Raise Your Vibes to Achieve New Heights of Purpose & Potential

Jennifer HoffmanThe keyword for September is “embrace”, which includes acknowledging, accepting and loving every aspect of ourselves, so we can gather our energy together to take the next leap into our ascension journey. We have two kinds of energy working this month, clearing away the debris, which occurs in the first part of the month. Then, beginning with the Equinox on September 22, we can ‘blast off’ into new stratospheres. This is no longer about being willing to explore parts unknown, it’s about being the creative drive behind an unfolding new paradigm. September has the potential for powerful evolution when we realize that where we go, what we do and what happens when we get there is the result of what we are creating through our intention.

Sometimes our path is blocked and we don’t understand why so we look at the one area where we are having the most difficulty and blame our issues on that situation or person. But none of the current transformation is concentrated in one area, although we may feel like it is being experienced in one area. Its purpose is to get us so focused on our healing, without allowing anything to distract us, that we allow healing to occur. When we are making massive transformation, we are also moving massive amounts of energy (in the form of beliefs and emotions) and this is what our transformation is about now, clearing, releasing and renewing. It’s not about starting over, it is now about beginning anew.

That path to new beginnings may be blocked or limited by old ‘stuff’ which includes patterns of belief and behavior, feelings, thoughts and emotions, an inability to see the future beyond your current situation or judgments that don’t allow you to see other options. As we approach the end of an energy cycle and are ready to move into new potentials, we approach the ‘eye of the needle’, a narrowing of our path which compels us to lighten our load, so to speak, of everything that is not in integrity or aligned with the vibration and dimension we want to step into. (I talk about the ‘eye of the needle’ in the Sept. 1 energy call, find out how to get your recording by clicking here).  This happens in the first half of September and it may feel like the burden to release is greater than what you are releasing. And you may have to release very little, nothing or a lot, depending on what you set as your intention and how aligned you are with it at the present moment.

This means radical restructuring of our lives, beginning with our belief systems, which is where all of our reality begins. What do you see as your potential beyond the wounds, pain and healing?  Where has your old ‘stuff’ served its purpose and what new paths can you create for yourself without it? Whatever is no longer a source of joy for you has served its purpose and trying to revive, rekindle or re-start it will only be a source of frustration. The energy partnership you once shared is complete; it’s time to disconnect from it and create a new connection to something else. And remember to embrace everything you are releasing because it is all part of you and the path you created for your life. When you release with a spirit of loving gratitude, you create a powerful, expanded space for something to enter your life in a flow of gratitude.

The energies of September position us to see beyond the healing, to know our own wisdom and see ourselves as healed, whole, worthy and deserving of the peace, joy, love and abundance we are seeking. The rest of 2013 may be a bit shaky(it’s certainly going to be eventful) and it may be easier to take care of those things now, when we can take our time, than later. Use the first half of the month to do your energetic and emotional housecleaning so after the 22nd, you are free to soar into your new beginnings.  Have a wonderful month.

For a detailed overview of September to December, what you can expect and how to use this energy effectively, click here to read about the New Earth September 2013 report and 90+  minute call and worksheet.

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