Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

oracleTara is working her magic in a big way today.  We are keenly attuned toward beauty, so be mindful of what catches your eye.

Tara is a guide.  Though she is most closely associated with Kali, the Supreme Mahavidya, she works more quietly than Kali.  While Kali will strike on impulse, Tara is more deliberate.  She prefers to consider how she would like to go about something.  Today she takes a gentle lead to guide us along.  Don’t misunderstand.  She is a force for reckoning, but her ferocity is more of a “slow burn.”  When pushed, however, she becomes Wrathful Tara and will not back down.  By the time she is finished, very little remains. 

There are multiple astrological aspects today that push aggression and base survival instincts.  If you feel like you are being pushed into something, being critized, taken advantage of, blamed, or scapegoated, call on Tara and hold your ground.  Tara is genteel but she does not let anyone walk on her.

Kali rules time and Tara rules timelessness.  Thus, Tara takes us out of time so that we can do what we need to do.  RIght now, this involves adjusting to the energetic upgrade we received last month (with the boost last week with the extreme solar activity).  Tara is guiding us through this transition.

Late yesterday, I sent this post to Andrew, who coordinates the Oracle Report Facebook community.  If you haven’t checked out this group, it is amazing!  It became very clear to me yesterday how the Oklahoma tornado devestation was being used and manipulated to not only distract from the political scandals (which are courtesy of our co-creation with Gaia-Sophia), but also to damage our emotional bodies (in the wake of the energetic upgrade).  This is what I sent (and you will note I get a bit pissed off when I see people being manipulated) and I stand by it again today:

Under all of the current Gemini energy (which is highly emotional) prolonged watching of the stories of the tornado’s devastation is going to be too much for some people. We can donate and/or say prayers and of course feel compassion, but there is a tremendous amount of exploitation and manipulation in the “coverage”. It will affect your emotional body detrimentally.

We’ve witnessed what the survivors are going through, and we send love, but it helps no one to get emotionally taken under by it. And this energy is much too strong for even the most grounded people, so don’t underestimate it. Turn off the tv/internet but keep your compassion turned on. We don’t need to watch the Archontically-controlled media twist these people’s pain into a giant diversion down a pit of despair. What they do is ugly. I work with trauma victims every day and not one of them wants their pain broadcast. The people in Oklahoma are in shock and need to be taken care of – not exploited.


When all of the data of the weather system gets out, we will know if this storm was engineered or enhanced. Maybe it was completely natural. The solar flares have certainly affected the geophysics of the planet and have charged the atmosphere. A little bit of technology could easily enhance what’s already present. Regardless, stay grounded and get outside if you get upset.

 Enough said.  To conclude, I will re-empasize the best part of today:  Tara is working her magic in a big way today.  We are keenly attuned toward beauty, so be mindful of what catches your eye.