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The Thunderbird Wheel has been activated.

crop circleI just returned from the fifth annual ICCRA (Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association) Conference in Locust Grove, Ohio, where I gave a 1 1/2 hour presentation on the subject of my contributions to decoding the Howell, Michigan crop circles and my subsequent decoding of several elements of the overall crop circle mystery. The conference began on the afternoon of Friday, May 9, and ended with an optional tour of the local Indian mounds on the afternoon of Sunday the 11th. The tour continued on Monday, after which the remaining handful of people, including Jeff Wilson, Delsey Wilson, and Dr. John Paul DeVierville, scattered at the Mound Cemetery in Piketon, Ohio. Before Jeff and Delsey left, I asked Jeff if he could recommend any I have been so intrugued by the news that the crop circles have been cracked recently.  IAfter invetigation, I found this little beauty on a blog…giving the details to the cracked coding, Indian mound sites that I could visit on my way back to Grand Rapids.

After we disbanded, I visited seven Indian Mound sites on my way back home to Grand Rapids:

1) Edgington Mound – Neville, Ohio
2) the mound at Green Mound Cemetery – New Richmond, Ohio
3) Miamisburg Mound – Miamisburg, Ohio
4) the mounds at The Wright Brothers Memorial – Dayton, Ohio
5) the mounds at Antioch University – Yellow Springs, Ohio
6) Enon Mound – Enon, Ohio
7) the Anderson Earthworks at Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana

At each of the mound sites (except for Edgington Mound and Enon Mound, which were fenced off) I removed my shoes and socks (in order to establish a direct connection with the Earth), stood at the top of the mound, and talked with the spirits – with special focus on my deceased grandparents, Harold and Dorothy Prange, who had made their presence known to me loud and clear through a series of symbolic synchronicities and well-timed animal appearances that happened constantly from the moment I left for the ICCRA conference. To talk to the spirits, I simply spoke aloud the thoughts in my head I wanted them to hear without ritual or self-consciousness; to hear the responses, I simply paid attention to the animal appearances and synchronicities that occurred, and decoded the symbolism of each occurrence with a language that became clearer with every completed communication circuit. The visits to each mound – which were ensured by the instinctual feeling that I should visit each mound site that Jeff had marked on my map – extended my arrival back home in Grand Rapids from my originally planned Monday arrival to two full days later, on early Wednesday evening around 7-8 PM EST.

At the conference, there was a new level of organic convergence of agreements among a majority of the researchers- a (sometimes) unspoken and sometimes spoken mutual understanding that many core elements of the mystery have been solved; universal understandings achieved through acceptance of different perspectives and information coming from many different angles, from scientists to musicians, from discussions that blurred lines between presenters and audience. By embracing our differences and avoiding pyramid-shaped hierarchies, I believe we have found the answers to three core questions of the crop circle mystery: 1)Who is making the genuine crop circles, 2)What they are trying to tell us, and 3)Why they are making them.

I’ll answer question #1 as a statement of renewed and permanent personal belief to the public, resulting from new information revealed at the ICCRA meeting: The “masterminds” behind the genuine crop circle phenomenon are the spirits of our ancestors, from our deceased parents and grandparents back through the ancient Hopewell mound builders and further into the past. Together, as a cooperative community in the spirit world, they are consciously creating crop circles to convey an overall message to their living descendants, with a universal language that could be understood globally, containing individual messages for individual crop formations layered with messages that can be found by connecting data from whole groups of crop formations together.

To physically create the formations planned out, I believe that our ancestors’ spirits work together with forces known by many vague, all-encompassing names depending on the level of individuality and freedom of one’s spiritual views: “forces of nature,” “conscious nature spirits,” “devas,” etc. Those who have a more pyramid-shaped spiritual belief system (a.k.a. organized mainstream religion, or any other “brand name” belief system that has a name and a set of constricting rules, featuring ritual, conformity, tradition, hierarchy, and other traits associated with the reptilian brain)

To put it simple, I believe our ancestor’s spirits plan the locations, design and timing of a crop formation, and then enlist the force I describe in the above paragraph when the time is ready to physically create the formation.

The rest, including the answers to questions 2 & 3 (Why are they making them and what are they saying) is covered in my crop circle essay, which I’m in the process of expanding into a book for national release. Link to my essay, which was the basis for my presentation at the ICCRA conference:

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One of the biggest keys to cracking the main crop circle code turned out to be an ubiquitous Native American legend of the Thunderbird. ICCRA director Jeff Wilson, through his meticulous and thorough research, realized that the circlemakers have been frequently encoding the symbolism of this Thunderbird legend into crop circles; at the meeting, we collectively realized – with Jeff’s updated presentation on the Thunderbirds as a centerpiece – that the circlemakers are using that legend to symbolize what’s currently happening on our planet. Through Jeff’s revelations, which began a year ago at the 4th annual ICCRA conference with his brilliant “Return Of The Thunderbirds” presentation, we were able to collectively answer several of the primary mysteries of the crop circle phenomenon at the 5th annual conference. From here on out, the remainder of the mystery is just detail work. The overall message of the crop circle phenomenon has been decoded; however, individual crop formations have individual messages which still need to be decoded, and thus, the detail work. Don’t worry, crop circle researchers- decoding crop circles is going to be smooth sailing from here on out.

