Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces/Aries

oracleAs the emotional New Moon phase continues today, objectivity will temper any area where emotions have surged.  The emotional body is overtaxed, so the mental body will compensate.  Slip into a perspective of witness (instead of active player) and then observe.  The exact conjunction of Mars and Chiron today is a powerful event.  Both planets symbolize warriors (Mars is well-known as the warrior archetype and Chiron was the teacher of the great warriors such as Achilles and Perseus).  They bring teaching.  In Pisces, the teaching is of a spiritual nature, but usually gained through some sort of pain.  Ultimately the teaching heals the wound and we see that the pain was worth it because of what we gained.  We can skip all of this and forgive ourselves for whatever we think we’ve done to deserve pain in the first place.  But that is not how we generally do it.  Unconditional self-forgiveness is the aim, for any spiritual warrior/wise owl who is brave enough to try.

In context, let’s not forget the larger picture while we are working on our individual spheres of influence.  It is easy to become overly self-concerned because the emotional energy is so strong.  We maintain the awareness that we are serving Sophia and her vision in any way we can and we are open to instruction from her in whatever way she chooses (directly, through the Mahavidyas and other Dakinis, through nature, through art, etc.).  Maintaining this state of mind while at the same time living your life (and analyzing and gauging sometimes, like today) puts you in the zone to affect change in the game that is being played out on our fellow beings.  It also is how we consciously participate in Sophia’s dream.

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