Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Fresh energy arrives today with the New Moon in Capricorn.  It’s a brand new cycle – one that is going to find us streaking across the sky just like the Geminid meteor shower that is currently underway.  This photo was taken last night by R. Shawley in Pennsylvania and posted on  These are heavenly fireworks and we will start to make some fireworks of our own this month.  Using the traditional location of Earth, the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon occurred today at 21 degrees 45 minutes of Sagittarius, and in astrology we “round up” to 22 Sagittarius.  But something is off here.  The Earth is not located where she was.  You may have seen the evidence over the last few years that the poles have shifted a bit – at least 15 minutes in my estimation.  This New Moon is actually at 23 Sagittarius.  The Sabian symbol for 23 Sagittarius is immigrants entering a new country.  This is exactly what is happening.  We are entering into a brand new world this month.  Last month’s mental journey of the visioin quest activated something in us that now puts us in new territory.  Energetically, it is a massive paradigm shift because the boundaries of the mind – the controls that have been in place – are  coming off, leaving us not only free to express ourselves to our fullest potential but simultaneously activating co-consciousness with the planet for the collective of humanity.  In other words, the hundredth monkey effect goes into effect this month (or, in yesterday’s Oracle Report terms, the 1,000th owl effect).  Picture a blue planet suddenly lit up along grid lines as if plugged in to an electrical source and you’ll get the idea.  Does this mean that every being on the planet will become enlightened?  Yes, to some degree, by virtue of being part of the collective.  Does this mean that every being on the planet will miraculously act enlightened?  No, because being suddenly drawn into light is blinding.  Being blinded by the light causes a sort of insanity until eyes adjust.  But the thing that has changed is that we are now going to be able to move around the swirl of chaos like never before.  The “matrix” simply isn’t going to have the power over us that it did. 

The divine goddess embodied as the planet is awake and her name is Sophia.  All those who need to be awake are awake and ready to take Sophia’s grand experiment for humanity where she intended it to go.  Everyone’s on stage now.  Now we take our roles.  We are going to express the fullest potential of our individual radiant codes.  If you are a musician, play music.  If you are an artist, create art.  If you are a communicator, communicate your thoughts.  If you are a healer, heal whomever crosses your path.  If you are a mother, mother all those who come to you.  If you are a protector, protect those who need it.  In our totality, we are many things combined.  Now is the time we engage life  – with presience.  It’s time to fall back in love with life and start living our lives with great abandon, wild colors, and bold brushstrokes – and it all starts today.

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