Consciousness is not a fixed energy or quantity. Consciousness varies greatly from person to person, some people being much more aware, alert, wise, causal, loving, and happy (the Essence Energies) in life than others. Consciousness of Self (and therefore, consciousness of Essence) also varies in the same person in the normal daily cycle of sleeping and waking. They also vary according to how much vital energy we have used and wasted in thinking and emoting and resisting life. Spirituality is all about the accumulation, conservation, and wise use of energy.

Note: There are 10 easily identified stages of human consciousness on the journey from Materiality to Spiritual Illumination. These are: Survival, Security, Sensation, Dominion, Dark Night of the Soul, Search, First Awakening, Second Awakening, Warrior, and Illumination. Do not confuse the Ten Stages with the Seven States presented here.

Your Consciousness is your ability or your amount of awareness of both Self and Other (anything in the psycanic or physical universes). This awareness can range from zero (as in deep, dreamless sleep), to Cosmic Consciousness, which is total awareness of all that exists in all universes (the state of Consciousness of the SUPREME BEING).

It is hard to classify something as fluid, complex, and multi-dimensional as Consciousness (Essence), and the different spiritual schools have various points of view on how to do so. Here, we are going to distinguish seven states of Consciousness = Essence = BEing, ranging from zero Awareness of anything to Cosmic Consciousness: the Awareness of Everything that Exists by BEing IT ALL.

The Seven States are:

  1. Dreamless Sleep
  2. Dreaming Sleep
  3. Walking Sleep
  4. Awake, Enlightenment
  5. Samadhi
  6. Illumination, Unity
  7. Cosmic Consciousness

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Causal Sequence

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