FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012 AT 7:24AM

As is heard in the opening minutes of my interview with Drake, I had strongly  requested that the States Documents which were filed with the World Court be released for public inspection  as an initial sign of some solid proof of due diligence. In conversations with my contacts, I had indicated that this type of proof would go a long way towards providing some assurrance that this was not all a “smoke and mirrors” media ruse. What I wish we could all see is the proof of service and certification of receipt by the clerk at the Hague, but for now, this goes a long way towards providing researchers with the pro forma basis for a legitimate action.


Naturally, cynics and scoffers will not be satisfied, nor is the presentation of any such documents conclusive proof of action, but I do feel that by releasing the redacted copy of the notarized original Pennsylvania Apostile that we now have a basis to assess the legal basis of the action, and some tangible evidence for the claims made by Drake in his interviews. I continue to press for more evidence to be released as the conditions allow, bearing in mind that it is likely people HAVE placed lives and fortunes on the line to initiate this process.

Patience, prudence, diligence, and discernment will all go along way in de-coding the information being presented. Clearly, Drake and his associates HAVE created a major meme on the internet. provoked much controversy and thought, as well as a fair amount of criticism. Persoanlly, I remain, in the best sense, a SKEPTIC:


 from Greek skeptikos, from skeptikos thoughtful, from skeptesthai to look, consider
1 : an adherent or advocate of skepticism
2 : a person disposed to skepticism especially regarding religion or religious principles
I also have sources who provide information to me in a way that is “coded”, so to speak, and there are many “puzzle pieces” that I have been processing which indicate that Drake is speaking for a very powerful group of present and former military, white hat financial, and government insiders to initiate “The Plan”. No one person or group has all the information. This is a multi-lateral approach birthed out of common interests and linked through etworks forged over many decades.
Look around you…pay attention to details. Ignore mainstream news and examine carefully “coded” communications. IF and WHEN the day comes that this “Plan” is initiated, the whole world WILL be watching. Also, understand that unless people are willing to risk…no liberation from this monstrous cabal is ever possible.
Randy Maugans