Im watching this video and all I could think of was the post on Organic Portals. He is explaining why the parents at Sandy Hook showed no emotion and shed no tears. About 9 minutes in he mentions the soul-less ones. He also includes Obama as one of them.

Initially (in the beginning of the video) he mentions and references the Nag Hammadi and how those papers state the invasion of the archons. He doesnt specifically mention Organic Portals but references it all under the umbrella of the archons.

While we know these things now I thought this was interesting the way it is intertwined with the Sandy Hook affair.

Although he beleives all these deaths occurred, I am not sure I agree with him on that,,just too many questions.

At about 32 minutes someone speak about satanic rituals which the dark enjoy practicing & this person thinks some of the deaths were ritualistic killings.

And then of course the infamous coroner and “his inappropriate behavior”. This video wants us to try discerning the behavior of archons so they are more readily visible to everyone.

Maybe this is all old news, I just found it interesting.

It is a call to ..”do something about this,,” as the video states near the end.