where I was working in my heart area. This allowed the archons to come into my space and suck my energy. And they think texting is dangerous when you drive! I woke up to a slight headache that became really bad, felt dizzy and nauseous, and threw up, all within an hour. My whole Field was just clouded over and I could see there were four Archonic buggers sucking the life out of me. My organs and systems usually average 9 to 10, but we’re down to 4 and 5 all of a sudden. Eventually, I managed to pull together enough focus to start sending light into my field and physical body, then enlisted the help of my wife to send the reconnection energy as well. It felt so intense I wanted to jump out of my skin. But after about 30 minutes they were cleared and all the residue and poop was cleared as well.  I slept and recovered the rest of the day. Feeling great today. I resolved the worm hole. But a couple hours ago there was another incursion this time coming in through an opening in my field. They were going for my digestion. Caught them early and sent them home. I hope this doesn’t keep up! I have a feeling my digestion issue of 25 years will be shifting in the days following the removals. And it is my desire that my sense of empowerment and sovereignty will blossom!


My implant removal was on December 29th 2013, and there was no better way to start a new year! But came with it a big battle that was nothing like I would expect. I recently awaken only a 1 year ago.  My awakening starting with searching for different subjects on YouTube. I always had intuition and felt spirits but nothing major. One day at work while searching for something to listen to, I stumble upon the radio interview from Ari, Shattering the Matrix, the segments about the Alien implants removal.   I thought that it was completely crazy and listen to it just for fun. To my disbelief I connected, related to the provided information.  I thought that I was just insane!  It just resonated with me.  I listen to my instinct and went on with the process.

WOW!  The veil is now lifted.  But it has been a real hard battle. The dark forces didn’t want to let it go.  Thankfully with the help of Alexandra and her emails and the protocol on how to protect ourselves, I was able to get through the battle. I am humbly very ordinary, married, mother of two.  Imagine, it took me three months to admit to my husband what I went through.  We talked for two hours and to my surprise, he was understanding. You know what I mean? The battle and the resistance was quite something to overcome.  The moment of victory for me was when I was playing with my son, thinking of Alexandra’s word of encouragement, thinking of the light and listening my son laughing.  I suddenly heard a big growl of irritation at my right ear where I had the implant.  I thought that it was my dog but no, she was far away from us.  I realized then that it was the dark forces losing their battle and getting angry with me.
Since the removal, I am doing better at work, I can focused in my meditation, I joined some meet up’s, meeting great people, I experienced amazing group meditation in healing Mother Hearth, I can now understand better the readings materials, I no longer want to get divorce, I am in love again with my husband and my kids are no longer a burden but a joy. My house is full of laugh and love, my depression is gone and my energy is back. Now, my foremost desire is to fight the dark forces and make the world a better place. I can wait to make a better contribution and awaken to my full potential.  It is so hard to be patient! I sign up my daughter today for the removal and I believe that she is here for a purpose.
Sincerely Love and Blessings Alexandra, Steve, Pam and Ari
Joie de vivre

Alexandra – oh yes..it was the healing essences that cleared the way after Pam’s initial work..incredible..feeling calmer..and not so spaced keeping mindful and loving to myself..still lots of rest..gratitude flows..that’s some alchemy..indeed powerful..and my dream travel time also helps out w the rest. And as usual I get teachings and more healing through the night. Take care..all is well; and i did know (when I agreed to this) it would be a huge journey into my deepest core/soul..all the best to you & Pam  EmojiEmojixo


Hi Alexandra,

How are you doing? After the implant it feels like I have taken ten steps forward. Any setbacks are minor. I can recover easily from them. It isn’t like before where I would think I need to put in a whole bunch of more work to get up again. I want a custom blend again. I am very close to being in the NOW most of the times. Looking back to the past nine months I have gained the ability to detach and not identify with my mind almost effortlessly at times. The mind still has moments where it runs wild, but it doesn’t run the show like it use to. I’d love to master the mind once and for all and I’m so close. This is the priority. The other thing is integrating the mastery of mind with an open heart. When I have control over the mind, I am closing my heart. When I open my heart it leaves an open door for the mind to hijack and run wild again. So I know integration of the two I need to achieve. Do you have a blend for this? I know for the implant session you consulted with my higher self for a custom blend. Can you check if what my higher self thinks is best aligns with what I describe above? If there are more things I need would you be able to do another custom blend for me? Blessings and <3


Hi Alexandra, My seven year old daughter had the Implant removal process done 5 days ago and the results have been remarkable.  She is a gifted crystal/rainbow child and has had night terrors since she was a year old.  It has been a source of worry for me because she internalizes a lot of those fears and it creates an enormous amount of  anxiety for her, to the point where she gets overwhelmed with emotions.  For the first time since the removal was done by Rev Pam she’s been waking up rested, happy and gives me a report of the good dreams she’s had.  This is HUGE for us.  She loves taking your essences and does so without me having to remind her to do it, She says “they feel good” Ahahahahahaha.  I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation my little angel goes through over the next few weeks.   I will send you and update on her next stage of transmutation.

All my love to you, Pam and Steve for providing this service.


