Soul Sister Truth

I received a download a week ago about the 144,000. I am not the only one that received the download.  I saw a video on YouTube and her information is the same information I received. This is what the download contained.

There are 144,000 original lightworkers who woke up before other lightworkers. We received the Christ Consciousness energy and ascended about 3 1/2 years to 4 years ago. We then spent our time learning about and healing ourselves. We also developed our skills and abilities that we will use to help others ascend. I don’t really like to call them gifts because we worked hard for them. At the beginning of this year we were ready to go out and help other lightworkers ascend and wake up. This group of lightworkers who are now ascending to the 5th in large numbers. When the process is finished lightworkers will number about 2 million.

Jesus and his disciples and the story about them in the new testament of the bible, is happening right now.  The 12 disciples represent the 12 tribes of Israel. There are 12,000 lightworkers from each tribe. One disciple represents 12,000 lightworkers. These lightworkers go out and wake up and activate other lightworkers. Jesus represents the Christ Consciousness energy that has come to earth giving everyone the chance to ascend like he did.

If anyone else received this download and has anything to add. I would love to hear from you. The downloads are so fast and contain so much information it is easy to miss important details. I have begun to write them down as they happen.


Love and Light.


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