Tuesday, April 9, 2013



Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

oracleOnce in a great while, there is a confluence of things that are perfect for making a wish.  Today is that day.  How beautiful.

I would love to end the post there but two other things need to be kept in mind at the same time we are enjoying Chinnamasta’s energy combined with the archetypal energy of Eris (if you haven’t listened to the audio recording posted above, I go into detail about the month ahead beginning with tomorrow’s New Moon, which has effectively already entered):

1) Do not let your guard down.  Remember that Illuminati/Archontic forces always take advantage of any strong astrological reference to Eris and most especially the Eris Point (22 degrees of Aries, 22 degrees of the ecliptic; this also includes the opposite point,of 22 Libra).  If I accomplish nothing else in my life, I will have succeeded if the relevance of this degree is remembered.  This means we see the dual acts of war and aggression, chaos and strife/acts of valor, protection, and guidance at the macro-level of the collective of humanity.  At the micro-level of our individual lives, we see dual acts of anger, rejection, and neglect/ acts of deep commitment, expression of the power of love within the relationship, and intense bonding.  Take in the good parts of the spectrum (because they are being amplified by Chinnamasta) but be aware of the potential for any kind of strike at any time now.   Don’t rely on the first story that comes out about anything.  A second side will emerge.  There are always two sides with Eris.

2) Take yourself out of the swirl as much as possible.  By this I mean let the real world of the matrix do what it is going to do and don’t feed in.  Don’t try to control anything right now.  The keyword is contain, not control right now.  Eris energy will not tolerate control in any way other than the discipline of a warrior.  Contain your awareness in the legion of Eris and Chinnamasta.

As always, find beauty; but this time don’t forget to make a wish.

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