The Mandelbrot Set – The only video you need to see

Jun 12, 2016 ~ This video has been edited together from several other video documentaries to describe the Mandelbrot set! An incredible mathematical formula explaining fractals and geometry! Several mathematicians and scientists explain this phenomenon in clear detail. Please enjoy! We are not the owners of these video clips nor do we claim to be. This video is for educational & entertainment purposes only.

The Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom in 2017 – New record, 750 000 000 iterations

Jul 7, 2017

This is a new record of the iteration number. 750 000 000 ! This value took more than 10 gigabytes of ram to render the reference. The min-iteration number of the last keyframe is 153 619 576. Coordinates : Re : -1.74995768370609350360221450607069970727110579726252077930242837820286008082972804887218672784431700831100544507655659531379747541999999995 Im : 0.00000000000000000278793706563379402178294753790944364927085054500163081379043930650189386849765202169477470552201325772332454726999999995 Zoom: 3.18725072474E99 Realized with Kalles Fraktaler 2.6.2 Music : Beethoven – Moonlight sonata

The Infinite Ocean – Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom (4k 60fps)

Feb 1, 2019

It is interesting how the Mandelbrot starts to look like terrain with the right settings. I designed a colour scheme that kind of reminds me of the bottom of an ocean, with that bluish tinge that you get from underwater photos. I made the iteration division very low in this one so that the colour changes quickly, emphasising the tube like structures. The stripes are made from 100 different shades of blue. A subtle lighting effect is also added which helps give it a three dimensional feel at times. Best watched at high resolution, the YouTube compression has made some strange (but minor) artefacts. Make sure you pause in the second half and inspect the pattern on the valley floor. Patreons can already download the original high bit-rate version. This keyframes were rendered with the fractal art software Ultra Fractal in 8k. The video was then complied in After Effects, down-sampled to 4k. This isn’t an 8k upload, because YouTube just can’t seem to process them correctly lately. There is actually a minor glitch on the very last key-frame which is sad, I tried to render it correctly a few times, but it made Ultra Fractal hang. Music: Yi Nantiro (Epidemic Sound) A huge thank-you to the Patreons that support this channel and make it possible. Likewise, thank-you to those who have purchased some merchandise. Patreon: Store (T-Shirts, Yoga Pants, etc.): Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @mathstown