Just for the record, here are a few facts about the ego . . .

The nature of the ego was designed as the bloodstream to Source and allows the human self to complete human lessons and turn all burdens, struggles and limitations over to Spirit. Spirit veiled its perfection in an angelic human form to adventure life in all love’s aspects. Divine freedom offers you the opportunity to no longer have to filter Spirit’s desire through a limited human self.


Your ego is in full service to you as messenger, warrior and vigilant protector. It is an adaptive defensive mechanism that is designed to protect your life-force energy. It allows you to go through experience after experience, with or without wounding, and return to your perfection – the focus of your love at any given moment – rather than a mimicking synthetic fantasy that has little to do with your real value.


The ego receives from our female nature a request made in love to create something. Its clear nature is to receive life experiences bonded in unconditional love. Our male nature sets the boundary around the partnered love request. In a unified Self, the ego delivers the message to the higher soul self as it goes directly to Source, depending on the amount of dense emotional/mental patterning it has to travel through.

So do you allow your ego to nurture you, withhold the value of your love from you, battle you or merge into the voice of your soul spirit?