The session started with me lying on my bed. I felt a bit anxious and so I went into my normal process for protection with visualization, shielding, prayer and meditation. I am God, I am sovereign and I am Free is my knowing. I called out to the Guardian Races for protection. It was 8:05 am on my bedroom clock! I felt energy/ intelligence enter into my space. I then felt my nephew Jason, who passed away in 2008 enter into the room (I have psychic and mediumship abilities). I could feel he was watching over me, he was clearly there to protect me. I had a sense that he knew how important this was for me. The energy in my room changed to a golden light and was also familiar to me. I started to relax, breath and felt the energy immediately go to my solar plexus. Once the energy contact was established I felt my solar plexus chakra open & spin. While spinning I had the most intense nausea and chills. I knew the energy/intelligence Pam was working with had great awareness and so my higher self linked up with the energy that was now surging in my body and I knew I could communicate and help direct the flow. I knew this energy and began a dialogue with it and understood that I could ask for my nausea to cease. The nausea ended almost immediately!  I remember feeling so clean and clear and noted to myself that I had never felt that way before. This feeling or knowing allowed me to relax and trust even more and go deeper into my session. From this point forward I felt the energy move to all the areas of my physical body where I had blockages. Once again I knew to accept the healing being offered, for my physical body and all other subtle energy bodies in all time lines and dimensions. I also knew that I could ask for additional healing! I requested that my neuro-endocrine system to be re-aligned. I asked for my ovaries, uterus and the cysts to be re-aligned. I had a great deal of dental work done and the energy intelligently knew to move there through telepathic communication. I also requested that my eye sight be re-aligned and much more! The most notable blockage was my neck. When I was 7 years of age my tonsils were removed and almost 30 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid.  Surgery and radiation were tools offered and because I did not know better at that time I submitted to allopathic medicine. Throughout the years I have taken many hits to my physical body and I do know that these were attempts to take me out! I am strong and have always had a sense about who I was outside of the 3D matrix. But the blows to my energy field and then manifesting to the physical could take me down for months at a time early in my awakening process. I first felt the front of my neck from chin to base open wide and could feel this intelligence/energy move within and through the many subtle energies and layers of disorganized space. The energy was not surface it was deep into the physical body expanding back in time and out towards infinity. I am god, I am sovereign and I am free I would repeat over and over while calling to the Guardians. The energy then moved to the base of the back of my neck and I had the awareness of something vile and dark was being removed. I felt guided to place my hands at the base of my neck with pinkies and thumbs together forming a triangle. I was also guided to apply pressure to the tender points at the base of my neck to start the spin of the chakra. I could feel the anger of this implant as it was exposed. It was raging at me…and I realized where the hidden anger within me came from. I would not consider myself angry by any means…but I could feel how this implant would condition and limit me for certain responses. From there I believe we went to my third eye implant. I felt the opening and clearing of this area and would come in and out of conscious coordination with this energy/intelligence. I was flooded with the most amazing purple light a purifier for sure. I am god, I am sovereign and I am free, I claimed this time with greater authority. My heart implant was really intense as the energy/intelligence became even more refined and strategic for removal. In dialogue again with the energy/intelligence I knew to arch my back and stick my chest out and arms open wide to shoulder height. I was also working to open my own chakra by pushing out as the energy was beginning to flow. From this point I went into a void or space and that amazing purple energy was surrounding me again. It seemed like there were many dimensions to this implant and again we expanded back in 3D time and out to infinity. As I moved through this awareness I was given the opportunity to unlock the deep sorrow and emotional pain that I have carried throughout lifetimes. The tears came flooding forward and I remember calling out to God to remove this dark, deep and angry pain once and for all. I am grateful, I called out loud! Once the tears stopped I felt that I had somehow went full circle into the now as the implant was removed. The relief and deep healing exchange was highly emotional. I remember feeling the deepest gratitude for God or Source, Jason, Pam, Alexandra and all the Guardian light beings there to support my session. I stated how grateful I was for this tremendous process and release of negativity. I also claimed with even greater authority I am god, I am sovereign, I am free now and now through all eternity! My spine implant was not as difficult for me as the others…but had great discomfort and pain after the session ended. The extraction process for all the implants was highly efficient. I also noted how thorough and complete this session felt…unlike any other. Believe me I have been working on myself for almost 35 years and have not experienced anything as cleansing and aligned! At some point as the energy was flowing I knew to call upon the old negative contracts to be eliminated on all time lines and dimensions, as well as utilizing the amazing energy/intelligence to clean up any portals or openings in my home. It was at this point that I felt like there was no time and that all was happening simultaneously. At that moment there was complete communication taking place in no-time. I knew and understood that this would be taken care of by God or Source, Pam and the energy/intelligence working through her. After the intensity of the implant removals where complete my conscious participation with the process became less. It was at that time I went into a very deep sleep. Before I went to sleep I felt the energy intensity change….high vibrational frequency to a more calming and enveloping frequency dynamic. I remember saying to myself before I drifted off to sleep (9:10 am) thank you God/Source! I am so very grateful for my life! I woke up…bing!!!!!…10:15 am…and went to my computer and there was a response from Pam. Just as I experienced back of neck, third eye, heart and lower back implants were removed. I also looked at the list of additional items taken care of…and Pam indicated that she had taken care of old negative contracts, and closed negative portals in my home. What a tremendous confirmation for me! Since the process I have noticed so many positive changes in myself. First I feel very free and very calm…not monitored all the time. My thoughts are clear and much of the noise in my head is all but gone. The looping of thoughts have been eliminated and my nervous system is calm. I feel an overwhelming sense of self love and stronger/clearer connection to source. When interference patterns come I can simply acknowledge the attempt, bless them and move to a neutral place of observation. I am open to all possibilities in my life and I am excited to see what the future holds.  I have been and will remain committed with my entire being to help liberate planet earth. I feel that I waited my entire life to be able to receive this gift. And what a gift it is!

Thank You All For Your Hard Work & Dedication With Great Appreciation & Love Terri


I had been feeling in need of help and healing for some time after a period of what I felt to be literal psychic attacks from dark forces within and without.  I scheduled a healing ceremony with a well known spiritual healer and herbalist,  and at the exact time of the healing ceremony,  held in the United States, I was in the Middle East, many thousands of miles away.  Yet most palpably I could feel the build-up of subtle energies at the exact time and immediately prior to the healing ceremony being initiated!   I was sitting, wide awake I might add, on my bed, and my body started going into involuntary paroxysms and jerking movements as this strong energy coursed through my body to remove the psycho–physical blocks and debris within.  My head and neck and back in particular were subjected to an intense pressure and tightening contracting effect and I started making inarticulate rasping and hissing sounds as my lower jaw began moving up and down spontaneously in a  kind of gnashing of teeth! Then, suddenly, there was a kind of virulent expulsion of energy through the throat as I coughed forcefully a few times as if ‘vomiting’ out a nasty foreign substance or toxic energy.  My body felt immense relief and started to relax after the ‘vomiting’.  I kept on repeating out loud the prayer, as in a  kind of self-exorcism: “whatever you are in the name of Christ, leave me now and forever”.  My head was as it were yanked from side to side for several minutes.  I had the feeling of a kind of dirty black liquid being drained from my spinal column and an image flashed into my mind of a  big black monkey that had been sitting on top of my head, its hands clasped over my eyes, its feet entwined around my neck, being pulled off me at last.  After about half an hour I felt calm with just a sense of profound relief as if a huge weight and burden had been lifted from me, that something had been feeding me (and feeding off me!) dark, depressive, self-sabotaging thoughts my whole life to madden and destabilize me and prevent me from coming into the fullness of who I really Am. . For a few hours and most of the next day I felt very spaced out – I literally don’t know how I managed to get through the next day at work!  And my neck and upper back were sore.  I had been provided with herbal essences that helped to ground and calm me and in the following days I felt restored and refreshed, though a bit raw and vulnerable. So what ongoing results do I perceive from this healing process, undertaken about a month ago now?  First of all, I feel calmer and more at peace with myself, with others, with God, with existence, on a consistent basis, far less prone to periodic bouts of depression, melancholia, debilitating misery.  I am left feeling for the most part but the ghosts, the echoes, the habitual vestiges of this programming, which I think subconsciously hijacked me at various times, telling me as if in a hypnotic, repetitive internal voice that life was hopeless, I was trapped  in a prison in an evil wasteland world,  guilty and condemned to serve out my ‘sentence’ with almost no hope of change, enlightenment, liberation etc. .  I was to grimly just ‘survive’ passing through endless ‘karmic’ ordeals, tests and tribulations, with a few a odd tidbit highly transient pleasures thrown in just enough to sweeten the rather bitter fruit and keep my shoulder to the wheel till my time was up!  I am now definitely, though still tired and frustrated at times, generally happier and more positive in my daily life. Furthermore, I find myself more patient and tolerant of other people though I feel impelled still to avoid very negative folk when I can.  I feel sharper and more discriminating, as if some gunge were removed from my nose so I can more easily ‘smell a rat’, a lot more independent and self-empowered; not always frantically seeking for some Master, or ‘channel’, or guru etc. to tell me what’s what.  I have more confidence in my own beliefs, intuitions, understandings, even if people around me disagree with or scorn me.   I feel spiritually and even physically ‘safer’ – the relentless attacks from dark forces and deceptive spirits posing as ‘angels’ and ‘guides’ etc. seem to have abated, such as the barrage of fraudulent emails and phone calls.  I sense my consciousness is already residing for the most part in 5th density, almost effortlessly; that 3rd density thoughts and physical involvements, work,  and ‘chop wood, carry water’ are quite peripheral to the sense of who I Am.  Though I mostly manage to function quite well much of the time.  And this I absolutely know, and don’t just believe, I live in the world but am not of it, that first and foremost I am Spirit and a Son of the Most High, Adonai, a ray of the Christos Sun, Om Amen forever and forever; though cloaked and costumed still in this physical persona and body. Looking back over the past year – oh the joy of hindsight! – and many people have commented that 2013 was a very difficult year, like going through a dark tunnel or inextricable labyrinth of potholes beneath  a fathomless cave!  – I see now I was dazed and confused, impatient to ‘ascend’, hyped up with all the apocalyptic fervour and cacophonous verbiage of ‘2012’ etc.  But the bottom line is I simply was not ready, I was trying to force the pace, Prospero-like with futile presumptive magic, compel things to my will prematurely, and with what proved to be near catastrophic effects.  Neither it seems were most individuals ready, for the humanities are still embroiled in a life and death struggle with worn out collapsing systems and the failing paradigms of materialism, nationalism, scientism, religious fundamentalism, extreme capitalism etc. . alongside the old old shadows of deceit, brutality and corruption in high places.  And all the above almost unprecendentedly wrapped in a Pandora’s Box of ecological crisis, climate change, and the imminent breakdown of planetary systems!  All now hangs in the balance and this spring particularly there seems to be an eerie calm before an even greater storm.  Yet my faith has been strengthened, as if resurrected from the land of the dead, as in  D. H. Lawrence’s great poem,  The song of the Man Who Has Come Through;  and I know not when or how but that somehow it will happen: my soul and the soul (the risen Sophia) of Mother Gaia will shift gear and move on to the next turn of the evolutionary spiral.  And we shall not be defeated, nor blocked from activating our higher multi dimensional potentials, by ‘implants’ and entities that feast upon and ferment our worst fears and lowest egoic tendencies – a cycle ultimately more auspicious, truly conscious, holistic, compassionate and unitary.   I am so grateful to God, to Mother Earth and my healers for this opportunity.


