Dear Alexandra,
As we sit squarely in the middle of two astrological full moons we get to breathe in the Light today. Another cycle of acceleration and expansion of consciousness are on tap as we become activated by the empowerment of the August gateway. The presence a rare dynamic buoyancy greets each that have been diligently working to balance and harmonize our vibrations through the last bouts of instability and uncertainty. Yes, relief is on the way. The flowing energies of this month’s eighth-dimensional metamorphoses will bring an integration of Source Light into both the subconscious and conscious minds simultaneously. Many will gain a kind of euphoria and unbridled optimism as the subtle frequencies from today’s force orbit around and within us. Be receptive – create a day that supports your Higher destiny as a planetary citizen. Spend time with your spiritual study, meditation, sacred dance, affirmations, or even a pilgrimage to significant nature site is recommended.

As part of the Universal Source away-team getting planet Earth ready for its great cosmic shift you are the Advance Guide for the coming Golden Age. That means that you will incorporate the month’s figure eight energies ahead of the masses; downloading the pureness of what is being given and anchoring it as an energy signature that is available to every soul of humanity. Yes, you insisted on a low-profile while here but you are definitely one of the ones that vowed to embody the first waves of Light and allow for a smooth and comforting transition for the rest of humanity and beyond. (Nice adventure planning!)

The Light particles entering represent Eternal Life. The figure eight turned on its side becomes the infinity sign of eternal life and is connected with blessings of the Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. The gateway opening this month is allowing the full measure of this energy to flow from the heart center of the One Infinite Intelligence (God) directly into the high heart of human matter, or the thymus gland. These waves and particles of Light are filled with unlimited potential and carry the instructions for beginning the return ascent through the many mansions of Self back to our Divine Heritage. They are the codes that bring about the merger of all the facets of the Higher Self.

The benevolence of this sacred heart flow remains fairly active throughout the entire month. You have weeks to commune with this positive interactive force. And with this being the season of “being served our personal best”, any gift that is being offered that assists with Self mastery should not be overlooked or forgotten about. Make a note now to manifest your connection to this state of Soul equilibrium. As you do you will be laying the foundation for higher truths. A new pathway for all humankind of refined freedom, equality, abundance, and peaceful co-existence and, most important, a closer connection with our Creator.

So today you’ve got the world on a string, but don’t lose your balance. Our entry into such energetic pursuits can send have us wallowing in karmic residue if we aren’t mindful and neglect consciously creating a working intention with the influence.

Take advantage and have fun with the Light-hearted energies surging through the earthly atmosphere right now –

I delight in the beauty of another day. The Oneness of the universe
is alive within and speaks to me as feeling refreshed, calm, and
orderly. I remain soul-centered and God aware as I pray in God
this morning.

The channels of Light support and nurture the Divine qualities inherent
to the Soul known as  Alexandra .  He/she is a spiritual being,
a flawless, individualized expression of God. All that is included in
God’s wholeness is available to Alexandra  and he/she chooses
to perceive this essence, acknowledge It, and accept its purposeful energy.
Alexandra  is grace expressing from within. He/she is witnessed as
enlivening and energizing, clarifying everyone’s mind with awareness,
nurturing the spirit of everyone as he/she unveils their innate Divine
qualities. His/her whole essence abides in this field of Infinite consciousness
as he/she harmoniously arranges circumstances, events, and relationships.
Thus the outward physical manifestation is a clear, unwavering, Soul-inspired life!

I remain ever thankful to once again gift myself the time to recognize and
claim this treatment. With love and gentle intention it is received back
into the Mind from which it came – growing, evolving as a unit of
consciousness responsive to physical manifestation. And so it is.


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