The Divine Blueprint, Transgenderism & DF/DM Union (Round Table – Part 3)

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The preceding information discusses the benefit of framing your romantic relationships in terms of growth instead of merely having your needs met. Given that change is unavoidable, growth is a survival choice. If one chooses growth and cultivates that in their lives with their fellows the changes that life brings can be beneficial and rewarding instead of tragic. For romance, the love and respect a couple has for each other will die if they fail to cultivate growth in the relationship, through respect, transparent communication, and value harmonization. With this knowledge in hand, a great many relationship perils can be avoided while at the same time training oneself in the art of true companionship that provides progressive levels of fulfilment.

– Justin

The Divine Blueprint, Transgenderism & DF/DM Union (Round Table – Part 3)

Jun 20, 2019

Thank you for joining us in a very important discussion about topics relating the Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Timestamps of topics are: (4:40) Stereotypes vs the Divine Blueprint (27:10) Rites of Initiation/Passage – Boy to Man; Girl to Woman (40:30) Transgenderism & Gender as a Social Construct (1:18:00) Cultural Roles & Influence/Androgeny/Discovering your inherent nature (1:38:20 ) What shifts can you experience integrating your DF/DM (2:00:10) Words of Wisdom DM Video (Part 1): DF Video (Part 2): If you would like to learn more about: Justin Deschamps: Benjamin Stone:… Michael Daniel: Rebecca Barfoot: Lisa Watson:… Divine blessings and guidance to you all! If these videos have been a blessing to you and you would like to bless me, you may make donations via my PayPal. Paypal: My other platforms Website: Podcast: Inflexible Me Academy: Minds: Bitchute:… Products & Services Book: Coaching: Store: Coaching & Tarot Package: Tshirts:… Crystal Card Reading: Tarot Card Reading: Jumping Timelines Reading: BTC: 131Mq32u7yUqHGs6UMyXYBon4NmhaqQoYS LTC: LWB4zkRBkTNEu736KEasGhdw66v51bLCCx ETH: 0x28075c47103CA79c94cc2A1278d2691152eBF1d6