Thank you Pam, Alexandra and all beloveds involved in my healing.

I’ve noticed a major mental and spiritual shift, and feel as though I’m finally stepping in to my original life destiny.
Thank you so much for offering your wonderful service. I’m also loving the essences, they feel very nurturing!
Much love,

What a process, this extraction thing!!  WOW!!  As I related to Rev. Pam,  “I truthfully fell in love with myself for the first time EVER!!  Oh, there have been times when ‘I liked myself’, but now I ‘really like myself’.  Not like the original high I had immediately following the extraction process, but a continuing certainty of affinity for myself.  As a result I have noticed an increased ability to communicate with others, and others are more willing to originate communication to me.  I certainly feel less ‘the only one’.  And  those bulging disks on my spine (an implant had been there), and that was somehow connected to my heart (another implant extracted),  well, the oil has been lessening the pain, and the healing process is accelerating.  Pam opened that third eye for me.  Now not only can I see better (with eyes and otherwise),  but I have  more certainty of my hunches and intuitions, and I can maintain an intention with less effort, not allowing myself to be dispersed from purpose. Now about the essence….wow, what a detox that kicked in, and just from those first four drops!  But the initial discomfort has moved off, so the detox is more bearable now. I am more aware of my present environment.  Just while writing this have had two different Archontic intrusion attempts, both very covertly and cleverly implemented.  As I write this my elan vital is up, and so the feeling of excitement is approximated.  Well, as I have been writing, this energy feeling comes in at the base of my spine and moves upwards.  And I was perceiving something strange about this, and in so doing I got the idea that the energy was not mine, but Archontic, so I had the entities/energies removed.  Boy! what a parasitic lot!. I am one of the 144 Thousand.  With my dowsing protocols I have confirmed this. ( I am a member of the Houston Dowsing Assn.) However, prior to reading your website and going through the extraction process, I did not have this certainty.  Ah, yes!,  just now I come to realize that my certainty level has risen!!   Now,  two days ago I have this idea that others close to me may be of the 144 Thousand.  We seem to attract one another, for as I look closer at my immediate associates and relatives, I feel that this is so.  So,  in order to bring their awareness up regarding this,  I wish to expose these individuals with some information, but not that coming from the Bible.  Perhaps you could direct me to some 144 Thousand information? I so very much thank you and Pam for working so diligently and with such affinity in bringing the extraction process and these oils and essences to myself and others.  It is likening to opening the door into infinity.

I so love you.


Alexandra and Pam, Thank you so much for your support before during and after the IPR. It was a challenging time for me and without your assistance it would have been much harder. The days leading up to my removal date with Pam were filled with anxiety and doubt. I re-listened to the radio recordings, did the meditations and surrounded myself with the violet flame. Pam suggested I begin taking the drops the evening prior to the removal. I didn’t really sleep that night. Nothing seemed to calm me. I desperately wanted to be awake when the implants were removed. It was not to be. I fell asleep just prior to the allocated time Pam would begin which was early  morning my time. I “knew” the instant she was done. I woke up and was surprised that I had finally slept. I knew to wait for awhile for Pam’s email so I closed my eyes and immediately opened them again because I saw codes being downloaded in my minds eye. Never could I have imagined that or predicted it. I closed my eyes again and decided to watch what was happening. The codes  streamed by very  quickly and there were flashes of coloured lights that accompanied them. It was quite the sight. Not at all scary. Do I know what they mean? No. No insight into that has come to me yet. I do know it was real and I trust the process that something shifted. The balance of that day was difficult. The fogginess and feelings of being out of my body were intense. As were the feelings of grief. I couldn’t attached those feelings to anything specific. I was floundering. While that was happening I noticed how clear colours and sounds had become. I could see details in things that I hadn’t noticed until that day. Sounds were amplified but not necessarily loud. The sounds were like sitting next to an orchestra where you could pick out every instrument. The colours and sounds continue to this day some 3 weeks later. That is such an amazing gift! For two weeks I felt adrift and like the fog and anxiety would never lift. Then very slowly it did. One day I would feel clear and the next back in the fog but eventually it lifted for good. I don’t know what it all means but there is no doubt a change has taken place. Of course, I wish the changes were more noticeable and I had more sense of what my purpose is in all of this. I do believe that will be revealed to me in time. If anyone wondering if they should proceed with the IPR I would say to listen to your own instinct. I knew it was right for me. Every cell in me wanted it to be completed. You will know if and when it’s right for you. I have chosen to go ahead with the next phase of the soul/dna activation and I think this time I will be better equipped to handle the changes.    Hugs


Hi Alexandra,

It hasn’t been long since I had my implant removal done (December, 2013), but I have already been feeling the amazing effects. I feel more relaxed and easy-going, more lucid, and absolutely fearless. A few hours after my session, I went Christmas caroling with my husband, Bud, and noticed one woman staring at the space above my head as we sang. I realized later that she must have seen the light in and around me since I am now fully connected to my Higher Self. Talk about letting your light shine! Even my husband can sense the difference in me. He’s always been pretty skeptical when it comes to all things metaphysical, but now he wants to have his implants out, too. That in itself is a miracle! I’ve also noticed that things are manifesting for me more easily and quicker than ever before. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try to get a story I wrote over thirty years ago made into an animated movie. Within one week, I had two people approach me out of the blue to help me connect with the right people who can get the project done. Without the implants removed, I know I’d be facing a lot of agony and struggle. It’s like the obstacles have been removed and the green lights are flashing. I can’t wait to see how life will improve for my husband when he gets his out! I am so grateful to you and Pam for helping to free us from the matrix so that we can become our true sovereign and divine selves.


