The Amarakarei Face—A Supermassive Ancient Face Hidden Deep Within the Peruvian Amazon

By Ivan

As you could see through many of my articles, Peru is home to countless ancient mysteries, fascinating legends, and incredible myths.

One such mystery is hidden deep within the Peruvian Amazon rainforest: a massive face carved into stone cliffs.

Dubbed as the Face of Amarakarei, the mysterious ancient sculpture is said to exist since time immemorial.

However, despite the fact that the face is well-documented through ancient myths legends, and numerous expeditions that have managed to find it, its original location is difficult to locate and even harder to access.

Despite this fact, a group of explorers was able to locate the massive ancient sculpture, and film their journey until reaching their destination.

The expedition that set out to explore the massive stone-sculpted face included members of the ancient Harakbut people.

They call it the “Rostro Harakbut” – or the “Harakbut Face”.

The sculpture is located in a super remote part of south-ester Peruvian Amazon.

In 2015, UK filmmaker Paul Redman visited the stone sculpture together with a group of Harakbut men.

“The very existence of the carved face has been the stuff of legend, passed down for generations among Harakmbut families,” stated a press release by Burness Communications announcing the screening of the footage in Lima Peru in 2015.


“But few among their people had ever seen it.”

The curious thing is, it isn’t the only face around. In fact, the Amazon rainforest has quite a few similar sites. Some of them are well-documented, others shrouded in myth.

The Reunion video is a stunning journey towards the face. Well documented. Exciting. Emotional, and most importantly it conveys a powerful message what sites like the Face mean to local native populations.

“It was three days of rough hiking to get there, but then it was glorious,” Rainforest Foundation U.S. Program Manager, Tom Bewick, who participated in the expedition, told

“The Rostro is extraordinary, and it really has the feeling of a guardian of the forest. Luis and Jaime, the main protagonists in the film, were genuinely awestruck.”

The mysterious face is unlike anything you can see in the entire area. Numerous other geological formations exist, but are clearly natural in origin, while the Amarakarei face clearly shows evidence of tool work.

The Amarakarei face, a giant stone scurlpture in the middle of Peru's Amazon.
Is this massive geological feature the work of our ancestors?

The Amarakarei face is a perfect element for an Indiana Jones Movie.

The massive stone-carved face has never been studied by archeologists, but the native Harakbut believe it isn’t the product of natural forces: they are convinced the face was carved by their ancient ancestors.

Bewick agrees, saying that there are a number of clues that point to its artificial nature.

“The Rostro is perched perfectly overlooking a river valley and presides over a waterfall and a basin that resembles an amphitheater,” he explained, adding that “there are markings all over the Rostro that indicate that it was hacked out with rudimentary tools.”

But what is perhaps the most important argument why the face is not a natural formation is the fact that there are no similarly-shaped rocks in the region. Even more interestingly is the fact that the river’s current moves away from the face, meaning that it is very unlikely that floods would have produced this odd human-like countenance.

“The Harakbut don’t have a written history but claim that the Rostro has been in their oral history for generations and generations…More study is needed for sure,” Bewick added.

And while we look forward to finding out more about this mysterious location is hidden deep within the Amazonian rainforest, we wonder why ancient cultures carved such faces in the first place.

Was it to honor their ancestors? Their Gods? Whatever their reason, places like these is what drives us forward, wanting to know more about history, ancient cultures and the reason why such monuments exist in the first place.

Source: The Reunion from Handcrafted Films on Vimeo.