Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Full Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo

oracleThe keyword for today is transcend.  We are going to sail over any difficulties that come up today.  Be aware that we may not understand everything that is going on (some elements of situations may be hidden) so we do not want to make drastic moves if possible.  Being evasive is not necessarily a bad thing today.  Transcending means consciously going above and beyond the situation.  It means we prevail over the emotional soup that is in play.  To do this we have to be fully contained and firmly anchored with the planet.  There are pitfalls along the way where dirty laundry is being aired, so we will need to remember to fly over and by-pass all of that.  This day is best approached with faith in the unfoldment of Sophia’s vision and a sense of adventure that comes from our participation in it.  It’s a day to enjoy the ride by not getting too invested in what is going on around us.

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