Jennifer Martin

Author of The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins

Dear Alexandra & Pam, As promised, herewith my testimonial for my Archontic Implant Removal, which Pam performed 12:00 GMT, 3 weeks ago yesterday. After listening to Parts 1 and 2 of the now 4 part series of calls, http://galacticconnection.com/archontic-implant-removal-series-part… , I was still a bit hesitant and did actually share the links with a few friends for a second opinion; they were blasé about listening to the calls and as their response was not forthcoming after a week or so, I realized I had to make my own decision so I made the booking. Of course, I’ve since realized that the “A-Team” will stop at nothing to deter us from going through this process; it is alarming but it seems that many lightworkers are under the spell that they won’t even consider the possibility that they themselves might have implants – my lightworker friends take one of 3 lines: – they had theirs removed years ago, “you can remove them yourself” or they literally do not hear me saying I’ve had mine removed. I believe that somebody who is implant-free is going to be well-grounded and very clear in their actions and thinking; although they will have life-challenges (who doesn’t?), they will be balanced in their soul and will act effectively in every area. Challenges will be dealt with effectively and so any chronic challenges or conditions in any area of life indicate the presence of implants; there seems to be a huge amount of denial in the lightworker community but we know who’s responsible and anyway, in the universe of freewill, that’s their affair, not mine, so… on with my story… I booked my appointment on 5th December, 2013, a month before my process. During this period, I was up and down; Christmas plans just wouldn’t come together and in the end, although we made the best of them, they went awry. My work didn’t go profitably. Over the New Year period, I found myself deeply lonely and quite depressed. When I saw that my turn was due, it was a huge relief… although on the day itself, I had an attack of “stage fright” and started to panic that I might not have any implants and/or it might all be a con! Needless to say, the A-Team were still doing their best to screw up the process! But I turned off the phones, told the family I could not be disturbed, made sure my cats had oodles of food and settled down in bed. And then suddenly, absolutely nothing happened… or so it seemed at first. After a while, I drifted off into a very relaxed spacey state for about an hour. When I came to, there were some splodges of dark cloud drifting across an otherwise uniform silvery-grey sky. I wondered how I would know when Pam had finished and immediately sensed that as soon as those splodges had cleared, she would be done. So I chilled out again and came round a short while later and sure enough the sky was uniformly silvery-grey. Simultaneously, my black cat (every good witch should have one! J), who had been fast asleep curled up on the pillow beside me, started to stir and got very restless. So I knew Pam was done and got up to wait for my email… Which came within a half hour and to my great relief, I had had 3 implants; third eye, spine and heart. Being an analytical person, I immediately started to review my life and could see exactly how these implants had impeded me over the years. I did not experience any pain during the process itself but for the next 48 hours or so, my legs ached like crazy, as they do when you have a high fever. I had some backache and just felt whacked out… I had made no plans so for the rest of the weekend, I only did what I absolutely had to and stayed in bed as much as possible. That evening, I remember feeling elated – I was gesticulating with joy and victory and telling “them” that they couldn’t get to me anymore and so not to waste their time and energy! I was on my way and about to take off and fly higher than ever before! But… over the following few days, this feeling decreased and I started to long for my support pack to arrive; I knew it was on its way but because I live in England, I had to allow extra time for it to cross the pond, even though I had paid for expedited delivery. (I mention this because with hindsight, I endorse Alexandra’s suggestion that you wait for your pack before having your implants removed.) My pack arrived on Tuesday, 3 days after my process and I fell on it like a hungry wolf! Generally I follow the routine given but from time to time, I have found an extra dose either necessary, comforting or a relief; more often than not, all three of these. I found that the oil roller bottle tickled my feet too much so have developed the habit of rolling the oils onto the inside of my wrist (pulse point) and then massaging my foot with my wrist. During the 3 week period, I have had sudden waves of extreme tiredness washing over me and am grateful for the caution that this could happen; when it does, I give in and take a rest. Conversely, I have had a few nights of insomniac attacks. It’s important I think to be aware that this is a “process” which takes time… you have to go with the flow. At least that’s my experience but after the initial achey/fluey symptoms, I think this is the only downside in my experience and over the last three weeks, my sleep quality is generally improving and the attacks of insomnia are less and less frequent. On the plus side, (again it didn’t happen overnight), I have observed a growing sense of clarity about all things but especially in relationships, financial matters and answers to any questions. In addition, I have become more conscious of, and therefore proactive in, loving myself. Life is becoming more and more fluent. I have found in relationships, it is becoming crystal clear which I should maintain and which I should allow to fade… I am recognizing the parasitical ones, which have been draining my energy. Important relationships, e.g. with my grownup children are becoming better and at the same time, boundaries within those are clarifying. As a single mother of 3, I have spent the last 20 years or so almost married to them and relying on them when I should have been relying on myself and/or a partner. Now I am at peace with letting them go to build their own lives, which is what I always wanted intellectually but couldn’t break the emotional ties. “Give ‘em roots and give ‘em wings”. Roots were well established but I couldn’t help myself from unconsciously clipping their wings. So many cute things have happened where money is concerned, I can’t list them all but for example, I had a dispute with my motor insurers and they want me to pay a large additional premium. I was browsing youtube and completely by chance came across a video that gave me a very precise legal answer to the issue. I was blown away by this one! Now if I seek an answer from the universe, it comes very quickly and clearly… I’ve been a smoker since the age of 13 or so and as an ex-pat child, enjoy a glass of wine… or two! I can’t say I’m clean yet but I am feeling inspired to clean up my act and starting to think how to go about it. I have also started walking to the shops 2-4 times a week, rather than taking the car. So there is definitely a growing urge within me to shape up! I have never had a weight problem but could be healthier with more energy. For years, I have wondered what my soul mission is – it’s still not clear but I have felt more inspired to reclaim and establish my sovereignty, which I see as having a double benefit: – on one hand, I get the benefits of being a sovereign individual, e.g. not paying through the nose to be a slave in the matrix and on the other, as I work to achieve this, I am removing a few bricks from the matrix walls, thus expediting their collapse. These activities used to make me very nervous but now I am feeling emboldened and have resolved to spend an hour or so a day researching and taking action. I used to make resolutions like this and they’d last about 2 days but since IRP, I’m finding that I can easily stick to them. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I used to have a permanent tight anxiety knot in my solar plexus area; for the most part I’m free of it unless something stresses me. When it does, I take another dose of essence and oils and consciously take action of some sort to relax. When I feel better, I feel fortified to take action on the issue that caused the stress and it never hangs about now. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE, ENORMOUS, HEART-FELT, LOVE-FILLED THANK YOU to Alexandra, Pam, Steven and Ari, each of whom has played such an amazing part in educating us on this process and making it available to us. The changes I am noticing are soooooo profound, I could write a whole book about it and I’m only 3 weeks down the line! I’ve tried to keep this brief and to the point but see I’m already up to 1700+ words; for those of you still waiting, I can assure you, your life will never be the same again; you will take a quantum leap forward and upward. And to all my fellow “IRP-ers” and “Removees”, I am so looking forward to meeting you, all 143,999 of you! Just can’t wait for that party! It’s going to be like no other! Until we meet, BIG HUGS and LOVE to ALL!


