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In a lecture given a number of years ago, Lloyd Pye outlines exactly why existing scientific dogma deceives those who are trying to comprehend modern man’s ascendance and rapid domination of earth. Here in Part III we will discuss the existence of abundant evidence today that tends to back Pye’s theory that modern science is lacking in its explanation of the origins of modern man. What if Homo sapiens (modern man) unknowingly or refuses to acknowledge that he still shares this planet with a certain species of supposedly extinct or upright walking ape or Neanderthal, thought to be long gone?

Startling sighting in the Sooner State

The following accounts will quickly erase any assumption that such fallacies remain intact over Man being the only upright walking biped that roams the planet. The year is 1974. As the news report goes, from Oklahoma comes this story. A little farm girl is awakened by the sounds of frightened live stock being kept in her family’s barn. It is early morning, still dark. The child gets out of bed and walks outside to the close-by building to see what the matter is. Upon reaching through the closed wooden barn door, her hands make contact with a furry hide. Thinking she is touching a farm animal, she continues to grope until she finds the light switch and flips it on. To her horror and amazement she gazes up into the eyes of a tall, hairy, creature, whose red glowing eyes startle her. She cries out in fear as the livestock inside nervously rustle about within the barn.

A sign of disturbing developments to come

This report was broadcast on radio news networks nationally and served as a prelude to a UFO flap that occurred along the frozen northern border of the US states as breaches of SAC (Strategic Air Command) bases were reported from Minot to Grand Forks nuclear missile sites in North Dakota, Loring AFB in Maine, Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan, and Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The seeming attack of aerial phenomena persisted over many days and nights even leaving strange depressions found in neighboring frozen lakes and farm fields in the deep snow, very possibly landing zones.

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