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As we have so often described to you before, this process has its highs and lows, and according to the intensity, you will all be feeling the effects no matter where you find yourself on the scale. And now, many will have started to tap into a whole new reservoar of energies, and as such, the effects on your physical bodies will in many ways intensify. As usual, the more intangible effects of these intense energy bursts will be more difficult to discern, as the physical upheavals will in so many ways mask the real effects all of these uploads do have on you.

Let us explain. As you are all busy downloading new information into your systems, your physical body will be even more busy trying to absorb it all, and doing so, it will protest loudly in all the ways it can, being it physical discomfort in the form of pain, upset stomach or moodswings. They will all appear in some form or the other, and we understand that they are at times almost too much to handle. Still, your body is actually well equipped to handle all of this, and even if you feel ready to throw in the towel when these outbursts of discomfort pass an ever higher threshold, rest assured that you are not about to fall into pieces, even if it might feel like that at times. These are actually only superficial reactions to a profound change taking place within you, and as your body for so long has been preprogrammed to stay unaltered in any way it can, it will start to protest loudly when being forced to change, but in all other aspects, it will comply and undergo the physical changes needed in order for you to be able to accommodate all of these new energies. In other words, much fuss, but little negative effect apart from the ”protests” in themselves.

As always, the doses will increase every time you have successfully managed to ingest a new batch of this light energy, and as such, it will feel like your body never gets much rest between these bouts of upgrading. Please remember that they are carefully tailored to each and every one of you, and even if you feel exhausted, your body will not be exposed to anything it cannot take. So again, we ask you to understand that all of these physical manifestations are actually proof that you are still ”work in progress” as it were, and as such, every time you feel like you are hitting rock bottom energywise and physically, you are actually being transported to a new level, beyond the reach of what you were before this new bout of adjustments.

So again, stay calm and breathe into it, as it will not harm you, except maybe wear your patience even thinner than it was before, but we trust that you will all be able to fulfill this round of uploads as well. After all, you have gotten used to being battered about in these intensely surging waves of incoming energy. And please remember, you will not be sailing into calm water just yet, so remember to take in as much fresh air as you can between these surges of energy, in order to be better prepared for the next round. We know this is not good news to any of you, but we also know that you are very aware of this process, and without it, even if our body would mayhaps be a bit more quiet, you would mayhaps miss these reminders that you are actually being propelled forwards every time you are being subjected to all of this hammering and battering. You can take it, and you know so too, but do not feel despondent even if you feel like calling it quits. Ask for help in any way you can to help alleviate some of the physical bother that accompanies all of this, and you will always find solace in Mother Nature or even in the company of others like yourself. As always, do not suffer in silence and solitude, but reach out to others, on both sides of the veil, and know that you are all loved and protected by us all.

The manuscript of survival – part 184

As you have already noticed, things have certainly heated up in more ways than one, and they are not about to lessen in the next couple of days. The reason for all of this will soon be obvious to you all, but let us give you a little sneak preview as it were. For now, things will seem calm, but under the surface, much is going on. And when we refer to the surface, we actually refer to the surface of your planet. Much is getting ready to boil there too, as things have started to be affected in so many ways by the intense bombardement of energy that you have all sustained in these last few weeks. So, the pressure is building, and soon, something will have to give as they say.

Again, we will not give any details, suffice it to say that some day soon, something – or maybe someone – will crack. And this crack is something that will be noticed, not just by those of you more sensitive than others, but also by those less inclined to tune into the world around them.

So stay focused dear ones, and stay tuned, less the crack should take you unawares, and you too should succumb to the pressure. It might feel more than uncomfortable at the moment, but rest assured that for you, this added pressure is only positive. That is not the case for so much and so many around you, so again, we implore you to be aware of your surroundings, as there are so many things on the boil, ready to blow up in any direction.

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