Alexandra’s Galactic Violet Ray

Essences and Oils

It’s exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful.
Adrienne Rich

Announcing Support for the very intense process we are all going through of Shedding Our Old Skin…


As The Creator’s Frequencies began to blanket the planet FULL FORCE in late February (2018), many of us are “hitting our walls” with the drama and trauma surrounding us. The phase of awakening you are in is not relative, for no one is escaping the topsy-turvy upheaval these precious Light Codes are bringing forward. Everyone is being hailed to stop the busy-ness and obsession with external affairs, and take inventory of the hidden, mysterious, and veiled aspects of ourselves that we have ignored for quintrillions of years.

Sophia had a MONUMENTAL experience on March 10th, which has accelerated the surfacing of these shadows within ALL. She and ALL of Us are literally snapping out of our slumber, being rocked and nudged to wake up from the nightmare of victimhood and hopelessness. And depending on how deeply we have been sleeping, the awakening presents itself as an unavoidable reality. There is no more frequential support to remain blinded to what atrocities we have seen or the abhorrent misdeeds each of us has experienced. It is NOW TIME for us to look deeply, very deeply into the mirror at HOW WE ALLOWED AND ACCEPTED such incidents to take hold of our lives and realities.

Just as a pregnant woman readies herself as much as possible for the fear of the unknown event of birth, the pain and suffering of its arrival, as well as the raw vulnerability of delivery in front of many present, so are we being prompted to get ready for our delivery. It is time to view, review, engage, own, forgive, accept, clear, and release our “stuff” and link its effects to who we all are; an amalgamation of concurrent lifetimes that have incessantly looped. This is literally the year we have all been waiting for, to be freed from subservience, unworthiness, and entrapment. But it will only occur within your life in as much measure as your participation and willingness to do your inner work. There is no more time for blame or lack of accountability.

If you want to play and live in the higher realms in wholeness, you must go down this path. Avoidance brings nothing more than delaying the inevitable.

After copious conversations with Prime Creator and almost 23 months of constant and deliberate review of who I am, what choices I made, and the effects they created, I have been called to release this timely Galactic Violet Ray Essence and Oils. Its purpose is ultimately to assist you in this process.

Here are just some of the complex intentions and energetic thrusts behind this amazing formula:

  • Helping you to accept the dying process of your old self, of who you think you are
  • Connecting you to repressed, ignored childhood pain and lifetimes of trauma with clarity
  • Augmenting coping mechanisms to face what has been “shelved” for so long
  • Lightening the heaviness you feel in your heart from all the destruction around you
  • Brightening the meaning of our lifetimes of pain and suffering
  • Boosting our perseverance and ability to have more courage
  • Strengthening your inner core
  • Acknowledging the lessons that have been repeated in each lifetime
  • Gaining more insight to connect the dots on perspectives and issues you have had all your lives
  • A sense of vitality to get up each day and face another program you need to clear to be free
  • A lift in encouragement
  • Overcoming resistance to face the shame of your shadows

I’m doing really well! It’s really powerful. I’ve been having big shifts in my life lately. More clarity, joy, connection, and healing. I have more to share.


  • Support to shed parts of yourself that are fading and dying and no longer relevant
  • Unsticking your lifetimes of old patterns
  • An energetic push to let go and release your burdens once and for all
  • See yourself more galactically, far beyond this physical 3D role you play
  • Heal and soothe violation and a shattered consciousness
  • Align all of your bodies to a higher frequency
  • Moving to catalyze your ability to stand in your truth
  • Increase your discernment skills
  • Know that you deserve the most incredible future destination of love, support, and excitement

A beautiful message came through from Prime Creator when we were creating these alchemical formulas;

“Alexandra, this will change lives. You have always desired The Philosopher’s Stone. Well this is yours.”

For those of you who do not know what the Philosopher’s Stone is, I am providing a description from the website Britannica.com.

Philosopher’s stone | alchemy |

Philosopher’s stone. alchemy. Philosopher’s stone, in Western alchemy, an unknown substance, also called “the tincture” or “the powder,” sought by alchemists for its supposed ability to transform base metals into precious ones, especially gold and silver.


