The Nebra Sky-Disc | Howard Crowhurst | Megalithomania

Jun 20, 2019

In 1999, near Nebra in the Saxony region of Germany, two treasure hunters made one of the most extraordinary discoveries in the history of archaeology. The bronze and gold object they discovered has come to be known as the Nebra sky disc and is the oldest recognised representation of the night sky, estimated to be some 3600 years old, dating it to 200 years before the first images in Egypt. The implications behind the disc’s existence were so enormous that the reaction of some authoritative specialists was to deny the disc’s authenticity. Following his groundbreaking work on the Carnac alignments Howard Crowhurst reveals the hidden meaning of one of the most enigmatic objects ever unearthed and shows the profound understanding it encodes. Howard Crowhurst was born in North Wales. He has been living in Brittany since 1986 and has become one of the leading experts on the megaithic monuments of the Carnac area. From 1990 to 2004, he was vice president of the Association Archéologique Kergal and as such he took part in the french TV documentary, Carnac. In 2006, he launched the Summer Solstice in Plouharnel event with the Plouharnel Tourist Office. He founded the ACEM-Association for the Knowledge and Study of Megaliths, whose aim (amongst other things) is to create a 3D computer model of the Carnac megalithic complex. He appeared at Megalithomania in 2009 and 2011 when he introduced his incredible research on geometry and metrology to the world. Filmed at Megalithomania in Glastonbury, UK in May 2017 –…. Copyright Megalithomania 2019. All Rights Reserved. Support us on Patreon: Explore the world with Megalithomania Tours:… Subscribe here: