Golden Age of Gaia

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Love Is the Key

The idea that negative ETs can intercept the group consciousness of positive ones is confirmed in the Law of One by Ra.

During one of the sessions, Ra stated that their communication with Carla Rueckert’s group could be intercepted by negative entities looking to deliver disinformation if the group failed to maintain ‘exceptional harmony’ (1).

For the W56, every thought and action had to be guided by love, respect and altruism (1). They taught that love is the key to a safe evolution – a crucial lesson for us to learn if we want to avoid destroying our planet (1).

They couldn’t fathom hurting anyone, because they had evolved past the point of any kind of confrontation (1).

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I’d imagine their defensive tactics against the CTR (or any other negative group) were designed to keep them safe and repel the enemy rather than destroy it.

Their every move was made out of a profound sense of love, ethics and morality, and as I mentioned before, their technology was ‘consciously impregnated’ with this vibrant love energy (1).

This quote from Breccia sheds light on just how peaceful and ‘incapable of harm’ the W56 were:

“They said they were incapable of causing harm to anyone. They said that even their very devices would refuse to harm anyone.

“Ethics permeated everything about them to the point that they would refuse – indeed, they said that if they weren’t able to avoid harming someone, in that case they would self-destruct.” (1)

We learn from this quote that due to their enlightened, peaceful state of consciousness, the W56 couldn’t hurt a fly and wouldn’t even want to.

This stands in stark contrast to the CTR and other negative groups you can read about in other contact cases; they’re capable of harm and willing to inflict it.

Disabling Nuclear Weapons

Bruno G. emphasized that the W56’s main reason for being here, besides defending against the CTR, was to control the nuclear armaments of world superpowers due to the fear man might unleash total nuclear destruction (1).

David points out that concern over nuclear weapons is a common theme in contact cases: Adamski, Menger, Siragusa and other contactees have reported being told of similar concerns (1).

The W56 even intervened directly using their UFOs and other technology in 1967 so they could, as David writes, “stop a situation that seemed it might lead to something irreparable” (1).

They launched an operation to ‘disable all nuclear warheads’ in the U.S. and Soviet Union, and more than one retired US Air Force officer wrote a book about it detailing what they witnessed (1).

One of them described their ‘battery of minuteman missiles’ being ‘rendered ineffective’ by flying saucers (1).

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Alberto Perego Published Four UFO Books

Consul Alberto Perego, one of many involved with Bruno’s group, wrote four books on UFOs and how they relate to government decision making (1).

The books contain clear UFO photos, some of which are said to have been taken from inside the W56’s flying saucers (1).

The books contain clear UFO photos, some of which are said to have been taken from inside the W56’s flying saucers. Credit:

Perego never mentioned who took the photos in the books, but he did give their locations and the dates they were taken (1). According to David, Perego’s locations were ‘almost always classic zones’ in which the W56 and Bruno’s group would operate (1).

These locations include Pescara, Monte Salbano, Frankevilla and Milan (1).

Gaspare valued Perego’s role in the contact with the Friends; one reason being that Perego helped him become aware of the ‘vast implications’ of what they were doing (1). Perego apparently wanted to write a tell-all book about the encounters but never did (1).

Four Main Goals

From what we’ve learned so far, the W56 had four main goals:

  1. Defend our planet against the CTR
  2. Teach us love, compassion and selfless service to ensure we evolve spiritually rather than follow in the CTR’s footsteps
  3. Disarm our nuclear weapons in the event we’re foolish enough to use them
  4. Utilize abundant natural resources for self-sustainability and the engineering of ‘new’ technologies while visiting

Breccia perfectly describes in The Friendship Case what the W56 intended to do for us:

“Another purpose of the presence of the W56 was to help our evolutionary process – to push us to a higher level of understanding.

“That’s why they had been on our planet for a very long time, and even shared with us some of our suffering in the matter.” (1)

Uredda and Service to Others

Since they were enlightened and they utilized the living Uredda (love) energy, perhaps their intention was to help Bruno’s group manifest this energy for themselves.

Maybe this was the reason the W56 requested various services from the group; selfless service like the kind the group performed could be a key factor in the manifestation of the life-giving energy they called Uredda.

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If Bruno’s group wanted to communicate or receive a sighting, they usually had to do something helpful for the W56.

It might seem like they were taking advantage of the group, but maybe they were teaching service to others as a means to expand the field of Uredda energy.

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