“The Maya was the highest culture of ancient Mexico…to be returned to an attitude of reverence…to understand that the greatness power that exists is an open heart.”  The wisdom of the ancients was completely in tuned with the earth!

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In preparation for the beginning of the new Mayan cycle of cosmic time in 2013 Mayan elder Hunbatz Men called for the ceremonial and initiatic reawakening of the sacred Mayan Centers of NACHAN-PALENQUE, EDZNA, LOLTUN, KABAH, LABNA, UXMAL and CHICHEN ITZA. They visited all 11 Mayan Temples over the course of 40 days of these
events leading up to the SPRING EQUINOX 1989.

Elders, shamans, medicine people, ideologists and transcendentalists where invited from around the world to participate in the Mayan initiatic processes as well as share their own ceremonial practices in preparation for the dawning of the new cosmic human in 2013.

The event was intended to promote a collective awakening and harmonization of global spiritual practices and the sharing of information that offers all of us a better understanding of how to best be prepared for the beginning of a new era in which humans are synchronized with their true destiny.

The new cycle of the sacred calendar of cosmic time for human beings has started, the Solar Initiation for the year of 2013 begins here.

It was attended by Hunbatz Men, Don ALejandro Cirilo Oxlaj, Alberto Ruz Buenfil, Jose Arguelles, Helen Lembaal Samuels, Barbara Hand Clow, Francis Garcia, Jim Berenholtz, Antonio Velasco Piña and many others who were part of the Harmonic Convergence.
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