My experience with Alexandra and Pam’s Etheric Implant Removal Service First off, if you have any questions about the procedure I highly recommend contacting Alexandra through her Galactic Connection website, http://galacticconnection.com/contact-us/ as she is absolutely helpful and will answer your questions to best of her abilities. Oftentimes the ego will need to be reassured so having questions answered will help reassure that part of you. I also want to note that my experience may be unique to me and your experience may not be like mine or completely similar to what yours may, will or could be. I first heard of this service through Ari’s show on YouTube Shattering the Matrix and I was instantly drawn to it. While I’ve always done my best to listen to my intuition, this time it was very loud and clear that I should get this procedure but I needed to investigate first to reassure my ego that I would be okay and that I would not be wasting my money. This lead me to contact Alexandra, she was very helpful and answered all my questions to the best of her abilities. When part two of Alexandra’s interview on Shattering the Matrix went on YouTube, about 15 to 30 minutes in I said to myself, “screw it” and paid for the service. I soon got an email from Alexandra and it said that Pam would email me to schedule a date and time for the procedure to take place. About a week after that email, got an email from Pam and after a brief few email exchanges, we decided on date and time. I decided to have this done on a weekend and while I was asleep so I could have a bit of time to recover and also I could be unaware of procedure happening in case it was painful. During the time up to procedure I was getting a lot more resistance than usual from archonic/reptilian forces. I was suffering from more insomnia, nightmares, and confusion just to name a few. Really weird stuff kept also happening with the phone lines and my cell phone. I also would keep feeling the presence of the archonic forces around me, most likely in their parasitic astral bodies. They really obviously did not want me to have this procedure but that only made me more eager and excited. During the night of the procedure, I was getting ready to go to bed trying to the best of my abilities to ensure that I would be asleep during the procedure. I even did an exhausting workout to drain my physical energy enough to make sure I would be conked-out. Sure enough, I received a random burst of energy and had a song stuck in my head, which was preventing me from sleeping. After fighting off this bout of insomnia, I was finally able to get some sleep; however, I was woken up by the same music that was stuck in my head and massive amount of pain that was rather especially concentrated in my head. That’s when I called and asked Metatron for help, I immediately got a response. I immediately felt relaxed as a rush of comforting energy and I just knew that I had to relax as I felt her working. I instantly knew when the brain implant was removed because the song that was playing loudly in my head was suddenly gone and all I was left with was just silence and a sense of serenity. I then slept on and off through the rest of the procedure. Around the very end of the procedure, I just couldn’t lay still anymore so I decided to sit in my comfy chair near my computer. Around 7am, I got an email from Pam detailing what was found in me and what was done, such as where the implants were found, what Light Beings came forward at the time, what attachments, toxins, energies and implants were removed and any additional healing required. For about the next two to three weeks following the procedure, I was feeling slight pain and weird tingly sensations from the areas of where the implants were removed; however, taking the oils and essence greatly helped reduced my discomfort. At the same time my natural abilities such as my empathic-ism, mind-speak (mind communication) and aura reading began to greatly increase.  Also after the procedure, I started having a much easier time commanding entities that I did not want near me to leave me alone. In addition, I started to be able to clear my mind at will. Finally a gastrointestinal problem I suffer from became almost nonexistent. As of now in which I am writing this, I do get psychic attacks from archonic forces every now and then but I am able to detect and deflect these attempts much easier to the point where it is more annoying than debilitating. On the positive side, my connection to source, ascended masters, angels, arch angels and true light forces has become immensely strong and powerful to the point where I am able to sense when they are around me and sort of have a dialog with them. In conclusion I highly recommend undergoing this procedure, especially if you feel a calling to do it. You will have your ups and downs before, during and after but the benefits greatly outweigh any negativity any person might face.


Dear Alexandra and Pam!

Now it’s my time to write my testimonial to let the others, all dear human beings, to understand the benefits of IRP, to help them let go of all their hesitations about IRP, and encourage them to make a life changing decision to unplug themselves from the manipulating ruling system that we call The Matrix, to free themselves from all dark-side energies or entities and to claim their sovereignty. Very Important Note for those who read my testimonial: I don’t try to sell anything; I don’t try to make IRP more colorful that it is in its own unique meaning. It is MY story and I am telling you the TRUTH. To better understand my IRP experience and its profound meaning for me, I am going to shortly describe the “condition” of who and where I was before that procedure. A year ago I was the happiest person you could imagine: I launched my own business; I traveled a lot; I was fulfilled with many creative ideas how to help humanity, I lived with harmony and joy within. I could never imagine that my whole happy world would turn upside down in one split second in the moment when I was severely psychically attacked during my flight to Hawaii in the end of 2012. It was unpredictable, not expected, an unreasonable wild attack by the forces of Dark. They shut me down forcefully and painfully. All my life I was a very healthy person in all its meanings: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I have never been seriously sick. From that day of attack till the IRP (almost one year) I experienced almost every day, from two to three mild attacks of unexplainable wild fear, which turned every time into the physical sensation of chills up my spine and made me feel like I was slowly dying from the unbearable physical pain in my heart. I felt tremendously exhausted all the time; a low grade fever was my permanent partner. I was slowly losing control of my life, my business and myself. Sometimes I thought I was going crazy, because the suicidal thoughts started to run through my head… I felt miserable, lonely and lost. I could not recognize myself; it wasn’t me who I always knew. The most interesting thing was that I could not share my experiences of fear and the feeling of losing myself with no one. Nobody would understand me; plus I didn’t want to scare my husband and son by telling them I was losing my mind. I was always able (as MD) to differentiate the condition of any kind of sickness from a foreign intrusion into a human body. Now, a year later, I can say that besides the psychic attack I was possessed by sinister forces. They used my body, energy, and completely controlled my life… When I heard about the implant removal process from Ari Kopel’s interview with Alexandra, I unwaveringly knew that it was a message for me. At that moment I didn’t have any doubts; deeply within I knew it’s the path I have to follow. The process of actual extraction was slightly noticeable: I felt a moving energy around my crown chakra. Two hours later I felt calm, light and peaceful. Pam sent me an email with a long list of what she  had done; while reading her email I felt how my tears slowly covered my face. Tears of freedom, a profound gratitude and appreciation. Next 3-4 days I felt a different intensity discomfort in the places of the former implants and a strong pain in the area of my solar plexus (besides four large implants, I had dark film around my body, my Aura was leaking and my Solar Plexus chakra was turning the wrong way, but Pam fixed it). I couldn’t eat any solid food and had drunk only water or smoothies. The residues of fear came back in force, but I felt many positive signs: the feeling of a Freedom was one of them. I felt like I was going through the process of a slow recovery from a very long unexplainable “dis-ease” and complicated surgery after IRP. When I started religiously using Alexandra’s oil blend and essences, all my pain/discomfort was gone. The oil blend was a miracle. I was also surprised and excited at the same time when I felt a ball of light, the ball of a glowing energy coming out of my solar plexus and expanding and pulsating around me; I have never experienced that before in all my Life! I knew-I was alive! In a week after IRP all my fears and attacks had gone. The peace and a deep feeling of an inner freedom stepped into my power again. I also felt reconnected to the Source. I felt I was coming back to my Life. Dear Alexandra and Pam! It’s impossible to express my deep gratitude to both of you in human words. You gave me a chance to be born the second time; you brought me back into my life, you helped me to reconnect back to my true Higher Self and claim my Freedom.

Much Love and Deep Gratitude,

P.S. BTW, Alexandra, I LOVE a Proclamation that I have found on your site! Plus.. Thank you so much.


Happy New Year to you all. It has really been a interesting time for me. I am very glad I decided to get the implant removal process.  Here is why: Due to lifelong health problem caused by severe mercury poisoning, I can definitely say there is a huge difference straight away. Much better sleep, thinking clearer, better focus and concentration. Much lesser headache – almost totally gone, can eat different food without reaction, easier to do the daily meditation etc. This is just for starter. Now I have one physical problem that seem to be very stubborn. My neck is stiff  and it is difficult to move properly. This problem I have had for ages and it don’t have to relate to the removal process? I would be very glad if you could give me a hint to go about the specific problem, of course when you have time. By the  way I have followed the instruction to the letter so to say, It has been a beautifully experience, thank you so much Alexandra and Pam. Now I have to do a lot of following up work myself. The motivation is on top I can tell you. Blessing and much love from Sigbjørn Norway


I’m so sorry for this tardy reply but I have been having some computer issues and missed this one. My apologies.

