This is HUGE news folks! How often have we EVER seen the Queen’s Counsel taken to the stand let alone try to defend themselves against allegations?  Although it is Canada and not the UK, this will unquestionably create even more momentum to gain exposure of all government institutions, especially since they are all linked into the enslavement  and sex trade matrix.  

Posted on January 17, 2013by 

by Anthony Hall
Source: Veterans Today

January 16, 2013. Chilliwack British Columbia. The Canadian Government Is Put on Trial for Violating Section 35. Idle No More Makes a Breakthrough in Court. Finn Jensen, a Queen’s Counsel and Federal Crown prosecutor, takes the stand to try to defend himself from allegations that he and his colleagues regularly break Canadian law when they deny and negate, rather recognize and affirm, the existence Aboriginal and treaty rights in Canada.

The Idle No More movement took a decisive step on January 14, applying some of its key contentions in a juridical venue. Because Idle No More is focusing particular attention on the illegalities of Omnibus Bill C-45, and especially on the Harper government’s efforts to to change Canada’s constitution through dubious legislative measures calculated to remove all federal obstacles to the quick construction of pipelines across Canada’s myriad configurations of inland waters, the Aboriginal fishing trial of Kwitsel Tatel has taken on added significance. Kwitsel Tatel’s most fundamental contention is that Canada’s Ministry of Justice is systematically violating the supreme law of Canada by refusing to adhere to the provisions in Canada’s constitution that pertain to the Aboriginal peoples of Canada.

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