Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening, July 19, 2013


Gibboous Moon Phase: Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya:  Dhumavati

oracleToday is the last day of this intense week of energy.  Mars conjuncts the Black Moon, Mercury stations direct, and Eris stations retrograde.  It’s a powerhouse day where we need to take the utmost care with how and what we communicate to others.  Mars/Black Moon/Eris aspects can unleash a world of hurt and it can drive people a little crazy, especially if there is resistance to the transformation that is taking place with your life.  The combination of these astrological aspects makes it very hard for us not to lash out or strike.  Eris shoots first and asks questions later; the Black Moon brings shadows and repressed feelings out of hiding; and Mars fuels the fire.  Get the picture?

At its core, this is the energy of war.

So the mission today is to soften up, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and continue taking in the teachings that the four Mahavidyas at work right now are disseminating.  You can ascertain which one (or more) is teaching you based on what is happening in your life:

Bagalamukhi – the power of the underdog brings balance to situations; illusions and false beliefs (enemies) are revealed

Dhumavati – transformation/death of illusions and false beliefs

Bhairavi – courage to continue toward a happier life and a healed heart

Shodashi – highest desire is bestowed

You will have to ascertain how these subtle themes are affecting you personally.  It may not be easy to figure out how this energy is impacting you, because it is going to take two tries to “get” anything today.  Eris and the Black Moon work in two’s; there are always two parts under this type of energy, so things are not as they first appear.  Don’t judge anything based on first glance or first impression; the second side of something will be quickly revealed.

Keep in mind that the main astrological player today is the Black Moon in Cancer and brings themes related to support: how well we think others support us, how much they love us, how much they do for us, how well they take care of us, how much they express to us, and the like.  Other people aren’t the real issue here – we are.  Black Moon in Cancer forces us to do for ourselves.  If you expect others to take care of your needs today, you will be sadly disappointed, so do for yourself.  Turn inward and let the power of this energy settle inside.  Be a receptacle for grounding the energies of change.  Doing this increases the tensile strength of the mind of humanity and eases the pain that comes with transformation.

In my first encounter with the Mahavidyas, Kali herself declared that “the time of change is upon the world.”  That was many years ago. Time, indeed.