And then I saw a golden chalice fill up with the Creator’s Light and then explode in sparkles of rainbow light. It was absolutely gorgeous!

I can’t wait to hear about your journeys and experiences as you travel down the path to facing who you really are. It is a cosmic trip like nothing else!

Let me know if you need assistance in peeling away the layers through a personal session with Prime Creator and me…..

Sending you tons of Light and Love,


(Actorum Laboratorii Chymici Monacensis, seu Physicae Subterraneae Libri Duo, Johann Joachim Becherus, Frankfurt, 1669)
The alchemist has been reborn as the Sun which is equal to Gold. He has been enlightened, he has become light himself, and now he rules over the three kingdoms of nature.

When ordering, please know that we are continually clearing interference! You will add further support by visualizing your product, and/or service completely surrounded within a protective sphere of Liquid Golden Light. Thank you!



1 ounce bottle is  $44.00 plus shipping & handling.
2 ounce bottle is  $66.00 plus shipping & handling.


5 ml bottle is  $44.00 plus shipping & handling.
10 ml bottle is  $66.00 plus shipping & handling.


The Meaning of Your Many Lives Essence

The Meaning of Your Many Lives Oil

Order the combination pack of essence and oil for an extra discount:

The Meaning of Your Many Lives Combo pack

Instructions For Taking The Essence

  1. Before taking your essences, please make sure you succuss or shake the bottle up against the palm of your hand 8 to 10 times EACH TIME YOU USE THEM.
  2. Vibrational essences are about consistency not about quantity. Squeeze about 4 drops under your tongue or third of a dropper full anywhere from 2 to 4 times per day OR AS NOTATED ON THE LABEL OR PAPERWORK PROVIDED.
  3. Avoid touching the tip of the glass dropper with your tongue or mouth so you can avoid contamination.
  4. Avoid food or drinks within 15 minutes before or after taking your essences. Also avoid caffeine, onions, garlic, spicy foods, mints and minty toothpaste around the time you take you remedy. NOTE: If you don’t have enough time to wait, please attempt to wait 5 minutes away from food or drink and then take the essences.
  5. If anything comes up, DO NOT RESIST! ALLOW things to flow off of your field and journal while taking them.
  6. Remember that my essences have a consciousness so ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT right before you take them each time!
  7. Avoid placing your essences in a hot car or around anything over 110°F/ 43°C. Also, avoid storing you essence around moisture, high humidity or in direct sunlight. Therefore, do not store your essences in the bathroom or kitchen.
  8. If the bottle has been exposed to too high temperature or too much time has lapsed then the liquid may begin to taste rancid or metallic or there may be a discoloration of the liquid within.
  9. Make sure you avoid placing your remedies around or near heavy magnetic and electrical fields such as computers and large screen TV’s or even X-Ray machines and magnets.

Instructions For Using The Oil


  1. Keep your essential oil blend away from your galactic essences. Strong smelling perfumes/colognes, eucalyptus, menthol, balms, vapors and essential oils can possibly nullify the essences.
  2. I always recommend applying the essential oils to the soles of the feet, over the heart, at the base of the skull (where the dip in the neck is) and over the 3rd eye. You can also dab the oil blend on the meridian points such as the inside of the ankles, wrists and temples if desired. The oil blend is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.
  3. Definitely rub the essential oil blend on the bottoms of your feet when you get up in the morning and go to bed at night or more if you are called to do so. Also rub it over any sore or stiff locations.

Hi Alexandra

Thank you for the essence, (the meaning of your many past lives), the most dramatic experience I had with it was reliving in dreamstate a pastlife. I saw myself hiding in my home and then chopping up a man. It was the 14th century, rape wasn’t illegal, I felt my life was threatened by him, and took matters into my own hands.
The essence released the guilt I felt for doing so.


Thank you for your willingness and interest to take a galactic leap in consciousness with our Divine Creator and me!

I am grateful and honored to be Prime Creator’s conduit for these alchemical oils and essences. I feel you will enjoy them as much as I have, for they have advanced my life tremendously and that is my intention for you as well!

Alexandra Meadors

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