I was asleep during the removal as Pam and I both had different times marked in our calendars…hmmmm!!! There are no accidents so it was perfect, probably so I would stay out of the way. So when I thought the removal was to take place, I went back to bed and felt a lot of energy in on the right side of my face and in my crown. There was a lot of energy running through out my body too but it started in my head centres. The energy was very intense but not painful. I had to laugh when I realized the removal was already completed. I did email Pam about it and she told me that the energy would work with me for some time, so I’m glad I wasn’t imagining it!

I was extremely tired for the rest of that day and the next. Slept a lot but had no pain whatsoever. By the third day I felt amazing, great energy and very happy. I haven’t felt like that probably since I was a child. I couldn’t stop smiling and had such peace of mind. My body felt lighter and softer and it was such a dramatic shift that when as I looked in the mirror, I was different.

I did take the drops and the oil, which I loved, by the way. I am very sensitive to vibration and smell so the drops were a favourite. I must admit that working full time, I only took both twice a day instead of three times a day but I was feeling so good that I felt it would be okay. I did finish both bottles completely.

The major shift would be feeling more centered and balanced. I am very happy, peaceful and content. I’m sleeping so much better and that has been such an issue with me for years and years. I too work with energy as an energy healer and since the removal, I am more tuned in and receive the information more clearly. I am empathic so that has intensified when working on people and can easily pick up on that most subtle of energies, thoughts and feelings. Everything in my life is changing especially my relationships and for the better. I find I let things go really easily now and I’m more accepting of myself, which is huge. I can’t stress enough about having this done and how it has changed my life. I’m so incredibly grateful that Spirit guided me to your site and to Pam because I have known about implants for years but I’m very discerning on who works on my field now from some past experiences. I did not hesitate one second and soon as I saw and read your post on your site, I signed up right away. I have a friend who also had it done after I told her about it and another one thinking about it.

Thank you for who you are and for all you do as it can be a lonely path at times when you are in service but I want to thank you so much for being here on planet Earth at this particular time.

Many, many Blessings,


Even though I am not done with my process I have just received my oils and am starting on them. I am noticing changes in certain things that are happening with me. Ms. Pam removed 2 implants in my neck region which makes sense because I can sing very well. the funny thing is I have had a urge to sing since the implants had been removed. Before then I had forgotten that I could even sing. Another point in which I had a implant was in my lower back. When I was in labor with my children all my pain was in my lower back I had little in my stomach region. The pain from my lower back was intense. Also when it would be that time of the month my lower back is what killed me. Now, I am not feeling pain like I used to in my lower back. A main thing that I noticed was that I do not feel like something is draining my energy anymore while I sleep. Another thing that really help is I have a terrible disease and for some reason I do not feel the pain of the disease as much after this process.


It has been about a month since my extraction procedure. I thought I would share my experience to date.

The night of the procedure was pretty uneventful. However, the next days resulted in severe migraines that would not be calmed by anything. Pam did a reiki session on me which helped. I did continue to have migraines off and on for about a week .

Pam emailed that she removed implants in my third eye, back and rt. leg. Alexandra sent essences which helped a good deal. In earnest, I think I took them more frequently than prescribed. (Every 3-4 hrs, vs 3 times a day). I was determined to get this process done as expeditiously as possible ha.

What I have noticed most significantly is the peace I am experiencing. I have led a very stressful life , and now I am enjoying life with less stress (mostly ). BIG change for me. There are other subtle changes, But , the peace is really paramount. I so enjoy each moment. …..it is so pleasant, peaceful….. Awwwww calming. I appreciate everything !

Thank you both for taking time and energy for me! As I enjoy my days I also anticipate playing my part in helping the world as we transit this very special moment in time/space / reality & beyond…


Hi Alexandra,

After the healing and implant removal there was quite a lot of tiredness and a feeling of there being a void, something missing.. It felt as though some background noise had been turned off which was experienced as increased peace and inner silence. In daily life it has felt as though obstacles have been removed and activity is smoother. There have been a number of profound synchronicities which have made it more apparent that what we need is effortlessly made available to us.

The essences and oils arrived yesterday and I’ve started using them specifically as instructed. Immediately on using them I experienced a distinct feeling of heightened vibration and subtle euphoria. Also, a feeling of frictionless flow in activity was noticed. Intuitively, I feel the essences and oils are extremely powerful – as though new software is being installed!

Will write again in a few days when I”l be able to report in more detail on the effects of the essences and oils.

Thank you so much to you and Pamela for making this knowledge available.



Hi Alexandra,

It seemed to go smoothly, that is, no pain to speak of. When Pam was working on my third eye, my head felt warm and full inside and more pressure than usual in the forehead area. For two days after I felt a band around my head, though that has passed. For a week after the back of my pelvis ached and that has also passed. No other symptoms that I’m aware of.

I received the goodies the following Tuesday and have been taking them as you suggested. My wife says that in the 23 years that we’ve been married, I have never slept so peacefully and with no snoring and that continues to this day. I would love to know which flower essences you used as it has to be at least one of them. We have worked closely with a group of ascended masters for some years which has afforded me a certain peace of mind, so I have no worries to speak of. All is proceeding rather smoothly. As for shifts, I seem to be more aware inter-dimentionally. Our home is always crowded with masters, angels, etc and just about everyone that comes over notices it. But I feel that I’m much more sensitive to it now. Of course we are ascending so that is pretty much par for the course. My inner peace feels smoother, if that makes any sense.

That’s all I can think of for the moment. If you have any questions, feel free.

Love to you too!


I felt drawn to have these implants removed and told myself that I would meditate on whether this was important for me and right away I got the confirmation:  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!   At that point I laughed and said “ok, there’s your answer.”

Okay, Now I am seeing some real differences.  I had a feeling it was too early to reply the last time.

I have had moments of pure joy and peace! It is so wonderful!   I feel like everything is in perfect order.  I have become so much more non-judgemental with situations.  Before I would find myself polarizing towards one opinion or the other.

Now it seems almost automatically, I see the situation from both angles and do not judge the situation. I bless the situation and move on.   This is BIG for me.  I have been in the past a very judgemental person.

Also, I seem to be bringing up issues that need to be transmuted.  I am made very aware of these as they come up.  For instance, patience is a big one for me.  I find that when I am impatient it automatically is brought to my full attention to be seen and transmuted.  The same when I get angry and so forth.  I feel like I’m in the process of doing much clearing!  Wow!

I feel as if I am being guided step by step.  I am excited to see what else happens.  Thanks so much to you and Rev. Pamela

Thank you Alexandra for this precious Gifts,


The Oil & Essence I just received this morning are nicely wrapped with the bubble plastic sheet, and very nice bottles. I like it so much 🙂 even your enclosed letter carries nice energy with it and smells good as well, the smell reminds me of something beautiful from a past which I don’t remember!

The oil, I have just applied on my soles, smells really good… my left knee was in pain, not really pain but I feel a kind of drain is there! and some times also my back when am sitting in class, I think it is related to the implant removal.

Yesterday in my way home at the the New Delhi Airport, I met the palmist woman again, she still remembers me! from last year. the first thing she told me as she pressed my palms and fingers was: you need to take care of your knees and back! Amazing how she could tell that! but her suggestion to exercise, didn’t sound right for me, because I do exercise every morning “Sun salutation”, she is perhaps not aware of the implants removal.

I hope the oil and essence will take care of this issue, otherwise, I think of doing “Janu Vasti & Kati Vasti” when I go back to India in a couple of days.

