The Light Agenda 8-22-12… “Stephen Cook Interviews Kauilapele”… MP3s

by kauilapele

Here is this week’s The Light Agenda with Kauilapele MP3s. And that would be me.

I was not sure exactly what would this show would sound like, since I knew Stephen edits every show (sometimes 6 hours of editing time), but I felt he did a fine job to make this sound smooth and easy for listening. Thank you Stephen.


Skinny KP on boat with Qoa in background
(click to enlarge)

A couple of items I want to add here. One is that the trip to Qoa, in Lake Titicaca, which we took in 2009, may be viewed atthis playlist. Just click the “Play All” button at upper right to play one video after the other (a couple hours of viewing, I think). The energy crystals we saw I believe are in parts 5, 6, 7. Part 1 is from the first day we arrived. All of these may give you an idea what was involved here, and why we went. And you can see how skinny I was at that time!

Secondly, as a gift to all of you, I offer for download the complete song track (from the Manu CD) which was played at the end of the show (which was an abbreviated 4 minute version). This is a high quality 128 kbps MP3 which is 8.5 minutes long (8 MB) (the rest of the mp3s from this CD are at the link just above, or here). Or use the audio player below, to just listen.

Manu MP3 download

Thirdly, one reason I have been posting fewer posts is because a) I’ve been preparing for this interview (and doing it, Monday night), and b) I have spent hours revamping and upgrading my music website to offer MP3s of the music there, as well as CDs. This way it will be easier for some in far away places to get the music by download, rather than have to order physical CDs. No shipping as well.

And thank you to all who listened to the show, and for supporting the work.

I’m leaving comments open for a day for any feedback you all might have about the interview, and what you might have “got”/learned from listening. Aloha… KP.

MP3s were volume boosted and leveled a bit. The mp3s below are already configured for upload to iPod, iPhone, MP3 player.


MP3s (each part, 30 min., 5 MB) (volume boosted and leveled)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (38 min.)
Complete show (1 hr. 38 min., 17 MB)


Today’s show Link:
Kauilapele’s music website:

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