I will now tell my simplified version of the Thunderbirds legend:

Many Native American tribes used the Thunderbird legend to create a beautifully simple spiritual language to understand the nature of “darkness” vs. “light.” Firstly, they applied the story as an analogy of the daily cycle between night and day: When the sun set and night time came, the Great Horned Serpent would drive away the Thunderbirds and take over, as night time was his time. (All things associated with “darkness” are then associated with the Great Horned Serpent; “darkness” is then associated with “Serpent energy.”) When it was time for the daytime cycle to begin, the four Thunderbirds would return, forming an unbreakable circle, as seen in the Native American symbol of the “Thunderbird Wheel,” generating great wind and lightning to cast the Great Horned Serpent underground. (All things associated with “light”- love, laughter, truth, etc.- were then associated with the Thunderbird, representing “Thunderbird energy.”) Daytime was the Thunderbirds’ realm, and they would rule until the next cycle began.

A crucial part of this legend was the inherent understanding that the language of “Thunderbird vs. Serpent” does not mean “good vs. evil,” it means “light vs. darkness.” The language of this legend leads to an understanding that darkness and light must both exist in the natural cycles of life, so darkness is not the same as the loaded word “evil.” A simple understanding of this leads to other simple spiritual truths: in order to have life, you must have death to balance it out; order and chaos must both exist for the cycles of life to exist; etc. Thus, Serpent Energy is not “evil” – it’s “dark.”

Some important details: 1)Traditionally, the symbolic Thunderbird Wheel (which I’m using for my user logo on this forum, if you need a visual representation) must always move in a counter-clockwise rotation. 2) When a traditional depiction of the wheel is spun fast enough, it achieves an “hourglass shading” that has been seen in many a crop circle. 3) Many crop circles are variations on the Thunderbird wheel and the closely associated symbols of the Four Winds.

While the daily cycle of night and day is the core of the Thunderbird legend, the symbolism of the legend could also be applied to bigger-scale cycles of time, from the history of a village up through the scale of the rise and fall of whole civilizations – which is one of the scales in which the crop circles have been symbolically telling the story of what’s happening in the world right now.

Through the story being told in the crop circles, I came to understand that we are now living in a time where – symbolically – the Serpent Energy has gotten out of hand on this planet, and the Four Thunderbirds – an inevitable force in the cycle of nature, as both sides understand – are due to return and force the Great Horned Serpent underground, as it is now time for the dawn.

The level of convergence and agreement reached at the meeting among researchers coming from all different angles told me that the groundwork required to crack the central crop circle code in a group effort has now been solidly laid down, and the information collectively realized at the meeting will now spread throughout the world, as revelations from various ICCRA meeting attendees begin to trickle out to the public.

In our modern times, I believe that the symbol of “driving the Great Horned Serpent underground” is the same as “dismantling the New World Order before it’s complete.” I believe that the two biggest keys to dismantling the New World Order are: 1) exposing the New World Order to the brainwashed public until public awareness of their plans for global domination has reached a high enough percentage to derail the plans, and 2) reconnecting the people of the world to the energies of the Earth (through the ley line map, which is one of the New World Order’s biggest secret keys to power, and which is being methodically revealed to the public by the circlemakers, as you will see in my essay) and thus reconnecting us into direct contact with the spirits of our ancestors (who can be most easily contacted at the intersections of ley lines, which is why Indian Mounds and other sacred sites were built where they’re built). Crop circles are giving us the missing information required to bring down the New World Order- including information that only a spirit who has crossed over could know.

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I believe the best two authors exposing the New World Order are, in a non-hierarchical order, 1) Jim Marrs, whose smoothly written, well-documented books are a perfect introduction for the “skeptic” who is in denial that a conspiracy even exists, and 2) David Icke, who takes the 3D information covered by Jim Marrs and then adds the next-dimensional level, where he reveals one of the New World Order’s biggest secrets to their power- the possession of royal bloodlines by ancient reptilian entities.

I believe the leading researcher/communicator in the subject of crop circles is my good friend Jeff Wilson, who I feel is the crop circle researcher best equipped to finally get the mainstream media to take crop circles seriously; his brilliant and charismatic presentations on crop circles at the last few ICCRA meetings represent the cutting edge of crop circle research, in my opinion; as soon as we get them up on YouTube (coming soon!), any crop circle researchers who have been stuck in the same place (hitting their head against the dead end of “extraterrestrial signs”) are going to get “unstuck from the mud” and find a fresh burst of inspiration, knowing that the whole mystery is well on its way to being solved.

I am absolutely humbled and honored to have ended up in the role where I have filled in several crucial missing pieces of the puzzle for Jeff and the other ICCRA researchers; firstly, my essay has made the connection between the harsh reality of the New World Order as explained by David Icke, and how crop circles fit into that “big picture.” I have gone on to find new and simple ways to decode the messages in crop circles, which started with my decoding of the Howell, Michigan crop circles and expanded into the scale of dozens of interlocking crop circles in the U.S.A., which is covered in the second half of my essay. It is very important for anyone reading this to understand that I take very little of the credit for what has been revealed in my essay; everything was basically put in my path since I made my initial discovery in Howell (or more likely, years before that discovery was placed precisely in my path) as I was given valuable clues by countless friends I have in both the spirit world and the world of mortals.

