Chemtrails–ETs/EDs, Do Something!

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Chemtrails–THE hot button for our readers, who are screaming for relief from thechemtrails by the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals). Guess what? The ETs/EDs “listened” and ARE responding. They’re attacking both chemtrails & aircraft delivering them.

Chemtrails vs. ETs/EDs–Evasive Action! Image Credit Joe Denham?

(From our insider newsletter of March 30, 2012)

Last week, one of our members got to see the Liberation Forces at work. An aircraft was chemtrailing, followed by a chemtrail eating spacecraft. Evidently tiring of this toxic diet, the spacecraft proceeded to hit the chemtrail aircraft with a smallish beam weapon, causing the aircraft to trail black smoke and apparently plunge into the San Bernardino National Forest somewhere in the vicinity of Apple Valley, California.

No forest fire occurred, no National Transportation Safety Board crash investigation team was called out, and we’re not even sure the ruined aircraft’s debris made it to the ground or simply disintegrated. Intelligence sources have so far not been able to verify any such jetliner crash, so the disintegration is a very real possibility, one confirmed by contacts “topside”  Wreck or no wreck, great news for all of us getting “death dumped” from above!

Confirmation came by private E-mail!

I was on my way to the doctor’s office in Apple Valley on March 21, 2012 at approximately 1300 and I saw the chemtrail and then I saw the dark line coming off of it at an angle to the ground.  I kept watching thinking it was a shadow, but no matter what angle I watched it from it was there.  I drove from the base of the mountains all the way to Apple Valley and it was there the whole way.  Now I know what it was. 

They do a lot of chemtrails here in the San Bernardino mountains where I live.  Some days I can’t even go outside it is so bad….

Just wanted to confirm your story, I saw it too, now I know what it was.


To everyone starved for proof, K.’s confirmation of the chemtrail aircraft shootdown is priceless, but there’s more good news. See that pic at the top? That’s what happens when the ETs/EDs unexpectedly appear!  The glowing orb reported below terrified the crews, and the chemtrails show it. This was a year ago, over Europe. Joe Vanderham describes what happened:

I took a picture with my cell phone of the exact same kind of event, except in this case the chemtrail spraying planes were turned around by a single glowing orb like craft, which unfortunately can’t be seen on the picture.

This means the ETs/EDs were combating chemtrails WAY before this blog appeared! A query to Joe got this:

After taking the second picture I spotted the orb in the centre of the cloud formation. It appeared out of nowhere, then it moved about 20 metres straight up and then it disappeared again. I immediately started filming the clouds, hoping the orb would show again, but it didn’t and the cloud formation started to fade. I decided to stop filming and took one last picture (#3).

Chemtrails & “Clouds” That Eat Them

Another private E-mail produced this gem in the campaign by the ETs/EDs against chemtrails:

Wonderful! I have been watching the chemtrails day by day! Sometimes a weird cloud, that I have not seen before, “eats” them. I keep looking for a space craft though! I try to call in the ET/ED’s to clean up the chemtrails.

I live in Brentwood, CA. Not down south but up north near San Francisco.


That sounds awfully familiar. Now, where was that? How about here? Right on page 19 of the writer’s UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics under Secrets of Vimanas✦Tapping atmospheric and zero-point energies to put the vimana in a white shroud, hiding it. Isn’t that interesting? Vimanas (ancient Indian aerospace vehicles) hid this way, just like the ETs/EDs hid while eating chemtrails over Brentwood!

Chemtrails–More Good News!

(From another private E-mail)

Great news!  I’ve noticed lately that the planes spray less frequently and when they do spray the chemtrails they leave behind are small and kind of pathetic as opposed to even three months ago!


Who’s Behind The Chemtrails?

According to the ETs/EDs, chemtrails are, bizarrely, NATO operations, under the code names CLOVERLEAF and EVERGREEN. The second name is coincidence, ineptness or sheer gall, since Evergreen Aviation is a CIA proprietary! These revelations on chemtrails are being checked by sensitive contacts. Meanwhile, public officials, big name environmental groups and most mainstream media resolutely refuse to discuss the chemtrails over their very heads!

Medical Effects of Chemtrails (Important Update 05/11/2012)

Was just sent a blockbuster article on the medical effects of chemtrails, with particular look at the neurological degenerative and neorodevelopmental effects the nanoaluminum in chemtrails causes, since it has multiple pathways to the brain and is linked to both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This is must read for anyone with an interest in chemtrails, is heavily documented and should be broadly shared. It’s already in the relevant FAQ and is devastating material to use on skeptical friends and associates.

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