I heard about this headline on the radio in my car the other day – they came out and made a public apology for targeting tea party members, etc….this ties in with this article…-A.M.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013 – By Anthony Wile

Anthony Wile


The IRS has been targeting US constitutionalists for further scrutiny by tagging certain names.

binoculars (1)This is a big deal. Unlike other IRS problems throughout the years, this one features not just individual “enemies” but also a broad cross section of US citizens that are concerned about the growing unconstitutional actions of their government.

Police violence against citizens is growing in the US but too often the police are not held accountable. Various “takings” and other forms of financial corruption are practiced by local, state and even federal authorities without significant redress. And at the federal level, military policing is expanding dramatically.

This has given rise to citizen concern and organized efforts to moderate what appears to be a significant and concerning authoritarian trend. And as groups are formed to organize citizen-voices, the IRS receives paperwork having to do with awarding non-profit status … perfectly understandable and legal requests.

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