Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

There’s so much fear, grief, and confusion in the collective that it is hard for us to see our way clear.  But today we are going to build a bridge over the emotions to do just that.  Remember at the New Moon I talked about how we were going to have the power to move around obstacles like never before?  The current energy favors building a mental bridge over and above the grief and fear being pushed on us.  So if you are struggling emotionally, envision a bridge opening up to guide you away from the pain and confusion.  Or better yet, walk over the bridge with your bow shooting arrows at whatever is plaguing you.  We are being challenged right now.  Actually, it’s more accurate to say that our psyches are under attack.  Are you feeling the same hopelessness, anger, and depression that you did after 9/11?  The planet’s kundalini was on the rise and ours was in turn, so something had to be done to block that.  I will go into detail about Sandy Hook as well as the 2012 issue in an audio talk I will post later this week.  If you have a question you’d like me to address, post it on Andrew’s Facebook community or send an email to me at laura@oraclereport.com (or use the form on the Contact page here).  I will answer as many questions as I can.  The audio will be posted on Thursday.  For today, let’s keep it real and get back to doing what wise owls do.  We find beauty in the world around us, we connect with the planet, we radiate high frequencies that ripple out into the collective.  Remember also that this month we are like immigrants in a new country, getting the feel for things as we enter a brand new world.  Be patient and kind with yourself and others.  Re-connect with light and love.  Stay grounded with what’s important in life and bridge over anything that isn’t.  Keep it real.


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