I want to sincerely thank you for your work & support, my beautiful angels <3

much love


I went through the implant removal process by Rev.Pam Plauche’ and Alexandra Meadors and I do experience a gradual removal of the implants, their intensity is getting much lower. I would recommend this process to anyone that wishes to liberate his consciousness from negative etheric influences.

Victory of the Light,


Hi Alexandra and Pam, I had intended to get this summary over to you a while ago.  Here is my description of the process as Alexandra requested.

I immediately felt the work that Pam was doing as I tuned into my ethric body.  I felt movement, clearing, and a sense of drowsiness through out the 2 hour process.  I could feel sensations, sometimes painful, but only short pinches of pain.  At one point I felt a pulling and a strong movement of energy in my 3rd eye.  Interestingly enough that was one area where she had removed a disk looking implant of sorts.

Immediately following the healing, I felt pretty tired, and could feel an undulating, pulsing feeling across my etheric body.  It felt as though I had undergone Etheric surgery, which in effect I had.  When I went to bed, I had trouble sleeping for long periods of time because of the strange sensations I felt in the etheric body through out the night.  My whole body became pretty sore for a couple of days afterwards.  I had a bit of a fog and weariness for several days.

A few days after the process the formulas arrived.  I started them immediately 3 times a day for the drops and usually only twice a day for the oil.  The oil made me feel relaxed is the only way I can describe it.  The drops gave me the sense it was helping the process set in.  It was an intuitive sense that I needed to be taking them regularly and that it was helping with the shift.  I couldn’t feel any direct effect after taking each dose aside from a subtle vibration…it was more of an intuitive feeling of the need for it.  As the days and weeks went by the shift continued.

The Shifting:  The shift was immense.  It took me to a deeper level in my awakening.  After the first week I started to be able to hone in on areas of my life that needed awareness and spiritual discernment, which had been too foggy before. In the second week a strong misery and depression engulfed me.  But given my past experience with the awakening process, I knew that this was a short ego die off and that things would be better on the other end.  As I moved through this, more and more realizations came to the forefront about myself and not in the beautiful, wonderful, magical way, but in the cut-through-the-BS, matter-of-fact, wake-up!, type of way.  It was a difficult experience, but after week 2, the changes began settling in.  This same sort of experience is still happening in waves, but to a lesser degree and much more smoother.  I continue to shift nearly every day in some way.  This really gave my entire process a boost and I’m really enjoying the results!

About a week and a half after the shifting began, I received a Reconnective Healing from someone, which I had also gotten done not long before the implant removal.  Prior to Pam’s work, the Reconnective Healing was nice but didn’t reveal too much.  Getting the healing a week and a half after Pam’s work revealed to the practioner that I was undergoing a massive acceleration in my awakening, and that she saw St. Germain there pouring Violet flame energy into my crown chakra (which was interesting to hear since I had a headache all day!).

Thank you so much for providing this service to everyone!  It’s really been an incredible experience, and I only wish everyone that I know would partake.  I have my doubts the implants described by Cobra in particular with the black holes were the ones removed, but that is my personal opinion.  Regardless, this healing was by far the most beneficial and powerful one I have had in my life thus far, and I have gotten a LOT of them.  Thanks again!


Dear Alexandra,

I feel all right, a bit tired at times.  I’ve been planting some ground cover of Asian Minama (or periwinkle) in my garden beds. 80 in all, so that certainly makes for a tired 71-year-old.  My golf game has improved, won another $98 last Wednesday, but not sure which day I had the implants removed, Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Received the oils and essences this last Friday.  Almost out of the stuff you roll onto your foot (maybe I applied too much?). I don’t feel much different than I was before, except for one.  I feel more centered in my body than I have in the last 50 years. These are just little shifts, but I am continuing to like (love) myself more, after not doing so for far too many years. This is the most significant improvement.

When I have other ah-hahs to report, I will write you.



Only 2 weeks have passed so I predict I will have more to add as time goes on.  The first thing I noticed from out of the starting gate with implant removal is that I feel deeply peaceful inside. Even when the energies are intense (like today!), it is much easier for me to center and find my inner peace now.  And since my twin flame has been set free as well…you put us together and we can get pretty blissed out!  The flip side of this coin is that there is so much energy rushing through me now that it can turn to agitation and hyperactivity…which isn’t really very comfortable.  My guess is that it is because I do not yet know how to channel this much energy flowing so freely through me.  I have been on a spiritual path my whole life, yet in this way I feel like a toddler who is just learning to walk.   I am no small being!  And I say that with not an ounce of ego.  I feel it!  I intuitively feel it!  And I want to do my part to help serve the Light, I just haven’t any idea as to how to step into that yet.  I have this tremendous energy and desire!  I am ready to jump onto my horse and go into battle…or run and go open all of the cages and free all of the slaves (especially our dear animal friends who are so badly abused)!  But I don’t yet know how to channel all of this energy and don’t quite have the self esteem fully in place, but I will get there!

On the one hand I am more insightful and more deeply intuitive since implant removal (I finally understood what our dog has been trying in so many ways to tell me — her caloric needs have increased and she needs more food each day.  And I know what my best friend is going to say before she even says it).  And on the other hand, I am soooo spaced out!  It is hard to focus on all the endless details of running a household and working a job.  I feel I haven’t quite got my feet under me yet.  My lower back still hurts a lot too. And I am fatigued.
I think we have to keep in mind that we are in an ascension process.  The key word here is PROCESS.  We’re doing major healing and quickly!  Implant removal isn’t a magic wand that takes away all of our pain (from eons of slavery).  It’s hugely important because it sets you free!  It is a rebirth.  And as such, we still have to go thru each stage of development, not unlike a child does. But now the sky truly is the limit.  I feel more fluid.  I feel altogether lighter.  I feel more alive.  More put together again.  Like more of me is in my body.  More soul pieces put back in.  And this has been difficult to write, simply because the act of trying to put all of this into words feels like it takes a great deal of effort.  Eckhart Tolle talks about how it felt when his mind first started to slow down.  He realized he was having altogether fewer thoughts.  He still had all the necessary information he needed to walk through life, but he got rid of constant analyzing, compartmentalizing and looping negative thoughts.  I feel that way too.  Perhaps what I judge as spaciness is simply a calmer/less hyperactive mind?!  That fits!  Cool!!
I will write again, when I have more to report.  In the meantime, I am taking my essences and using the oils religiously.  I really see their value!  They help me to ground and when stuff comes up (old grief, and stuff that needs to be processed) they help me allow the process and keep centered and calm.
Thank you so much for ALL you are doing Rev Pam and Alexandra!  You put your hearts and souls into what you do!  I can feel it and I really appreciate it!  I am so happy you asked for this assignment!  Its exciting isn’t it?!  I can’t wait to figure out what my assignment is!
Much love to all!

I felt loopy, out of balance, spacey.  I did not sleep but one  or two hours that evening of the  removal process.  It felt good though.  On Saturday, I was nauseated with a lot of headache which has lasted through today.  I had pain in my breast and pain in my solar plexus.  I’ve been taking the remedies since Friday evening.  I really love the oil. I feel more light in my body but feel weak physically where my entire head is extremely sore and my lungs are heavy. It took until today for me to process the implant removal which was done on 10/17/2013.  It was like I grieved the loss of myself from the blocks caused by the implants.  I feel lighter in my body and can now move into my Divine Destiny.


I woke up just about the time Pam finished on me feeling quite relaxed! I was very tired all day…probably in the other world…. I do feel quite a difference…like it’s not possible for outside entities, etc… to interfere with me as much. Thank you and Pam very, very much!


