Friday, November 16, 2012


Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

Today’s energy goes very, very deep.  The Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) will conjunct Pluto (which rules Scorpio) and this will amplify the Saturn in Scorpio energy – which is all about going deeply into ourselves to bring back wisdom.  We will need to take a careful look at things today. All of us would agree that this is one hell of a Mercury retrograde we are under.  It’s frustrating and I am struggling to fully express what’s happening.  I understand it, but I cannot relate it all.  This is due primarily not to Mercury retrograde, but its part in the energy of the New Moon (the Activation Point).  We are tempted to make rash decisions and act impulsively.  We aren’t thinking as clearly as we will by the time Mercury stations direct and the Full Moon phase enters.  Peel away the emotions and also your logical mind.  Neither are reliable today.  Insight is what is needed and this is accomplished when we suspend emotion and thought and just observe.  Insight (inner sight) is the outcome of communication with Sophia.  It’s what we gain when we tune in to the natural world and see/hear what she is saying to us.  Step back, watch, and come back into balance.  Insight is a vision quest.  So quest on and stay watchful of what is being shown to you.

Note for astrologers: Sometimes I hold back on writing certain things, even when I know I shouldn’t.  Earlier this week, when outlining the story of this New Moon’s energy (with the astrological aspects and Sabian symbols), I knew that the ruling powers in Israel would strike.  This was evident by the position of Venus and the energy associated with that degree, but also because Venus and Eris were in opposition within a three degree orb.  All astrologers out there should remember that anytime Venus is located at 21-22 Aries/Libra (the Eris point), the Illuminati will always use that energy to empower their actions.  This needs to be known (brought into the light).  The Eris/Isis/Lilith/Ereshkigal energy is an intense object of love for some groups of the Illuminati, and intense object of hate for others, and both for some.  Regardless, they know the power of the feminine that is contained with it.  All of this, in combination with the other war-like aspects of the New Moon chart, make it a perfect strike empowered with magic.  It’s their Activation Point, too.