Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

oracleEffectively, we enter the last Moon phase of this year, so you can think of the next few days as “new year’s eve.”  Third Quarter phases tie up the energy that was seeded back at the New Moon.  Since this is the final Third Quarter phase for the astrological year, you could say it completes the energy that was seeded last April (when the new year began).  It’s good to take stock during Third Quarter Moon phases.  It’s also a good time to take responsibility.  As the Sun sets on this year, consider how you have grown.  What has worked out well?  What needs to change?  Figuring these things out prepares our psyches for transformation, which will develop over the next lunar month. 

We need to close out and complete whatever we can during this Moon phase so we can leave it behind.  Take care of whatever impedes you or holds you back.  I can hear all the wise owls groaning!  I don’t mean to harp on this notion, but it’s important.  If you are resistant, take a look at how well you are taking care of yourself as opposed to others.  Is the scale way out of balance?  It’s enough to recognize it and endeavor to do better with the new, incoming energy, so release the burden.

Today’s energy is like roaming through the mists of the land of the fairies.  Time loses hold, we get “stuck” on certain ideas, we want to sleep and dream, we see life through a lens of beauty, we want to escape reality.  Be aware of this and try to satisfy it in a way that is not self-sabotaging.

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