The Mysterious Golden Hats of the ‘Ancient Wizards’ | Ancient Architects

Apr 19, 2019

NEW CHANNEL FROM ANCIENT ARCHITECTS: “Space and Planet” has launched. Please subscribe now at Described as four cone-shaped golden hats from the Bronze Age, each of the four hats was actually discovered in a different location – 3 in Germany and 1 in France. Although separated by space, the artefacts are all thought to originate from a similar time, the Bronze Age, some time between 1400 and 800 BC. They all share a similar design, mimicking the look of a witch’s hat but made with incredibly thin sheets of pure gold and designed with the most intricate patterns and symbols. Most researchers believe that patterns on the hats are related to astronomy or agriculture, recording the phases of the moon, the seasons and the sun. The general consensus is that they were hats worn by important individuals; leaders of Bronze Age communities, possibly giving the wearer divine status. We are told there are only four, which makes them incredibly rare discoveries and were discovered over the course of 160 years and surely there were more. Although from afar they all look very similar and made in a similar way with sheets of thin gold, their designs are all somewhat unique. But there’s more, smaller golden hats with the same style of design have also been found in Ireland, including the famous Comerford Crown, as well as Spain and eight more in Germany. Surely these artefacts are all linked? Are there connections to the Neolithic rock art seen across Europe or are they actually artefacts from a pre-Ice Age lost civilisation? Watch this video as we learn more about the mysterious golden hats. All images are taken from Google Images for educational purposes only.