Hello, Sorry to take so long to get back to you.  After the healing and implant extraction I felt a little uneasy, but overall I felt good.  I did have some discomfort in my right foot beyond the usual pain I felt there for a brief time. I did receive the essential oils rather quickly and used them as directed. After a week or so my foot felt great.  I used to take a moment when I stood up to allow the pain to dissipate, but I now have no problem with that.  Shortly after the extraction I was able to have clearer visions in my meditations and the ability to detach from my body and with greater ease. I am very satisfied with the results.


I did have a car accident some years ago! The pain is still there but it is very small. I used essential oil on my meridian points and it helped greatly. I will try to journal it and see what are the result of this.  I used to see visions of people and things like watching a movie and I lost it 3 years ago after a healer gave me a healing. Now I need to see if it is back again. This may not be important or even relevant, but my dreams are going back to the past (events starting with my childhood) as if I am clearing karma or memories. There is a lot happening these days with the energies so this maybe related to ascension! After the healing my head felt quiet and more spacious! It still feels that there is more space there!  The chatter is gone.  Something that made me wonder was/is the pain that I feel in my ovaries. I know that nothing was removed from there. The only thing that may have caused it was the thing the previous healer put in my neck! It may have gone thru my body! I filled my self with Divine love and light and tried to be grounded at all times. My pain was/is from solarplex down to my feet. There was calmness from solarplex up. Here is my feedback to Pam about what I felt during the healing: ):(it really shows that some “thing” has been pulled from all of the bodies) Some feedback for you (what I experienced during the healing: 1. I felt pressure in head specially left side and in the back and my body warmed up at the beginning 2. got double vision and pressure in my eyes specially left eye 3. less pressure in head and a sharp pain went from my neck along my back bone to back of my heart 4. felt heaviness on the left side of upper body (arm and shoulder bone) 5. lower back pain in kidney areas 6. lower back and left ovary 7. back to head pain 8. pain moving around the body 9. felt sleepy and fell sleep around 1 and half hour after the start of healing Meditation is simpler now after removal of the implant and other thing! One thing that I have noticed is that I sleep thru the night! Thank you and Pam for helping me and others to be free.  Your service is greatly appreciated.

Blessings and love,



I am finally responding about the Implant removal. First off I was a little shocked to have 15 implants. My appt was at three in the afternoon. When it started I could see a red burning glow thru my third eye. I then passed out and didn’t wake up until 4:30. I felt groggy and very empty. Also had no appetite.  It felt very strange to be in my body. It was as if I had to relearn how it worked. After the report came it made so much more sense. I had implants removed from my head ears spine etc. My back feels straighter. I had been having burning in my low back and spine off and on for quite a while. It was so uncomfortable that it was hard to sit or stand when it happened. Now it is gone! I had a week of feeling overwhelming sadness. It was like grieving a loss of the old that no longer served me. My intuition is stronger and I am starting to know things before they happen. My sense is that I will continue to feel the benefits of the implant removal over time. I want to thank all of you for helping to assist me in moving forward in my journey.  I was stuck and this definitely was what I needed.

In gratitude and love


re recent Implant Removal process….I am feeling that I am more of my real self inhabiting more of myself…I am still having obsessive thinking although Im not drawn into the thoughts emotionally….I can stand back and watch the situation unfold… otherwise I am feeling really good… thanking you ……


First let me say, you are all in my thoughts and prayers over the loss of Rev    Pam. She’s just a stronger force for us on the “other side”. Now for IPR news. I FEEL GREAT! Before you removed the 14 implants I was saying daily several times a day how much I hated humans. I hated to even go out of my home except to work. I haven’t felt it or said it once since my IPR. I actually want to go out among people. The essence helped me so much with the space ness i was feeling. My ongoing Kundalini fire running up my spine non-stop has receded and so I feel so much more at ease. I’m connecting with nature even more than before. Overall, so far so good. Blessings and love to all at Galactic Connection.


Dear Alexandra, I had my implant removal on august 26 and am eager to give you an update and get my next batch of essences and oil.  It has been an astounding journey of reorganizing and clearing within.  Every single day I have new understandings and awakenings within my body.  I have been having night sweats, a rash that runs over parts of my buttocks, hips and legs and now I am experiencing a lot of joint pain in my hips, lumbar spine and especially my neck and jaw.  As a part of my journey of clearing I decided to get two old root canal molars removed.  I felt like they were like corks stopping up a flow in my body.  I was sitting in the oral surgeon’s chair and feeling a lot of dread- the pain in my neck can get me panicked- and I was thinking about the pain in Reverend Pam’s neck, and all of a sudden I felt like Reverend Pam was right there in the room with me.  I had to laugh a bit because all throughout the procedure I kept seeing the little square picture of Pam from your website floating above me, holding space and truly giving me the encouragement I needed.  It felt amazing to feel that kind of support.     I enjoyed your video on September 16 about Pam and Jerry and the implant process.  Wow.  Thank you.  I hope that you’re getting a much needed rest. So, the things that stand out to me currently are the joint pain…the neck and jaw pain are directly related to lower back spinal pain.  For example if I massage my jaw muscles I can reduce the pain in my lower back.  Also, and this is a big one is my obstinance.  I get bullheaded and stuck and don’t know how to move forward day by day.  Letting go of the past. Thank you again, Alexandra!   I plan to order the DNA activation in the next week or so.


Hello Alexandra Sorry for the delay on replying to you. I notice that the changes are subtle, new thinking, new perspective, new visions. I did notice that I see lot more movement around me, whereas before I could see little movement, more of the orbs before. The first days were more intense, more syncronicities. I think it is taking a little longer for me to assimilate it all. I’ve been using the oil and my essence is gone now. My husband did notice how instead of  letting something get to me I will just let him know before it builds up which is really good. I’ll keep updated. Much love


Dear Alexandra. Yes we are! This was absolutely not meant to uplift any ego, just to say that I see many shifts and blessings in my life since the implant removal, and that life unfolds in greater ease, even in the personal drama I witness in “my family”. So I am forever thankful for Your divine service, and that Your service inspires and uplifts me so much.
Many blessings,

AM still very happy with my results. My pain has decreased so much after the removal. That alone was worth every penny. I look forward to going through the next phase.


Dear IRP team,
I was lucky to have a smooth transition of the IRP on 2/12/15.  I did experience knee pain on Sunday and Monday; my oils and drops came on MondayTuesday the pain persisted so I put some oil on my knee and the pain instantly went away and stayed away for three weeks.
My IRP was accomplished on Thursday at 5 PM.  I went to bed at 4:30 to await “the action.”  I got the sudden urge to go pee; it was only 5:13.  However, I figured something had shifted, so I honored the prompting.  I went back to bed and fell asleep.  I dreamt I was in the basement across from a bathroom with a closed door.  I heard the toilet flush and thought “Oh, all my crap just got flushed down the toilet!”  I woke up, looked at the clock, it was 5:40.  I closed my eyes and the next time I looked at the clock, it was 6:01.  I immediately got up and applied my oils and took the drops.  The oils lasted exactly one week.  I just loved the fragrance.  The drops I took faithfully and they lasted three weeks.
Friday I received Jerry’s report.  It was so beautiful.  I have read it several times.  It always makes me feel warm and loved to read what he wrote.  Thank you,

It’s only been three weeks, so I am still waiting to integrate the physical healings.  However, my heart/mind/spirit seem to feel freer.  When things bother me, I quickly dispel them. I also received two e-mails from the team checking on my progress.
I want to thank Alexandra, Jerry, Pablo and everyone else involved in my IRP. I can’t wait for more healing to unfold. I can’t wait to get the Soul Activation done in the future.