The only thing for which I will take a lot of credit is that I had the courage to go up against the Freemasons, which started by revealing to the public that the Howell crop circles had exposed the remains of some blatant, creepily occultic Masonic symbolism landscaped into the field and forest around the locations of the Howell crop formations. Consequently, I am the first crop circle researcher to end up on the Freemasons’ public “Anti-Mason” list, which exists on the masonicinfo.com website, which claims that it is not an “official” site despite the fact that the Freemasons’ official website, freemasonry.org, sends you right to masonicinfo.com on it’s “E-Mason Links” page as its #1 recommendation for reading their take on specific people who oppose Freemasonry, or “Anti-Masons.” In their entry on me, they ridicule my “credentials” as a writer/researcher and then go on to put words in my mouth by reversing my most crucial point: according to this website, I am saying that THEY are making crop circles, when anyone reading my essay can clearly see that I’m saying the opposite, that I think spirits directly OPPOSED to the Masons’ agenda are making crop circles. Considering the far-out “X-Files” nature of my subject matter, you’d think they could use my own words against me in their effort to portray me as a backwoods, uneducated “loony.” Instead, their reversal of my words showed me that I’m onto the truth; it’s a transparent propaganda technique they’re using to reduce traffic to my essay’s website, which they use to tell the public that they are “unafraid” of a loony like me. They know that many people will not bother to read my essay if they assume that I actually am dumb enough to think that Freemasons are behind the crop circle phenomenon; basically, their entry on me is a form of “damage control” on their part.

This brings me to my next idea. If a person were to check out Jim Marrs’ work and become aware of the New World Order, the next step would be to check out David Icke’s work. To connect that “big picture” to the crop circle phenomenon, I believe that my essay (soon to become a book) represents the link between the two, and thus the next logical step for someone who reads a David Icke book. The final stop in this quartet would be Jeff Wilson’s work, for those who want to learn about the cutting edge of crop circle research from the best spokesman we have. My theory on this is: depending one one’s field of interest and level of skepticism, the work of one of these four researchers follow a logical flow from one to the next. For example, if you’re interested in crop circles but afraid to read about conspiracies, the best starting point would be Jeff Wilson’s work, after which the best order of progression would be: 2) Jim Marrs, 3) David Icke, and finally, 4) my work. To sum up the four different paths I propose based on the starting point:

1) Jim Marrs -> David Icke -> Jim Prange -> Jeff Wilson
2) David Icke -> Jim Prange -> Jeff Wilson -> Jim Marrs
3) Jim Prange -> Jeff Wilson -> Jim Marrs -> David Icke
4) Jeff Wilson -> Jim Marrs -> David Icke -> Jim Prange

A flow chart could be put onto a wheel to demonstrate: Start at one researcher, spin the wheel 90 degrees counterclockwise to check out the next, and hit the other two in order to complete the fully locking information circle:

Since the connection is a complete circuit, the truth is revealed to those who complete the circuit and use their own minds to decide whether it make sense as a whole. As the public wakes up, and more and more people are exposed to the four researchers on this “wheel,” it could be symbolized by the wheel turning faster and faster and faster, until it creates the great wind and lightning needed to symbolically
”drive the Great Horned Serpent underground.”

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When we reached a convergence of awareness at the 5th annual ICCRA meeting, enough where the ideas and higher perspectives achieved can now spread through the crop circle research community like wildfire, I believe that we have officially reached the tipping point that has activated the “Thunderbird Wheel” to the point where its momentum is unstoppable. In a way, the crop circles have symbolically pointed me to believe that by cracking the crop circle code and reaching a large group of dedicated crop circle researchers with the information, the symbolic, interlocking “Thunderbird Wheel” of information needed to wake up the masses is now complete, which means that the New World Order is now officially destined to fail.

Now that the Thunderbird Wheel has been activated, I have an important message to any reptilian spirits still working for the New World Order’s side through their human and full-blooded reptilian hosts: You must realize that you now have three basic choices: 1) Realize that love and truth are the mark of the winning side and join the Thunderbirds’ side, 2) Leave the planet and relocate to your colony planet(s) full of human abductees, if you really want another shot at a similarly styled New World Order somewhere else, or 3) Keep doing what you’re doing to this Earth and you WILL be blown away with a great wind by the unstoppable electric momentum of the Thunderbird Wheel.

To read more about the Thunderbird wheel connections being found in crop circles, check out the following links:




Very soon, Jeff Wilson’s most recent presentation on the Thunderbirds connection will be posted on YouTube, and I will post a notice on this thread when it is. For now, the links above will provide a few clues about the Thunderbird-crop circle connection.
Once again, here’s the link to my online essay:

Happy decoding.

Jim Prange
Member, ICCRA (Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association)